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Week In Review: Petito, Haitians, and Maricopa

The disappearance of Gabby Petito steals headlines from bigger stories, a swarm of locusts Haitians invades an inner-country border town, and the Maricopa County audit sizzles out.

1. In true American form, drama over the death of a social media “star” attracts more concern and interest than 15,000 Haitians (Haitians!) in the middle of Texas and other actual problems.

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  • I have a young daughter. I think my world would effectively end if something ever happened to her, so I don’t say any of what follows to minimize the immeasurable and irrecoverable pain suffered by her parents right now. Every death is a tragedy.
  • Having said that, it is her family’s tragedy, not America’s. I did not know Gabby, had never seen anything she ever produced, and am not particularly enthralled or impressed by a budding social media career that highlights van life. She was probably a terrific human being but her life and loss have no direct impact on me or this nation. 
  • The coverage of this story is not unusual; the media is often attracted to murder mysteries. I am not even saying there shouldn’t not be coverage. I simply want to observe that the dumbing of America happens one Gabby Petito at a time. How many Americans are upset by – or even remember, for that matter – the botched, deadly, and idiotic withdrawl from Afghanistan and then how many Americans can tell you about Gabby’s life story? How many more Americans know where her body was found than where the port of entry is located for the confounding presence of so many Haitians? More Americans, especially that suburban white mom bloc, are probably crying over Gabby than they are murdered soldiers in Kabul. I get the concept of escapism, but escapism only works when there is still attachment to reality. Permanent escapism is no longer escapism, it’s merely a reflection and rendering of limited intellectual capabilities.
  • American society is undoubtedly dumber than ever. The most profitable cinematic experiences are empty Marvel movies that have flashy scenes. The most-watched television shows are trashy and propagandist pieces like The Bachelor or Grey’s Anatomy, or whatever Netflix original is getting pushed in a given week. I still point to Biden and Newsom as Exhibit A of peoples’ lowered IQs – no one in a sane and intelligent world sees those buffoons as upgrades. When Petito is the leading news story, well, it’s par for the depressing trajectory that we are on.
  • I have heard conservative pundits mention that this is the failure of police and the FBI, who did not intervene earlier enough in Petito’s domestic assault against Laundrie. Fair point, and the double standard of women hitting men needs to end immediately. Whatever punishment a man would get for hitting a woman, women deserve the same. To the larger point of this being avoidable – you know what is avoidable? Not hurting other people. As always, this is indicative of a society in decay. At the end of the day, the only people responsible for Petito and Laundrie are, you guessed it, Petito and Laundrie. How about they not hit and kill each other?
  • Joy Reid and Don Lemon have said a lot of stupid things over their somehow-still-retained careers, and their coverage on this story still sinks to new depths. Without ever missing a chance to bring up race, they made sure to hector their viewers that the only reason America cares about this was not that it’s a sad story, but because the deceased is a pretty white girl. So much white supremacy; thanks for pointing that out, Joy and Don. This duo is absolutely vile and disgusting, not to mention low functioning.
  • Honestly, the way things work in the media, I am also waiting for Ron De Santis to get pulled into this. How hard is it to imagine this scenario:
    • News anchor: “And now, an exclusive update on the death of Gabby Petito. Chad joins us live on assignment.”
    • Reporter: “Thanks, Karen. Yes, the suspected murderer abandoned the body in Wyoming and furtively drove back to his parents’ home in Florida near North Port where they allegedly helped him evade detection and capture.”
    • Anchor: “Why is Florida always in the news for the wrong reasons?”
    • Reporter: “Well, Karen, one time Governor Ron De Santis reaffirmed the ideal of the two-parent nuclear family. Look how that worked out here; his parents harbored a fugitive. There is also speculation that the Laundrie family took a vacation to Mar-A-Lago once, and you know who lives there…”
    • Anchor: “Thanks for your diligence, Chad.”
  • And this is how we end up with Joe Biden.

2. What the mainstream media intentionally fails to discuss as a result of Gabby Petito’s murder mystery is that Del Rio, Texas is quickly becoming the exemplar of how not to handle immigration policy and engage with foreign nations.

