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Extending The Logic Of No Vax, No Service

Leftists want to ruin Americans’ lives for not conforming to Covid fear porn or complying with vaccine mandates. No effort has been made to convince us Covid is scary or the vaccine is worthwhile; instead, they lie to us with cheap statistical tricks and admonish us with thinning patience.

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For the record, I believe with as much certainty as a casual keyboard warrior can that the issue of a viral pandemic would be near extinction if we had simply done nothing. Between a 99.98% survival rate for Americans under 50 and the availability of cheap therapeutic remedies, there was no reason to pretend the sky was falling. In retrospect, it seems that most of what we know in September of 2021 was also known around April of 2020, but was intentionally disregarded and blasphemed in order to sell anxiety, panic, hysteria, and fear.

And vaccines. They wanted to sell lots and lots of vaccines.

If not for the political shenanigans and deceit, I might be more benevolent with my analysis of the vaccine. For all intents and purposes, it is a modern medical miracle to have developed something so quickly. Unfortunately, it is also a monumental liability considering it went from production to injection with little known about its long-term consequences. On top of the thousands of VAERS entries, hopefully, waning efficacy will be the worst issue among the rest of the sizable trial group.

One of the central battles in this upcoming autumn and winter will be the fight for individual liberties. The discussion around vaccination is no longer  – if it ever truly was (and I don’t believe so) – about protection and saving lives. It is available and those that want it can get it. Though I refused to bow down to illogical tyranny and lived my life as normal as ever, as a nation we unnecessarily sacrificed eighteen months of small business sustainability, social events, family gatherings, formative years for young people, and overall sanity in the apparent wait for a vaccine. The vaccine’s arrival has now come and gone. If you want it, you can get it. If you don’t want it, then you won’t get it. Each group can weigh the risks and rewards of their decisions and live with the consequences. 

Yet here we are, living among people more frightened than ever of a virus they’ve never been more protected against. For one thing, the natural evolution of a virus is to become more infectious but less lethal over time (both common sense and evolutionary theory support this). For another, the most panicked people are those that have had all of the recommended doses of lab juice. They also wear masks as if they were infantile blankies. It is truly bizarre, and an honest history in future years will rightfully call out these fools for the dangerous nincompoops they are.

They are dull and dim witted, no doubt, and therefore also dangerous. They threaten me much more than Covid. As it currently stands, I am at risk – though I have full natural immunity (even then, who cares if you don’t have any) – of losing basic rights and privileges on account of these indoctrinated leftist tools. Because I refuse to get the injection, there is talk of excluding me from social events, public establishments, travel, and even medical treatment. Some of this is already happening in various locales and cities around the nation. Does this make any sense? Have we ever done anything like this before? What if this logic were extended elsewhere?

Should urgent care clinics refuse to treat daycare kids for RSV? These kids are in known super-spreader facilities.

Should hospitals decline to treat smokers for lung cancer? These patients are knowingly inhaling carcinogenic toxins.

Should emergency rooms turn away the morbidly obese after the suffering of a heart attack? These patients enabled a condition to intensify with poor diet and lack of exercise.

Should schools deny remediation to kindergarten students demonstrating low literacy skills? These kids should have grown up in households that valued proper grammar, books, and conversations.

Should the police turn away from a residence dealing with domestic abuse if they have visited the same address before? These women presumably had a chance to leave the aggressor upon the initial offense.

From both a medical standpoint and a logical standpoint, none of the penalties for refusing the vaccine make sense. Then again, nothing about Covid has been handled by the ruling class based on a medical standpoint and logical standpoint. It’s about par for the course for elitists despots.