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Six Frightening Absurdities Of Biden’s “Vaccine” Mandate  

In this installment of their weekly Sunday Six conversation, PF Whalen and Parker Beauregard of The Blue State Conservative discuss the tyrannical maneuver by Joe Biden mandating COVID vaccinations for approximately 100 million Americans.

#6: Biden didn’t even try to achieve this mandate the proper way: through the legislature.

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PF: To be clear, when we say “the proper way,” that phrase is relative. I don’t think there’s any way for such a mandate to be Constitutional; at least not coming from the Federal Government. What Biden is trying to do is unprecedented. There have indeed been similar mandates in the past, but those mandates came at the state or local level… not from the feds.

But if Biden had gone through Congress and had them pass a law which he then signed, it would at least have given his actions a slight veneer of legitimacy. Theoretically, he could have claimed he was following the ‘will of the people,’ with the Legislative Branch issuing their approval. Instead, he chose to install the mandate via royal decree: aka executive order.

The reason Biden didn’t try to implement his mandate via Congress is obvious. It never would have made it through the Senate, and likely wouldn’t have even made it out of the House. And Biden himself, along with multiple members of his Administration, have openly admitted that they don’t have the authority to apply such an order. But they did it anyway. That brashness, and that disregard for our Constitution and political norms is truly sickening.

During Biden’s address to the nation on the matter in which he extolled the virtues of his authoritarianism, he bragged, “This isn’t about freedom,” and he was right. This mandate isn’t about freedom, it’s about government power, and the government’s ability to seize our freedom. Biden didn’t even attempt to push a vaccine mandate bill through Congress, because he was clearly comfortable with taking this authoritarian route. Democratic leaders in the House and Senate showed Biden no resistance. A handful of Republicans have been vocal in their opposition, but that’s it. We have a president who thinks he’s a king, and our national political leaders don’t seem to have a problem with it.  

#5: There is no actual science supporting this mandate.

Parker: One of the most disgusting features of this mandate is that it doesn’t make any sense from a medicinal point of view. Who does it help? Let’s divide people into a few groups.

The vaccinated: If the vaccine works, then what do you care if I get it? If the vaccine works, then you’re protected from me regardless of my own status. If it doesn’t work, then what medical miracle are you hoping to achieve?

The unvaccinated: If this demographic doesn’t want the vaccine, then who cares? I find the argument that it will save countless lives to fall flat. When has the government – a leftist one especially – ever been concerned about human life? This is the same group of people that are okay with 60 million murdered babies since 1973. Even in just the past few weeks, we have seen abysmal failures in Afghanistan, ranging from a chaotic withdrawal that left people to die and even a fatal drone attack on seven innocent children. And, the Biden administration is withholding life-saving monoclonal antibodies from red states just to stick it to…whom exactly? Concerned about life? Puh-leeze. 

The unvaccinated but naturally immune: How many of us simply don’t need artificial protection? I have not heard any credible studies done to pinpoint just how many Americans have already been exposed to the virus. A group of GOP congressmen released a report that this virus escaped from the Wuhan Lab as far back as September of 2019. That’s a long time to circulate unchecked, especially when you consider we didn’t take any drastic steps for another seven months. Since then, a steady cohort of symptomatic and asymptomatic survivors have only increased the percentage of the population protected through natural means. A lot of us are naturally immunized and don’t need this vaccine. End of story.

#4: President Biden’s scolding demeanor when he explained his “patience is wearing thin.”

PF: As I’ve mentioned before, I’m pro-vaccine. I got the J&J shot back in April, and I’m glad I did. I would do it again. For me, it was an easy decision. I talked with my doctor about it, I did a lot of research, and ultimately I determined that based on my age and other factors, receiving the J&J vaccine, and not one of the mRNA vaccines, was the right thing to do. And I have multiple elderly family members who have also been vaccinated, and I’m grateful.

But that was my choice, and my family members’ choices. Ultimately, everyone must make their own choice and that choice should not be forced upon anyone. There are legitimate concerns for those choosing not to get vaxxed. If I were twenty-seven years old, it’s quite possible I would have opted out myself. All of these factors make Biden’s mandate particularly disturbing… infuriating, in fact. But this lecture from last week is beyond the pale.

The speech in which Biden expressed his impatience included a profoundly incoherent argument. Biden argued that vaccines are highly effective at preventing infections, and extraordinarily effective at keeping the vaxxed out of the hospital and away from serious illness. OK, fair enough Joe. But if that’s the case, which it is, then why does anyone care about the un-vaxxed? If you’re vaxxed you’re safe, and if you’re not, that’s your call. So, what’s the problem, Joe?

But not only did Biden trip all over his own arguments, he made millions of us want to smack him upside the head when he said, “our patience is wearing thin.” And why, exactly, Mr. President, should I be concerned about your level of patience? Do you think you’re my dad and I’m a teenager? Are you going to ground me? Are you going to put me in timeout? Should it be that the top priority for the citizenry is making sure our president’s patience isn’t tested? Screw our inalienable, God-given rights. Screw our personal freedoms. Our primary goal as Americans, apparently, should be to make sure that Joe Biden is happy. I must have been absent that day in Civics class, Mr. President, because unsurprisingly, I don’t give a flying fu*k about your patience.


