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European Travelers Were Banned For 18 Months While A Permanent Illegal Alien Population Was Encouraged To Come And Stay?

Amidst all of the bedlam of the Biden administration, and my inability to travel abroad on account of having an infant at home, I had stopped following the rules of international air travel. The questions of who could go, on what conditions, where you could go, for how you had to quarantine, and for how long you could stay were not questions that preoccupied my mind. 

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Maybe they should have.

A recent headline was dropped on ZeroHedge that announced “White House Finally Ends Ban On Travelers From EU and UK After 18 Months.” After reading the headline twice to make sure I wasn’t imaging it and going through the article, I realized that I wasn’t going crazy. This was an actual headline and an actual policy.

To recap: Joe Biden has encouraged and allowed millions of illegal aliens to seek permanent residency in the United States. They have not been vetted for infectious disease, an ability to contribute to our country through gainful employment or shared values, nor for previous connections to ideologies that hate this country. In the midst of a supposedly terrifying pandemic and vaccine mandates for citizens, they have also not been subject to the same rigorous expectations. It is the height of hypocrisy.

At the same time, though, despite a vaccine rollout going as far back as the Trump presidency, European travelers (not even permanent, asylum- and resident-seeking aliens; just travelers!) have been all denied entry. Compounding this confusion, I had friends and family vacation in Europe this summer. They spent weeks hopping from country to country before flying home. At that point, how is there exposure any different than a holder of an EU passport? 

A few theories have been floated around as to why the United States changed their policy. The article on ZeroHedge references the fact the U.N. General Assembly is planning its first in-person gathering since the onset of the pandemic. So, again, the science didn’t change, but the need for global politics did. Another theory observes that this will allow the United States to absorb hundreds of thousands of additional Afghani refugees. Both seem highly likely to be true. Perhaps it’s a kickback to France for squashing a $66 billion dollar agreement with Australia. There are likely other reasons as well.

At the very least, no new evidence has emerged in September of 2021 that it is now safe for people with certain citizenship on a certain continent to begin flying here again. It is insane to think that this policy remained intact for the entirety of Biden’s administration in light of the borderless situation with Mexico. 

Nothing about Covid makes sense. It never has, and certainly never will. The response to Covid has, from the beginning, been about engineering a new world order and ushering in a great reset. It cannot be viewed any other way in the wake of unscientific and illogical policy implementations. 

When will everyone realize this?