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My Conditional Support For Trump In 2024

Without reservation, I voted for Trump both times he ran for president. If he runs in 2024, I will vote for him again, subject to the condition set out further down. But first, this …

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I believe the 2020 election was rigged. While the few rallies Biden held struggled to attract miniscule attendance, Trump drew massive and wildly enthusiastic crowds wherever he went—examples: Butler, PA and National record setting Trump Train in Arizona.

Using the pandemic as an excuse, Biden mostly stayed hunkered down in his basement during what was arguably the most consequential presidential campaign in U.S. history.

Obviously unconcerned with the canyon-wide enthusiasm gap, Democrats apparently took steps in advance of the election to ensure that the outcome was pre-determined. While I believe they stole the election through mail-in ballot fraud, I also believe Trump would still have won had he not lost the support of so many people who voted for him in 2016.

A few days before the 2020 election here in Georgia, I made get-out-the-vote reminder calls to 37 long-time conservative acquaintances, all of whom voted for Trump in 2016. What I learned during those calls came as a shock: six of the 37 told me they would not be voting for Trump this time under any circumstances.

One of the six is a conservative Christian Republican I’ve known for more than half a century. Four years earlier, it took some hard selling on my part to convince her to vote for Trump—she was turned-off by crude things he said during the campaign. When I called her prior to the 2020 election, this is what she told me, and these were her exact words:

“John, I will never vote for him again. I hate him. He is so mean.”

I tried encouraging my friend to change her thinking, but ran into a stone wall. 

Although happy with Trump’s accomplishments as president, she just couldn’t get past the unpleasant side of his personality. The other five felt the same. In a free society, some people will not vote for a candidate they do not like, regardless of that candidate’s qualifications. Given the enormity of what was at stake in 2020—the survival of our Republic, literally—I believe not voting for Trump because of his personality was like cutting off America’s head to spite its nose. But whether I agreed with that decision or not, in a democracy every voter gets to make up his or her own mind.

Revulsion to the unseemly side of Trump’s personality is why suburban women were credited with delivering the House to Democrats in 2018. That was certainly true where I live. Suburban women here in Georgia’s 6th Congressional District gave the seat to a Democrat for the first time in 39 years.

Many Trump supporters say they like him because he’s a fighter: “When Trump gets punched, he punches back!” I too like that he’s a fighter, up to the point where his style of punching back causes even some of his own supporters to recoil.

A lot of people who ended up voting for him in 2020 were nevertheless dispirited at the smash-mouth way he often responded to critics. At times he seemed to struggle with distinguishing things that were important from those that weren’t. To use a golfing analogy, he often strayed from the short grass and got bogged down in the rough, where the Trump-hating media relentlessly pummeled him for days on end.

What was so discouraging to many Trump voters is there are ways to punch back that don’t come across as mean-spirited. It’s hard to understand how mocking LeBron James’ intelligence or Carly Fiorina’s face would attract a single fence-sitter to the Republican side. Ditto referring to NFL kneelers as “SOBs,” Rosie O’Donnell as a “fat pig,” Omarosa as a  “dog,” or an aging porn star (Stormy Daniels) as “horseface.”

That kind of punching back made him come across as spiteful … and therefore unlikeable. Voters generally will not support a president they dislike, and some will take out their ill feelings on that president’s party, as happened in the 2018 midterms.

Trump became wealthy in one of the toughest real estate markets in the world, so I can understand why he developed the habit of striking back at critics with razor-sharp elbows. But winning the hearts and minds of undecided voters is an entirely different game that requires a far higher level of finesse.


In 2020, Georgia had 7.6 million registered voters, 41% of whom identified as Republicans. Using those figures, 3.16 million Republican votes were available to have been cast for Trump. (He actually received 2,461,854 votes compared to 2,473,666 for Biden, a winning margin of 11,779 for Biden.)

