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Make America Inhospitable to Illegal Aliens: The Constitution Isn’t A Suicide Pact 

The cut, dried and short of the matter remains that our U.S. borders are wide-open, and it is in fact a direct result of the Biden regime’s policies and inaction on the southern border. One doesn’t need to see a ream of statistics to understand this fact, since most of America has eyes to see. Anyone with half a brain knows that 15,000 illegal aliens swarming across at one border section in Del Rio, Texas, largely comprised of Haitians, over a three day period, along with over a 1.5 million illegal alien apprehensions this year to date is every bit an invasion as we will see in our lifetime. And it is being facilitated with the purpose of changing the face of America and destroying Her founding.

America won’t be America for long if those charged with defending Her can’t do more than stand at the border and ask each illegal alien to “please don’t cross the border”. 

They traveled hundreds, sometimes thousands of miles to get here and they were unconcerned about following any legally prescribed manner to become a U.S. resident or citizen. It does require some significant barrier like an actual wall or armed agents with the ability to use their unrestrained authority to physically stop and return them back across the border, to apply for refugee status, or legal entry if they wish. 

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Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA), a real unhinged, ignorant piece of work, who evidently represents an equally ignorant and racist segment of America’s population, recently came unglued over a false report of mounted Border agents whipping back the illegals. In fact, they were simply running their horses up and down the borderline, as they used a twirling rein technique to guide them, in an attempt to stop the flow of people and make them turn around at the crossing in Del Rio, Texas.

At best, Waters simply advanced a lie. She knew it was a lie, and yet she went with it, further exhibiting the lengths these anti-American Democrats will go to further divide and subvert America; advancing their own, miserable Marxist-Maoist and “we are the world” cosmopolitan U.N. agenda. At one point she exclaimed in exaggeration:

“What the hell are we doing here? What we witnessed takes us back hundreds of years. What we witnessed is worse than what we witnessed in slavery. Cowboys 

whipping black people, Haitians, into the water, when all they’re trying to do is escape violence in their country.”

Well, just how in the hell do we stop them, if we can’t impede their path to our soil? That’s the real question. They don’t really want to stop the illegals from crossing, and that’s what gives way to the Biden regime lie that the border is secure and under control. It’s under control if “control” means opening the flood gates to uneducated, poorly skilled migrants arriving for free stuff from Uncle Joe and creating a new small army of Leftist activists and voters for the Democratic Party.

If this isn’t about building a base for the Democratic Party for them to retain power, then why have they allowed hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens from areas in the Northern Triangle known to support Big Government solutions into the country without any real restrictions? Why have they immediately stopped and returned Cuban refugees fleeing real tyranny? Could it be that the U.S. Cuban population typically votes Republican?

The Biden administration has released over six hundred thousand illegal aliens into America this year, according to Fox News’ Bill Melugin, and they are simply being handed a Notice to Appear. Supposedly they are being tracked through a variety of methods, but no one should believe this regime has any intention of ever rounding them up to determine if they should be sent back to their country of origin. This is the same regime that promised to stay in Afghanistan until all Americans were evacuated, and yet it abandoned thousands. And it is this lax scene on the border in conjunction with Biden’s early welcome mat and promise of U.S. benefits that will keep the hordes of illegals coming. 

Women at Del Rio have only had to mention the possibility of being pregnant, and they automatically received a free pass. Some who actually were pregnant have been flown across the country to various hospitals to give birth to their new little anchor baby that will secure them a place in America from here on out. This is something that absolutely needs to be ended. Babies born on U.S. soil to illegal aliens must not be given automatic U.S. citizenship. 

At some point, we must make our country inhospitable to illegal aliens and make it impossible for them to work here, through strong laws with heavy consequences for employers who hire illegal aliens. And put people in place who will actually enforce those laws. 

