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An Important Question About Climate Change Which No One Wants To Answer

If you’re like me you’ve gotten into a discussion, or an argument about climate change. I agree that there is an element of climate change that is caused by humans, but we’re not all going to die tomorrow, or even 12 years from now. Honestly, I think we are on track to solving it through capitalism, going green is very profitable if marketed correctly. Here’s a very important question no one has been able to answer, and given the emergency, they should:

Where is the town, or city, or tribe that is the first one we should be evacuating for climate change?

Where is it? Since climate change is so pressing, and since we are going to die any day now, shouldn’t we be getting those poor people to safety?

I’ve heard dragging feet answers like:

“Well, Florida is pretty low,” but didn’t they say that would be underwater?

Then I ask, “So you’re saying Florida? That’s your answer?”

And they backtrack, then they say some African beach, or New Orleans? Then I get asked, “Isn’t New Orleans under the water line or something?”

I then tell them it is. Then the conversation stops because they don’t know. Their closest answer to this question is located here, but the only real information provided is how to repeatedly misuse the word ‘Could’.

“143 million people could be misplaced by 2100.”  Not, are ‘going to be misplaced’, and of course it provides no specifics. They keep things as vague as they possibly can, it’s needlessly stressing and worrying people, and it involves kids.

I personally believe there is a special place in hell for people who try to scare kids with things they don’t understand and can’t control, and that’s what they are doing with climate change. Please take this question with you, use it wisely. I’m sure I’m not the first to think of it, but I hope it helps. Then you can both celebrate not knowing the answer, but at least they will stop lecturing.

By Ben Revermann

Ben Revermann is a regular contributor to The Blue State Conservative and has quite possibly written the only book by a Republican that can compete with Hollywood, it is named Dachshund Immortal and you can find it here.

Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash

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7 thoughts on “An Important Question About Climate Change Which No One Wants To Answer

  1. I’ve always wondered why global warming is a bad thing. If true, then more stuff grows and is more prolific. Ever trying growing tomatoes in the Arctic? Also, CO2 is what green plants inhale, and then exhale oxygen, which is good for humans and plant life. It’s a win/win.

  2. I believe it is very important to discuss actual global warming since the mid-1970s, which has been mild and harmless …

    … rather than debating imaginary FUTURE global warming, predicted to be rapid and dangerous for the past 64 years, beginning with predictions made by oceanographer Roger Revelle in 1957.

    The actual warming since the 1970s was strongest in the Northern half of the Northern Hemisphere, mainly during the six coldest months of the year, and mainly at night.

    Think about warmer winter nights in Siberia — how is that a climate emergency?

    I’d say that was good news.

    Add the measured from satellites greening of our planet, from more CO2 in the atmosphere, and the past 45 years of global warming adds up to good news.

    If people want to ignore the global warming they have lived with, for up to 45 years, and want to believe the always wrong predictions of climate doom, nothing I can say will change their minds.

    The coming climate crisis is their religion, so facts, data and logic won’t change their minds.

    Because their coming global warming crisis belief was not created with facts, data and logic in the first place.

  3. the classic misdirection comes from the phrase, “since the beginning of the Industrial Revolution”. Classically that is around 1850. Coincidentally, that is also the end of the Little Ice Age, a scientifically proven world wide event. All this heating is merely a recovery to prior status. We’re still about a degree cooler than the Middle Ages Warm Period. During the Roman Warm Period they grew grapes in northern England, a feat we still cannot do as it is too cold. Etc., etc., etc.

  4. I’ve lived on the water my whole life. It’s not rising. The waterline on all the bridges, beaches, boulders, piers, bulkheads and channel markers are exactly where they’ve always been.

    And if you think “there is an element of climate change that is caused by humans.”, certainly you can provide the definitive linkage that something we’re doing is causing higher temperatures … if there even are higher temperatures – seeing that the NOAA got caught manipulating the data as reported by an NOAA whistleblower and backed up by the NOAA’s admission that their sea temperature data was flawed.

  5. While I agree that your question is one that should be asked, I don’t agree with the statement that, “there is an element of climate change that is caused by humans.” Actual climate scientists have estimated that the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere generated by human activity is relatively small and insignificant with respect to changing the planet’s temperature. So, here’s a question I think should also be asked, “If the burning of hydrocarbon based fuels, an activity that is human-caused, is changing the earth’s temperature, how do you explain how we came out of the last ice age thousands of years ago, before the first first SUV ever hit the road?”


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