  • Any conversation about Democrats and immigration has to be focused on the immorality of it. There are zero reasons to flood this country with low-skilled, low-English people that often do not share our values. Are many of them good people? Would I do the same if I were them? Irrelevant; our federal government has both a legal and moral obligation to defend this country. Democrats not only abdicate this responsibility, they openly encourage the flood of human migration. The left is evil.
  • To be sure, many establishment Republicans hold as much blame as well. Donald Trump told us he would build a wall, and he got stonewalled by his own party. The GOP RINOS unfortunately control the consevative political movement right now, and own this problem to an extent. But – and this is a critical but – we would not be in this position without explicit Democrat support of open borders. Did I say the left is evil?
  • The current Haitian situation is noteworthy and absurd because of the geographical realities. Haiti is an island country in the Caribbean. It is 1,600 miles from the Texas coast. Del Rio is a border town 800 miles inland from the Gulf of Mexico. Not only do they have to leave their tiny island, but then they have to traverse hundreds of miles to one of several border crossings. Why Del Rio?
  • The left’s favorite global body – the U.N. – has stated that a refugee is allowed asylum in a neighboring country. Aside from wondering why anyone listens to the U.N., how are Haitians entering through Mexico even remotely close to fitting this category of asylum seeker? Traveling east would get them in the Dominican Republic. We could stop right there; why don’t all refugees go there, and why does the United States get a bad rap from the left? Talk to the D.R. and call it a day. North of Haiti is Turks and Caicos; south is whatever, and due west is both Cuba and Jamaica. Forgetting the most obvious choices, then they decide to end up in Mexico. At no point is America responsible for these people. Is that so hard to understand?
  • Democrats run on a platform of empathy and compassion, but in practice they only cause cruelty and suffering. Immigration is no different. Telling millions of desperate people they won’t be taken in immediately ends most immigration crises. It would limit sailing across oceans or walking across inhospitable terrain. It would limit living in camps where disease and crime spread rampantly. It would limit human trafficking. Also not discussed is that these people are coming here for a reason. How long does this reason exist if America ceases to function on account of being overrun? IAsk every leftist you know: How are open borders good for anybody again?
  • They also promise stupidity. When asked by Peter Doocy in the press briefing room about why all of these migrants don’t need Covid testing or vaccines, Jen Psaki responded by suggesting they don’t plan to stay for very long. She’s an imbecile, but so are 80 million alleged Americans that voted for this. Conservatives can no longer write parodies of the left because it wouldn’t even get close to what they do on their own.
  • Without a defined and protected border, America is no longer a sovereign nation. I fear there are other reasons that may be true, but this specific problem is quickly solved. Build a gigantic wall, tell everyone they won’t be taken in, and deny chain migration if someone does slip through. There, I solved the problem in however long it took to write this paragraph. 
  • Though I saw headlines indicating Governor Abbot sent his own forces to help out the depleted Border Patrol folks, I am just going to assume it wasn’t enough. I want a national divorce, and what better way to initiate that than for Texas to preserve the sanctity of Texan rights and protect its citizens by shutting down its own borders. Screw the feds – our national divorce will not happen by signing legal documents in a courthouse. It will happen when states start acting in their own best interest and ignore the swamp creatures’ diktats. 

3. After months of review, preparation, and delay, the Maricopa County audit of the 2020 presidential election confirms everyone’s preconceived notions.

  • Anyone looking to confirm their position of election fraud from the 2.1 million-ballot recount in Arizona’s largest county  had their position affirmed from the results. Biden’s tally grew by a minuscule amount against Trump, but at the same time there was little to verify by way of the tens of thousands of ballots mailed to (and from) prior addresses of registered voters.
  • I commend the individuals that saw this recount through, but I don’t think I ever gave it much of a chance. The results are what they are, but even if they proved 250,000 fraudulent votes swung the outcomes, what would come from it? The leftist talking heads would merely point to the fact that nothing was determined definitively to counteract their narrative, while those like me would never accept what those talking heads tell us.
  • It is hard to accept the election results from 2020 at face value. Do I believe fraud exists in most big elections? Yes. Do I believe the Democrat machine would cheat to win at all costs? A resounding yes. Do I believe that Trump is the most despised human being – even more than child rapists and murderers – on the left? An unqualified yes. 
  • Even more than just hypothetical musings, there were so many unprecedented features that it boggles the mind how many things had to line up for Trump to lose fairly. Many have written about them, but Michael Flynn provided ten major areas in a piece for The Western Journal. They include:
    • Trump carried 18/19 bellwether counties – he picked up counties that have predicted electoral victories going as far back as 1936.
    • Trump carried four vital bellwether states (Iowa, North Carolina, Florida, and Ohio). Not since 1896 in thirteen previous elections has a candidate won all four and not gone on, or returned, to the White House.
    • Trump gained an astounding (and record) 11 million more votes than 2016. You have to go back to the 1800s to find this phenomenon (for comparison, Obama lost 3 million votes in 2012).
    • Down-ballot voting was completely one sided for Republican candidates. How does it make sense that Donald Trump lost when every other Republican candidate did not? The House picked up swing districts, for example.
    • As it pertains specifically to Maricopa County, somehow Trump added a record 248,000 votes to his 2016 performance (which saw him winning by 3% over Clinton) and lost. Joe Biden increased the Democrat vote total by 338,000, which was enough to squeak out a win in the historically-red district.
    • Trump allegedly cut into the black vote, Hispanic vote, and maintained his white vote. How does someone increase or sustain every voting bloc and therefore not take away from his opponent? 
  • Flynn concludes his piece with the same logic I wanted to use in a separate bullet point. The fact that critics keep calling this election “the most secure in history” would be evidence enough for me that this election was, in fact, not secure. I seem to recall hearing that vaccines are super safe and super effective and we should all get them because it’s vital to protect other people that got them too. Whenever tyrants start dealing in absolutes, that is more than enough for me to stop believing. Throw in everything else that had to line up, and well, this election has a gigantic asterisk.
  • Add on to this that just four years prior, Democrats could not scream loudly and often enough about the inherent flaws in the system that somehow enabled Russia to prop up the Putin-spooning Trump campaign. I am not aware of any systemic changes made to our voting procedures to tighten them up since 2016; on the other hand, I did see tens of millions of unrequested ballots zoom through the mail. You would have to be an utter fool to believe that this election was clean, let alone “the cleanest.”
  • I hope other states push forward with their audits, because the alternative is not auditing and just accepting the results. That admits and concedes defeat. More than anything else, though, we need massive conservative turnout in future elections. I expect Dems to cheat here on out; the only ballast to that fraud is more of our votes. Lots of them. We can no longer sit at home. California was secondarily disappointing because Newsom won, but primarily disappointing because so many opposed his policies and ideology and did nothing about it. How does the “yes to recall” vote get just 4.7 million votes in a state with over 5 million registered Republicans and over 21 million total registered voters? Apathy, not cheating, will be this nation’s ultimate downfall.