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My Reaction To A Conversation With Political Libertarians

“Republicans are just as bad as Democrats” and “Neither party represents me” are two common phrases uttered by the politically puerile. It’s time to grow up.

I have solidly libertarian values. In a perfect world, there would be a viable party of small-government constitutionalists that embraced the philosophy of live and let live. I would vote for that party. No doubt a lot of people would.

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Alas, we don’t live in a perfect world. We live in this world, with all of its flawed, imperfect people doing the best they can. I accept this world. Hardcore libertarians do not. As frustrating as it is to have conversations with avowed leftists/Democrats, at least they suffer from so much TDS and are so addicted to Covid fear porn that you expect their mushy brains to produce mushy ideas. Sure, they vote for the destruction of America – some willingly, some ignorantly – but it’s like witnessing a puppy wet the carpet. The puppy can’t help it anymore than cerebral flatliners can. I fully expect 40% of Americans to be worthlessly stupid. (See: Why voting should be harder, not easier.)

Conversely, libertarians can help it. They value principles of limited government, personal responsibility, individual liberty, and the ability of a local community to meet most needs. I like all of those ideas, too. They can also rationalize most positions.

So where is the disconnect? My friends will send tweets of stadiums and New York City marches with the chant of F*** Joe Biden ringing joyously in the foreground. It gives me hope that people are waking up. So I reply by commenting how I hope they all regret not voting for Trump. Amazingly, that is as repugnant as voting for Biden to them. 

These “enlightened” fools think they’re smarter than everyone else because they note that both establishment parties are corrupt. They point to neo-conservative and RINO politicians that are responsible for giving us both Bush presidencies, Bob Dole campaign, John McCain, and a Romney/Ryan ticket. Believe me, I hate it as much as the next guy. And guess what? Newsflash: You’re not a political savant for noticing how power corrupts – particularly in Washington, D.C. We all see it. What matters is how we respond to it.

The answer to political corruption is not systemic collapse, as many “collapsitarian” libertarians desire. That’s exactly for what Black Lives Matter and other anarchist leftists advocate. Do you realize what is at the end of that journey? Chaos and misery. Thanks, but I’ll pass. 

The answer to political corruption is a correction of the system. We could start by voting for true conservative candidates. The values and governance as identified in the Constitution are infinitely better than whatever these smug libertarians are capable of envisioning. It’s almost like the establishment Republican party didn’t like the emergence of Donald Trump in 2015…gee, I wonder why? Was he an outsider that represented real Americans? 

In older history, the third-party vote has worked against both parties. Ross Perot gift-wrapped the 1992 election for Clinton and Ralph Nader arguably handed the White House to Junior. The problem now is that the juggernaut left has coalesced around identity politics. There is no longer a viable left-wing party because every idea has been absorbed by the monolithic, narrative-creating Democrat Party. Climate change is as embraced by Dems as the Green Party – what else do they have? The same goes for every other agenda.

Any ideological rift in politics lives on the right. The Republicans have the money, name recognition, and most importantly, the best chance of stopping Democrats. For a realist like me, that’s all that matters. I can wish we moved to a flat tax – or outlawed federal income tax altogether – but a living, albeit incomplete wishlist beats the burning of that same list any day of the week. I ask again: What is so hard to understand about this?

Libertarianism as a living political movement fails individuals because it is as rigid a doctrine as leftism. It therefore fails all of us because the result is less Republican votes (which, in turn, produces Democrat victories). My friends, who see through the scams of Covid, climate change, social justice, public education, and every other significant movement in lockstep with me, nonetheless stop an inch short in doing what’s best for the country. They can admit that Trump provided a much-needed shift in the landscape, but then comment on how he failed to build the promised wall (something the platform opposes anyways) or still pass trillion dollar stimulus bills. So what? And Biden is did build it? What am I missing?

If nothing else, it’s certainly better than what Democrats propose and enact. I don’t know a single libertarian that is happy at present with the direction or leadership of this country. Joe Biden is the opposite of a libertarian candidate – he is as big government as people get. 

It’s time to stop infighting and unite around a larger enemy – the left. Anything else is national suicide.