#3: The mandate, along with the entire Covid narrative, is ruining peoples’ ability to function.

Parker: In terms of psychology, leftism and Marxism are very effective at dividing people into competing groups. Historically, this was done with financial status and class (think: rich/poor, oppressor/oppressed, business/employee) and more recently in the past few decades the Democrats have successfully pitted blacks against whites. If sowing chaos and anarchy into the mix were the goal, then this might be the most effective effort yet.

Communism and socialism eventually fail because the ruled class eventually catch on to the scheme. Despite the heated racial narrative, and perplexing 90% black support enjoyed by Democrats, somewhere deep down not enough people truly believe that lie either. America is trying to be destroyed, so this latest attempt to divide comes at the hands of a non-lethal virus.

In the past eighteen months, an admittedly already-fragile populace (suffering from TDS) were brainwashed to believe that Covid would be the end of mankind. Constant fear porn, most of which I simply don’t remember from so much overexposure, was looped ad nauseum onto television sets. My place of work had a strict policy to wipe down every surface post-use with a super strong chemical. Many folks wore gloves. Of course, the powers-that-be likely knew this was an aerosolized vapor that was transmitted through respiratory functions, but no matter. Whatever could gin up the fear.

Fast forward to now, and at least half this country can’t function properly anymore on account of unnecessary anxiety, fear, and panic. We all know someone who asks for your vaccinations status before even hanging out in a small-group setting. We all have families that canceled holidays and birthdays so that even vaccinated party-goers wouldn’t be exposed. 

The mandate – and eventual passports – are the next step toward segregating society. It might be Biden’s mandate, but it takes fully half of this country to abide by it. And, not just abide by it, but endorse it wholeheartedly. 

#2: There is already talk of federal vaccine mandates for minors, from none other than Dr. Fauci.

PF: As I’ve already mentioned. I’m in favor of the COVID vaccines. It would have been much better if we’d had time to test them more thoroughly, but it was an emergency. The pandemic was real, and people were dying. Also, the vaccines are one the great accomplishments of the Trump Administration, and something of which we as Trump supporters should be proud.

Several people I know have died of COVID, including my cousin who was only a few months older than me. For those of us who are older – say, over the age of 50 – we must evaluate the risks of the vaccines Vs the risks of COVID, and again, I think it makes sense for most of us. For those who are younger, the risk factors shift dramatically, so the decision is less clear.

To date, there have been a total of 412 COVID deaths in America for people aged seventeen and younger, compared to a total population of approximately 80 million people within that age group. That’s it; 412 people. In contrast, there have been over 609,000 people aged 50 and older who have died. Additionally, of those 412 deaths of young people due to COVID, it appears that every one of those kids who died had a serious comorbidity prior to infection. In other words, the risk of serious illness with COVID for children is extremely low and is, in fact, nonexistent for those who are otherwise healthy. So, why would we need to vaccinate them against a disease which isn’t a threat?

Like so much of this COVID experience, vaccines have become extremely political. Demonize the un-vaxxed, canonize the vaxxed. Glorify the mask-wearers, castigate the maskless. The president who promised to unify us, and to heal us, is doing more to divide us now than ever before, and the only reason is so that he can attain more power over us.

But when we see the likes of Fauci start signaling that they’re going to start using our children in their political games, they are taking that malevolence to a whole new level. Considering some of the ongoing concerns with the vaccines, the idea that these shots should even be available to children is questionable. And Fauci isn’t just encouraging the vaccines for kids, he’s suggesting we mandate them. These people are wretched, and Fauci is the worst of them.

#1: If the courts allow this to stand, then what is stopping a tyrant in the White House from mandating other “safety” measures? For that matter, what’s stopping them from doing anything at all?

Parker: This mandate provides the final push about making the conversation of vaccination from medicine to freedom. I cannot imagine that a single person listening to the drooling, insulting, incoherent, mumbling buffoon of a president had their mind changed last Thursday. Biden is losing patience with me? It’s for the greater good? Okay, then, I guess. 

However, there is a sizable portion of this country that now sees the mandate for what it is – a threat against liberty. Every decision made by Americans or our ruling class must be viewed through the lens of freedom – every mandate opposed and every resistance redoubted.

With its endless variants, Covid on its own could prove the fatal blow to the American experiment. The sheep of this country gladly accepted endless lockdowns and business closures; why wouldn’t we expect them to do it again? Climate change is likewise an existential threat; why wouldn’t they limit how much we could drive, travel, or engage in other liberties in order to combat this nebulous threat?

This vaccine mandate is the line that we must hold. If we surrender now, not only do we all get an unknown substance injected into our bodies with unknown long-term effects, but we also surrender a battle that represents a larger war. If the Democrats can steal our health decisions from us, what else can they take – and who would be left to push back?

Photo is a screen grab from CBS News local.