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The Left is Unconcerned With the Consequences of Their Narrative

One interesting note from our not always rational Chief Executive’s Office, they are withdrawing their nomination of David Chipman (wildly anti-2nd Amendment) to be the next Director of ATF.

After his debacle at his hearings, I guess the CEO thought better of his qualifications? This in no way means that the Left is one bit less determined to take 2nd Amendment Rights away from honest gun owners while at the same time doing nothing to curtail violent criminal drug gangs running rampant and killing one another along with a new element of just picking some innocent citizen to shoot and kill just for the heck of it. A new gang initiation perhaps?

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Now I believe I made the case recently that the Left is consistently inconsistent and this is just another example of that. Government (FBI) statistics, if anyone cares to check, show conclusively that “Gun Violence” is both mostly gang-related and it is with the use of handguns by a huge percentage. Yet the Left keeps insisting the problem is “assault weapons,” which are not assault guns nor by any means the choice of criminals, period.

Typically more interested in the optics of a problem than addressing the problem itself, this speaks to their obsession with vote harvesting rather than public safety. Take away every law-abiding citizen’s every weapon and it would not put even a scratch on our gun crime in this country. The problem is criminals with guns, nothing else. Yet the Left, pushing political correctness and their Narrative, ignores reality.

I may have mentioned, philosopher Ayn Rand said, “You can avoid reality, but you can not avoid the consequences of ignoring reality.” Boy was she right!

If you are a resident of Laconia or the local towns around, it is obvious that crimes are rising even in our not-big-city environments. The spillover comes largely from the illegal drug industry and gangster wanna-be’s looking for a fast buck. That, along with the Left’s all-cops-are-racist narrative pushed by the terrorist BLM thugs hiding behind an antiracist screen, sounds so appealing to many.

No one wants to be perceived as a racist but look at BLM’s actions. Most destruction by them is in the Black community, including the killings.

I again point you back to Ayn Rand.

Editor’s Note: This article was originally published at Granite Grok and is written by Steve Earle. Reprinted with permission.