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Dissenting Federal Employee: Prostitute or Patriot?

As I write this, I am still a federal employee, but due to being unvaxxed, that may soon change.  There seems to be a deafening silence from federal employees on the topic of the COVID vaccine mandate.  Perhaps this silence is due to the fear of being shunned and hated.  Perhaps most support the mandate.  The reason isn’t clear.

The purpose of this article is to discuss — from a federal employee’s perspective — the potential moral and ethical impacts the vaccine mandate may have and present questions some of us will have to consider as this mandate is implemented, for which there are no easy answers. 

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It’s hard to describe the anger and horror of the idea that we will likely be required to inject something into our bodies that goes against our principles to keep our jobs.  It feels similar to the process of grief (not surprising, because it sure looks like the death of America as we know it).  Denial that such a thing could happen to raise a “president’s” poll numbers.  Shock that it did happen.  Anger that you may be forced to take a “vaccine” to avoid a round-to-zero chance of dying if you even catch COVID.  Then there’s the panic, depression, etc.

I have not found any articles talking about how the four million federal employees are dealing with this mandate on a personal level, how they are internalizing this tyranny, and what their thoughts are.  It isn’t as simple as jab up or quit.  I haven’t slept since the mandate was announced because with a family to support, I don’t know what to do if I’m denied a legitimate religious exemption.

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Written anonymously by a federal employee.