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FDA Panelist Steve Kirsch: “The Vaccines Kill More People Than they Save.”

In keeping with our commitment to reporting COVID news with which the “watchdog media” can’t be bothered, we have a second testimony from the 8-hour FDA Panel discussion.

FDA Panelist Steve Kirsch (not part of the FDA but invited to speak) says there “are four times as many heart attacks [as is normal] in the treatment group in the Pfizer six-month trial report — that wasn’t bad luck.”

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Kirsch also says that based on the VAERS data, heart attacks are 71 times more likely with this vaccine than any other. That’s sobering to anyone, especially if they’ve had a heart attack.

He calculates that the vaccines are killing more people than they save. I think what he means is that people who were never at risk of severe illness or death from the flu are dying because of a vaccine administered in the interest of protecting people who are more likely to die from the flu.

You can listen yourself, and if you have time, the represented before he is concerned in the opposite direction. He is worried about the complete lack of data available to contradict people like Kirsch.


The media won’t cover both sides, so here we are doing it for them. You watch and listen, and then you do your own research, and then you decide. We won’t try to make you get The Jab or not get it; it’s your body.

Just make an informed decision.

HT |American Thinker: Jump to 4:20:17 for Kirsch.

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This article was written by Steve MacDonald and reposted with permission. It originally appeared at Granite Grok.