The Democrats have even recently attempted to sneak blanket amnesty for eight million illegal aliens into the $3.5 trillion spending bill, but fortunately for America, Elizabeth MacDonough, the Senate parliamentarian, blocked it from being considered. In prior amnesty bills, America usually saw supposed firm new requirements for illegal immigrants before they could receive green cards, along with strong border security measures to prevent the need for further amnesties; but this bill contained no attempt at any such balance, gave the Homeland Security Director great latitude in allowing anyone entry into America, and offered straight amnesty at a time of great upheaval.

Depending on the poll one accesses, the number of Americans who oppose illegal immigration and support border security has hovered between 69.3% and 73% from 2014 to the present, if for a litany of varied and numerous expressed reasons. The American people have the political will to seal and safeguard our borders and our national security, but we lack leaders, and we are currently controlled by an illegitimate regime pursuing its own political agenda, regardless of what the people actually want and demand. Simultaneously, Press Secretary Jen Psaki and numerous other White House staffers posit one new lie after the next and run for the cover of Susan Rice, Biden’s director of the Domestic Policy Council, the real policy maker behind the scenes, who is a racist, a commie, and the best friend to America’s enemies.   

No matter how badly one might feel for the plight of those flocking to the border, we all must ask the question: Why haven’t they previously applied to enter America legally? When we asks this question, one begins to understand just why this situation is so critical. They knew they had something in their background that would normally find them rejected. 

Although race politics are being injected into this issue, and we know Biden supports the anti-white, anti-American Critical Race Theory being taught in every sector of U.S. society, more than this, it simply comes down to his and his party’s desire to move the country into a complete authoritarian socialist model by drawing people from countries where these sorts of ideologies currently flourish. By changing America’s demographics rapidly and nearly overnight, or so it seems, Biden and his regime will successfully disenfranchise many current voters and natural born Americans who have spent their entire lives in America. 

I get sick of hearing how we’re “a nation of immigrants”. We are a nation that was colonized by our ancestors, and most of the Americans living here today were born here and have lived here all their lives, and while we find many new second and third generation Americans too, most of their parents were legal immigrants who arrived through channels prescribed by U.S. law. Bringing in hordes of illegal aliens who will one day vote lessens the political power of the real Americans, and most American patriots just aren’t willing to abide by it. 

The bottom line? These illegal aliens are breaching our borders illegally at will. They were not invited here, at least not by the majority of Americans. They aren’t welcome here, if all Americans were to speak honestly, and they haven’t any right whatsoever to be here. They must be sent back immediately to wherever they came from, or find their way to another country of their liking.

Bear in mind that many of the current Haitian “refugees” were living quite comfortably for many previous years in Chile. And now, ironically, the very few single men who have been deported are returning to a place they haven’t seen in years and that was recently devastated by an earthquake and thrown into political turmoil by the assassination of its president. 

This situation cannot be allowed to continue, but the lunatics of the Biden regime have allowed hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens to enter the U.S. each month since taking office. The Biden regime is not following any law one can recognize, instead it is making up new rules on the fly to justify an uncontrolled massive influx of illegal aliens, largely without any scrutiny or proper vetting process. Biden and his criminal cronies are violating U.S. law, because they can, and no one yet seems able or capable of stopping them, since they hold most of the power at the moment and too many willing activist judges are in their pocket just waiting to do their bidding; the very ones who repeatedly stymied President Trump’s efforts to secure the border and stem the tide of illegal immigration. 

Our entire border should be guarded by an electric fence up to certain points designated for legal crossing. Short of that, until such time a strong pro-America government is elected, if elections can be salvaged, it has been shown that the border can be fairly well secured through the proper application of manpower and technology, during the Trump administration. And this highlights the importance of ridding America of the Biden regime just as soon as humanly possible, for the sake of all Americans and the future of the country, in order that we may remain a free society. 

And in the meantime, the Southern Border is wide open.