According to my admittedly unscientific pre-election survey referred to near the top of this article, 16.2% of people I surveyed who’d voted for Trump in 2016 did not vote for him in 2020 (6 people out of 37 surveyed equals 16.2%). That intuitively seems too high to extrapolate to the overall election, so for the sake of argument let’s say that only one-tenth of that percentage—or 1.62% of statistically available Republican voters—didn’t vote for Trump because they’d had all they could take of his unrefined remarks.

1.62% of 3.16 million potential Republican votes equals 51,192 lost votes, more than four times the amount needed to have given the election to Trump. That’s why I believe that despite massive vote fraud, Trump would have won the election in a walk if not for the off-putting side of his personality.


If Trump is the GOP nominee three years from now, I will vote for him without hesitation. But to earn my support in the Republican primary, he will have to change in a way I’m not sure his outsized ego will allow.

To assure another presidency along with an overwhelming mandate from the American people, I believe he must broaden his appeal well beyond his conservative base. I further believe the best, and possibly only, way he can achieve that is to deliver a heartfelt address to the nation, promising if elected to project the kind of presidential demeanor most Americans expect and apologizing for over-the-top comments he’s made in the past.

Would he ever do such a thing? There’s not much downside.

By John Eidson

A 1968 electrical engineering graduate of Georgia Teach and now retired, John Eidson is a freelance writer in Atlanta and a regular contributor to The Blue State Conservative.

Photo by Gilbert Mercier at Flickr. 

11 thoughts on “My Conditional Support For Trump In 2024”

  1. I am amazed that any Republicans would vote for Biden because they think “Trump is mean” and that they would actually admit to it. You deserve the government you get with that kind of pretzel logic. Do us all a favor and stay home next time there is an election.

  2. I didn’t vote for Donald Trump in 2016, for many reasons that were later validated by his policies and some executive orders and bills. And, although there were matters concerning U.S. sovereignty and individual rights that troubled me about Trump, I did vote for him in 2020, because I saw what was coming under Biden, and there’s no way in hell I wanted that visited on America.

    Trump is 1000 times better than Biden, but he still governed like a Liberal Republican or a Conservative Democrat too much to suit me, especially when one looks at his weak defense of the Second Amendment and the Fourth Amendment, and his miserable deal that replaced NAFTA.

    His own “Budget Bill” was $4.8 trillion dollars, and it wasn’t structured to even come close to balancing until 2035; but now, it will never be balanced with Biden in control and pushing a $6 trillion dollar “Budget Bill”. However, it’s interesting to note that Trump was only $1.2 trillion under Biden’s budget during his own term, and virtually every bill Trump signed was a trillion or more.

    Trump doesn’t have a good grasp of the Constitution, or if he does, he’s too willing to violate it in too many instances to suit me, as we saw in his willingness to compromise with Democrats on Red Flag gun “laws” before he stepped back from them; he also signed an Illegal Executive Order to ban bumpstocks in direct violation of the 2nd Amendment and his spending bills gave millions to the FBI and the ATF to “regulate” firearms in an Illegitimate and Illegal manner. Tie this with his signature on HR76 that allowed warrantless searches and the FISA Reauthorization Act that placed all Americans under surveillance, rather than just foreigners as originally intended, and one finds that in too many respects Trump doesn’t respect the Bill of Rights and our Inalienable God-given Rights, other than his positive positions on religious liberty.

    It’s complicated, and yes, Trump did many fine things in attempting to halt illegal immigration and immigration from countries that hate America and mean her harm, but his own son-in-law, Jared Kushner, undermined him on immigration time and time again, to help his globalist crony-capitalist cronies, especially when it came to the H-1B1 programs. And as an aside, one should also note that Kushner and his wife, Ivanka, Trump’s daughter, are both socialists, and it was Ivanka who influenced Trump to sign another unsustainable Socialist-styled Big Govt program, the Family Leave and Child Care Act, into law.

    It would take an incredibly long and detailed article to hit all the particulars, but suffice it to say, Trump’s administration was rife with traitors, Obama holdovers and RINOs and the very Swamp Creatures he swore to purge from the ranks of the federal government.

