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What’s The Real Story Behind Our Open Border?

The further into the frontier crisis we go, the more it looks like Joe Biden intends to stir up outright rebellion in Texas. The Border Patrol and Texas Gov. Gregg Abbott have been on tv criticizing DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas’ nonsensical, even insulting claim of having operational control of the border.



Tom Homan: We have no operational control of the southern border


That lie has been shot down repeatedly by aerial footage showing the huge, packed crowds under a Del Río, Texas, bridge. The border is not under control at all.


So what’s the deal? Why claim the border is fine when everyone in America knows it isn’t?


For total armed control of the country, first, provoke rebellion. Then nationalize the Texas National Guard to take away Abbott’s principal means of large-scale, organized intervention at the border. If the Guard rebels, which it probably would, use the already-suspect armed forces against them. The country would be in big-time turmoil as the big-government noose tightened around our necks.


Forget posse comitatus just as countless other laws have been forgotten by this fake president. With the precedent set, Biden could then use open force against any and all who stood up against his mishandling of the border. From there it would be but a small step to using open force against anyone who opposed anything. At that point, we would have seen and heard the last of any right-of-center television or news source other than the alphabet media.


The scenario as it has evolved is reminiscent of the conspiracy theories making the rounds for years. Some of those theories involve the government forcibly herding traditional Americans into FEMA camps for control, while the “new Americans” (all those illegals) settled in. Since these people come from lawless societies already, encountering a fearsome government run by thugs, crooks and gangsters would be nothing new for them. American life everywhere would soon resemble life in Chicago as it is now.


And the Democrats would never lose another election.


By Jack Rail


Jack Rail is a retired Army officer who writes mostly when something gets his goat.


Photo is a screengrab from NBC News.


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