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The Media Buries the Bodies

The Mainstream Media is laughing at Republicans bringing attention to the reality of the situation. The crime rate is exploding. Homicide rates are soaring. Defund the Police is not working. Gun Control is not working. Emptying the prisons is not working. Arresting and prosecuting fewer criminals is not working. Democrats are failing the safety and security of not just big cities but every city and town in America.

This is not rocket science. The Democrats are concentrating their efforts on taking legal guns out of the hands of legal gun owners, and doing so as gun violence in cities like New York and Chicago are becoming shooting galleries. The most significant rise of crime is black-on-black violence. Gang violence is driving the increase in homicide numbers. Talking heads like Joy Reid and Don Lemon can mock Republicans, but neither will admit the data is correct. They want to deflect away from reality. It doesn’t work, and it makes these people look foolish.

Obviously, these people would rather talk about climate change than real issues like the pandemic, a porous Southern Border, Fentanyl overdoses and deaths, and yes, the crime epidemic. Climate change is cool and talking about it makes you woke and attractive to the people who have their heads in the sand. It is disturbing how divisive we have become, and much of that divide results from a news media that has chosen sides. The MSM has aligned itself with the Democrat Party instead of being the watchdog for the people. Depending on which network is your source for news, your understanding and view can differ from someone who chooses another source. This is how opinion programming works but not how news reporting should.

When the subject is crime and crime rates in America, we have two diametrically opposed views. CNN, MSNBC, and the broadcast networks are downplaying the thought that crime is on the rise and mock anyone who feels differently. Those of us who dig into the facts know the reality of homicides and gun violence is on, not just a rise, but a sharp rise. To admit the facts would not support the Defund the Police movement of the radical left.

The MSM is leaning more towards the AOCs of Washington than Joe Manchin. They should not be leaning either way. They should be blind to politics and call it straight. Can we get back on track? Maybe, but it will take the dollars of the free market to force the pendulum back to the middle.

We have noticed a trend since the Afghanistan fiasco. The networks have started to ask more challenging questions. They are showing they may be ready to jump off the Biden / Harris bandwagon. They must for self-preservation. The Biden Administration is showing they can turn any issue into bad decisions and poor policies. If the networks continue to speak the daily talking points, it is their credibility that will suffer. Their viewers may be left-leaning, but they are not blind. They see that this presidency is imploding, and the networks need to come back to the center.

The CNN and MSNBC viewers are more diehard. The talking heads on these cable outlets can continue to look foolish to the right as long as they keep the liberals believing their words. Rachel Maddow has been spewing garbage for years and is about to sign a new contract worth $35 million a year. This shows there is big money in garbage. Just ask one of your Mafia buddies.

By Ray Cardello

Ray Cardello is a patriotic, conservative blogger at A Conservative View from New Hampshire who believes America is strong enough to keep us on track but making folks aware of the truth is essential to a successful and prosperous future for us all.

Image by Tayeb MEZAHDIA from Pixabay 

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