    And when one looks at the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement, it was FAR from the Greatest Deal Evah as Trump asserted, replacing NAFTA while it also undermined U.S. Sovereignty and ratified numerous past international treaties, previously rejected by other administrations, such as the Law of the Sea Treaty, and within its text one finds many articles that actually facilitate illegal immigration.

    The USMCA…/the-worst-agreement-ever…/ is designed to merge the economies of these three countries into one. Think of it as similar to the authoritarian European Union on steroids, dashing madly along and trampling on each and every inalienable right and each item in our U.S. Bill of Rights along the way.

    His economy was largely smoke and mirrors, and it was in trouble well before the Covid Outbreak, as we witnessed the Federal Reserve Bank pump One Billion Dollars a Day into the Repurchasing Market Bubble from September 2019 until the Massive Economic Collapse in March 2020.

    Much of this was due to unresolved financial issues from the 2008 Economic Collapse and the Markets’ Refusal to stop the Same Bad and Criminal Actions that caused it; Big Business was bailed out and rewarded in 2008 and it was once again rewarded with trillions of dollars of Taxpayer Dollars in 2020.

    With that said, I loved what Trump was doing with the China Trade Imbalance and NATO, as well as his strong support for America’s National Defense and putting America’s enemies on notice; and in the process, he also was working to make the world safer by reaching out to Putin, much to the chagrin of the Democrats and the Military Industrial Complex, as he also started the process to withdraw us from Afghanistan.

    Overall, I’m a whole lot less worried about economic concerns, than I am over Protecting and Defending Our Inalienable God-Given Rights, since like many of you out there, I understand that anyone truly wanting to make a living will find a way, regardless of what the illusory paper finance markets, manufactured wealth supported by zero real assets, show or are doing. I’ve never been without work, not even during the terrible Carter years when interest rates floated between 16% to 24%.

    More than worrying about the Government “creating jobs” — SINCE IT DOESN’T — You all should be more greatly concerned with preventing it from squashing the last vestiges of our freedom and liberty.

    I love that Trump was full of fire and took the fight to the Democrats on many issues, but in the end, he couldn’t or wouldn’t properly defend the Republic. Knowing that Mail-In Ballots would serve the Democrats’ Theft of the Election, he should have had his people moving well in advance of the 2020 election to ensure safeguards were in every state to prevent just what we saw. Instead, he waited ’til the damage was done and tried to fight after he’d been kicked down and moved on out of the White House.

    And You all know the rest of the story and the cowardice shown in Congress and from VP Pence, as they certified Illegally acquired Electoral College Votes.

    In reality, Trump is still actually the only LEGITIMATE President of the United States of America.

    However, in 2024 or whenever the next Presidential Election occurs — and if ELECTION REFORMS HAVE BEEN IMPLEMENTED in the SWING STATES THAT AIDED IN THE THEFT OF THE ELECTION — I will be looking for that strong-willed, determined, intelligent, Constitutionally Astute American-Loving True Conservative Patriot WHO WILL STOP THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY COMMUNISTS DEAD IN THEIR TRACKS.

    But such a person won’t be elected in 2024, not so long as so large a segment of our society keep looking for Government Handouts and Government Care from Cradle to Grave at the Expense of Liberty.

    I suspect, that as much as I hope and pray for such a strong leader who can sway a majority, in the end, we will be forced to fight a civil war, in order to remain free, simply because too many people in this country are mentally ill and in support of evil and immoral lifestyles that violate the rights of people trying to live a moral and righteous life, free and unrestrained from government intrusions.

    The country is in a war — Good vs Evil, Capitalism & Freedom vs Communism & Tyranny and Life vs Death.

    Pray for America’s Patriots and for This America We Love So Well. She’s in Dire Need of Our Help, of God’s Help.

