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From Bad To Worse: New York, We Miss You

We first need to understand that there are two New Yorks. There is New York City, which used to be the biggest and best city in the world. Then there is the rest of New York that is everything outside of the Big Apple. One state but two parts that could not be more different. The sad thing for Albany, Syracuse, Buffalo, and even Plattsburgh up in the beautiful North Country is that they have to be associated with Manhattan and the other boroughs. New York may be geographically a conservative state, but because of The City, they are as woke and liberal as AOC and Kirsten Gillibrand.

New York just survived their Governor’s fall, as Andrew Cuomo let his hands and mouth destroy his political future. Just a year ago, he was America’s Governor and thought about as a future President. All the women Cuomo had verbally and physically assaulted in his power-driven career had other ideas. They derailed him and sent him packing from the Governor’s Mansion in disgrace. The folks of New York are in no better shape today as their new Governor, Kathy Hochul, is proving that the term of the first female Governor of New York may be her last.

The current situation, with her imposing vaccine mandates on healthcare workers, is proving to be volatile. Dozens of hospital workers have resigned from their positions rather than get vaccinated. These are the same people that were lauded as heroes last year for helping New York weather the COVID storm. This year, they are a political pariah. These resignations are causing a shortage of human resources in New York hospitals that the new Governor plans to fill with the National Guard and early graduates from medical schools.

The Democrats continue to muddy the water with their inconsistent message about the vaccines. They work, they don’t work. You need a booster, you don’t. You are safe if vaccinated, you still need to wear a mask. It is confusing and changes frequently. 

There are great states in this country with much to offer. Democrat control and dysfunctional governing have turned people away from these gems. New York and California will both lose a Congressional district during the next redistricting. Those people are moving to Texas and Florida, where the quality of life is superior and affordable.

When are voters going to smarten up and stop putting these Democrats in charge? In truth, New York did not plan on Hochul being Governor, but the lower ticket matters. There is no way that Biden will last the final three years of his presidency. Welcome, President Kamala Harris. How is that for a thought to keep you up nights?

The final note on Governor Hochul involves her comparison to Jesus. I’m not exaggerating as Governor Hochul preached from a pulpit in Brooklyn on Sunday that citizens should be thankful to God for the COVID-19 vaccines, which she claimed were divinely inspired. She urged her listeners to be her “apostles” by convincing their friends to get vaccinated, an act she said demonstrates the love Jesus commanded his followers to exhibit.

Hochul then showed off her necklace that indicated her vaccination status before alleging those who refuse the COVID-19 vaccine “aren’t listening to God and what God wants.” This is from a woman who has no issue with confidence. She has an overblown image of her existence, and being moved into the Governor’s Mansion has been a boon to her ego. This will be a fun Governor’s term to watch. Hang on.

By Ray Cardello

Ray Cardello is a patriotic, conservative blogger at A Conservative View from New Hampshire who believes America is strong enough to keep us on track but making folks aware of the truth is essential to a successful and prosperous future for us all.

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2 thoughts on “From Bad To Worse: New York, We Miss You

  1. Ray, I also was apalled at this losers self comparison to GOD. How could she do that… I agree about observation it’s a great state that’s been destroyed by liberals. I live in the most beautiful place in the world and the politics couldn’t be uglier, some people want to split the state, I don’t know if that’ll work… Businesses leaving, my friends are leaving, MANY of the retirees are leaving ( taking their taxpayer- funded pensions with them) it can’t be good in the long run. imagine if we had a Conservative, capitalistic, normal “American” leadership here?


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