Joe Biden has broken every aspect of any social contract that may have existed between the federal government and the American people, and “the rule of law” no longer exists in this nation. In the absence of any actual enforcement of existing U.S. law, immigration law and otherwise, each individual has a legal and moral right to act as necessary to defend his property and life, and the lives of his friends, family, and community. This situation frees anyone who lives near these border areas and other Americans across the country, who hate the current abuse at the hands of Biden, to take their firearms to any and all areas of the southern border most in need, with or without the cooperation of sheriff’s departments and their state’s National Guard, and force these hordes of illegal aliens to stop and turn back to Mexico. 

The Constitution isn’t a suicide pact and neither does it require any of us to sit back and be overrun by any invading force of foreigners while obeying “the law” that a damned illegitimate federally operated regime violates at will. 

By Justin O Smith 

Hailing from the Great State of Tennessee, Justin O. Smith is a patriotic American and regular contributor to The Blue State Conservative whose work has been published by American Thinker and The Rutherford Reader. He can be found on Gab, MeWe, and Clouthub.

Photo by vilaghelyzete at Flickr.

12 thoughts on “Make America Inhospitable to Illegal Aliens: The Constitution Isn’t A Suicide Pact ”

  1. @Nolan Parker … try staying in context. This article wasn’t discussing the ebb and flow of economics surrounding this illegal alien invasion, although both parties are certain to benefit from it. It deals with the here and now and the fact that nobody is doing anything to prevent the border from being broken wide open even further than it already is, if that’s even possible, and it clearly notes that in the absence of law, We the People are left to act according to our own conscience and in a manner that protects our property and our lives, righteously and not really in any contradiction to what the law states, if only Biden was following it.

    II could ask You the same question. Are you stupid in that you don’t seem to understand there are multiple components to the illegal alien issue?

    Yes, to your point, in 2013, America witnessed Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) disappoint America and pander to the Hispanic vote, at a time when millions of Americans were still out of work or under-employed with 50 million on welfare. He declared at CPAC that if the nation’s 30 to 40 million illegal immigrants (official lie states 11 million) want to work in America “then we will find a place for you.”

    In a June 2014 article, by Steve Camarota and Karen Zeigler, illustrated that net job gains from 2000 to 2014 have gone to immigrants, legal and illegal, while natural born U.S. citizens accounted for two-thirds of the growth in the total working age population. And, in conjunction with this, studies like the one conducted by Harvard economist Dr. George Borjas also prove that American workers lose wages from illegal and legal immigration.

    Along with concerns over jobs for U.S. citizens, Americans are concerned over a dangerous disease problem. And now we see thousands of Haitians dispersed across the country, from Chicago to New Jersey and on to Kansas City, MO and even Nashville, TN, at a time when the federal government is attempting to force parents to inoculate American children with a toxic and dangerous Covid19 “vaccine”. that has paralyzed and killed thousands and is more dangerous in many respects than the supposedly “deadly disease” of Covid.

    Aside from health and economic woes, Americans are also witnessing an increased growth and expansion of third world microcosms in U.S. sovereign territory, due to Progressive multicultural policies and immigrant reluctance to become fluent in the English language. Nearly 62 million U.S. residents speak a foreign language at home, representing 21% of America’s population, with 27 million of this number born in the U.S.

    Why are you not insisting that the U.S. military be deployed to reinforce an overburdened Border Patrol along the southern border and that the U.S. immigration laws be enforced? How much does it cost all of us when a majority of Americans stay silent?

    When, ever, did Americans vote for this?

    Members of both parties, mainly RINOs and Progressives such as Senator Susan Collins (R-ME) and Senator Schumer (D-NY), have supported de facto open borders for decades; however, one true conservative, President Ronald Reagan granted amnesty in 1986 against his own better judgment, on the advice of advisors. Then in a series of memos issued after the 1996 Illegal Immigration Reform and Responsibility Act, a law that sought to curtail illegal immigration, officials in both the Clinton and Bush administrations established guidelines and limits for when authorities could exercise leniency in dealing with illegal aliens. And if these years proved anything, America learned that any hint of amnesty always catalyzes illegal immigration.