    ~ Justin O Smith

  3. “Democrats apparently took steps in advance of the election to ensure that the outcome was pre-determined. While I believe they stole the election through mail-in ballot fraud…”

    Trump’s own radical right Arizona audit, lawyers, judges, Supreme Court justices, Attorney General, Department of Justice, and Republican election officials have all admitted his voter fraud lies are sore loser bullcrap. And yet his bootlicking slaves still won’t grow up and admit Drama Queen Donnie lost because he’s an unpopular, unlikeable, racist fraud and big government neocommunist-fascist failure,

    If you’re wondering why youth voters think the right is so nuts Democrats are now winning states like Arizona and Georgia this is why.

  4. “Sure he’s brash…He has unwavering love of country and desire for ‘all Americans’ to achieve the American dream…he knows if we can unite and get back to our Christian roots…”

    Exhibit A on the delusional alternate reality conservatives live in, that has youth voters fleeing the right and the White House, Senate, House, Arizona and Georgia flipping blue.”

    “Brash” must be MAGAspeak for racist, pathological lying, immature, narcissistic drama queen lol Inciting a deadly QAnon MAGA terrorist attack to assassinate your vice-president does not show love of country. Neither does writing love letters to North Korea’s communist tyrant and saluting its communist generals, paying $200,000 in taxes to the China Communist Party while evading US taxes, colluding with Russian cyberwar on US elections, and lying about a deadly pandemic thus causing mass death, record unemployment, and record small business failure.

    Spewing hate rhetoric that caused a record rise in hate crime and terror attacks in Christchurch and El Paso isn’t Christian. Neither is mistreating migrants, telling white nationalist thugs to “stand by” for violence, praising tiki torch pro-Confederate Nazis as “very fine people,” encouraging police brutality, spending your final few months in office executing as many people as possible, mocking a disabled reporter, bragging about grabbing the crotches of other men’s wives, and cheating on your pregnant with with a porn star — then lying about paying her off.

    Also, there’s nothing unifying about Trump tweeting a White Power video on 28 June 2020, tweeting childish nicknames, calling for violence against journalists, and launching his toxic political career with sore loser election lies.

    The right has lost its morals and its soul. That’s why the GQP is losing. Sad!

  5. I wholeheartedly agree with this article. I never liked Trump personally, but I supported his policies and his patriotism. I would vote for him again if he is my only conservative choice, but we have some much more electable choices now. If he truly cares about America, he should recognize that and serve in a consulting role.

  6. You state as absolute fact that the Democrats committed fraud in the 2020 election. But provide not one hint as to why you hold that view. A position of “Democrats bad. Republicans good.” is not persuasive. also, you seem to assume 100% voter turnout (other than the 10%) who decided Trump was not worth voting for.
    Perhaps you should examine why 10% of Republicans who voted for Trump in 2016 decided they could not hold their noses in 2020.

  7. Ed Stephens,
    Fair point about Trump needing to be “on his guard from inside” his administration, but that should be part of our concern with Trump. I love the guy, and voted for him twice. And I’ll vote for him again if he’s the nominee. But it was HIS administration. They were his choices, and in many cases, they were horrible picks. The reason why we have Mark Milley as Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff is because Trump put him there. Jeff Sessions was a disaster as AG, and he was Trump’s pick. Rex Tillerson was an awful pick as Secretary of State, and that was Trump’s guy. Trump’s the one who hired John Bolton, and not only did Bolton turn on Trump, he wrote a book. We could go on and on… Reince Preibus, Steve Bannon, Anthony Scaramucci, H.R. McMaster. Whose fault is it that he had to be on guard against those people?

  8. My unconditional support for reelecting President Trump ‘again’ in 2024. Sure he’s brash, he almost has to be as he’s got to be on his guard 24/7 from inside and outside his administration. Few people he can trust. He has unwavering love of country and desire for ‘all Americans’ to achieve the American dream. He sees America as a shining light despite its faults as he knows if we can unite and get back to our Christian roots, there’s little that can upend those traits.

    Show me anyone that can withstand the nonstop assault, still carry the torch of liberty and achieve so much of what they set out to do rather than just make empty promises. Most everyone would fold like a house of cards.

    President Trump 2024; Let’s Make America Great Again. More MAGA; less Marx!

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