    A normal government would halt these illegal aliens, the drug mules entering with the UACs (documented) and violent interventions by the Mexican military helicopters directed against plainly marked U.S. Border Patrol vehicles, as it worked to halt the other dire threats to public health and safety. A normal government would be mobilizing deportation efforts immediately and returning these illegal aliens to their home countries, which would be less costly than keeping them here in the U.S.

    An Open Borders policy and any actual or de facto amnesty to illegal immigrants in a welfare state, such as ours, is an economic disaster of epic proportions. The U.S. is over $30 trillion in debt right now. Adding over a million people into our entitlement programs each year while granting amnesty to between 8 and 40 million illegal aliens currently residing her would be devastating to our economy., an economy already devastated and perched on the edge of total collapse at the moment.

    An attempt to destroy our borders forever more is still underway as “elite” liberals from both parties, Marxist and Maoist Radicals, backed by U.S. and global billionaires, seek to force American citizens towards a regional and then global governance. They present America a false solution on the pretext it serves America’s interests and does not harm our society at large, for their own self-interest, and these members of Congress, who are supposed to represent Americans, not illegal aliens, are eroding and undermining the sanctity of the entire legal system and, by extension, our Republic.

    This is no longer about any ebb and flow of economics. What is happening today is an all out attack on the capitalist system in favor of communist command and control economics. Biden and Marx Inc are perpetrating this invasion in classic fashion, as they implement the Cloward & Piven machination of overloading our system and forcing it to collapse, which will open the way for them to usher in a complete authoritarian socialist regime and the “economics” of Marx, as found in Das Kapital”.

    Any sane person intuitively knows that the culture, the law, the stability and the economics of a nation are endangered by massive illegal immigration, especially if that immigration is comprised of a culture that is inherently in opposition to the existing culture. Any normal, reasonable and prudent person instinctively knows that if the make-up of those illegally immigrating to another nation are culturally poor in income levels, job skills, education and hygiene, the cost to the existing population will be a huge, growing and dangerous burden. To allow massive illegal immigration to continue, without trying to stop or impede it, is an affront to the living population and makes a mockery out of the rule of law. To establish sanctuaries for illegal aliens, whether by government or religious organizations, openly and blatantly violates the rights of legal citizens. Those political or religious leaders who are proponents of massive illegal immigration, open borders and illegal alien sanctuaries are traitors to the nation and its people, and they should be summarily fired, charged, prosecuted and placed in prison.

    In regard to U.S. immigration policy and the current flood of illegal aliens into the United States, the only issue one must consider is whether the U.S. is to be a nation governed by the rule of law or by despotism and Biden’s decrees, which do not consider anything other than manipulating the American people and holding power for the Marxofascist Progressive Movement, that calls itself “the Democratic Party”. Biden and his regime have shown unbelievable temerity, when it involves breaking immigration law, any law for that matter, and his administration has violated the American people’s trust with malice and purposeful, criminal nefarious intent. A heavy price must be exacted and executed against them all for what is tantamount to treason against the United States.

    ~ Justin O Smith

  2. I’ve WATCHED as the schools were sabotaged . I’ve WATCHED as the economy has been played with. Do you REALLY THINK that the people who made the policies that drove our jobs overseas DIDN’T profit from it? Are you stupid? Every ebb and flow of economics is an opportunity for those
    In the Knooow..

  3. I think it should be made known they will not be getting any freebies period. So if they want to stay here and be treated like dirt come on over. They should be shunned by all Americans not given special treatment as they are already getting. Enough is enough, our kids are put to the back of the line at school while these illegals get interpreters, prayer rooms with prayer mats where they can leave any time they want to pray. Do Christians get that hell no!! I am sick of me and our kids becoming second class citizens so they can be made first class citizens, They will commit horrific crimes and walk free, they will be turning your towns into hell holes. Enough already.

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