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The Immoral Difference Between Canadian And Mexican Border Crossings

I live in a northern border state to Canada and just recently learned how restrictive border crossings are for vacationing Americans. I figured it was tight, but I didn’t know exactly how rigid it got. I assume many Americans aren’t fully aware of this either and wanted to shed some light. We are all fed up with the southern border situation, but when compared to other countries’ practices it is downright evil what is being perpetrated here at home. 

First, a little history. Until August of 2021, Canada’s border was shut down entirely to Americans crossing by land. This is not hyperbole – it was fully closed. Canada got to say no to us and we gladly accepted their sovereign right. I have two compatriot acquaintances who are married to Canadian women, and they were not even allowed to visit. Sit on this: One of these people did not see his wife for a full year because of enacted Covid policies. 

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Since the “reopening” of the border, here are a few of the demands being placed on American vacationers:

  • Full vaccinated (full vaccination occurs after 14 days of the (so far) second dose.
  • Negative Covid-19 test within 72 hours
  • The downloading of a passport where all of this (and presumably more) information is stored. This is called the ArriveCAN.
  • A forceful reminder that all Covid measures be obeyed, including masking in all public places and carrying the Covid passport.

Failure to abide results in refusal of entry. I bring all of this up because I recently spoke to a neighbor who had just returned from a Canadian fishing trip. He was rightly thrilled about the quality fishing, which includes catching hundreds of walleye, northern pike, and bass. Even the non-fishing types would enjoy dropping in a line and immediately reeling in a fighter. Being me, I also asked how the border crossing went. What was it like? What did they demand? How was it for you?

Appallingly, this neighbor celebrated the smooth process. It was easy to house all of his private, medical information in the government’s monitored app, he said. It made sense to demand proof of vaccination, he said. He thought he had freedom of movement into Canada to go fishing; never mind that he jumped through hoops never before imagined in a free country’s history. Did the irony of demanding both vaccination and a negative Covid-19 test bother him?

I wish I had more time with him, but he was putting his boat away.

Canada recently retained the black-wannabe Justin Trudeau as their Prime Minister. They apparently like totalitarianism. I’ve never been super high on democracies anyways, because people are too emotional and uneducated, so you get what you vote for. In defense of Canada, they are an independent country and as such can make up whatever rules they want. Shut down borders? Go right ahead. I wish everyone would extend that logic to its conclusion, where other countries get to do the same thing without aspersions of racism and xenophobia hurled asunder.

Is it because Canada and America are both majority white that no one blinks an eye? I assume that the same reason why Canada can say no to America on a national level is the same reason on an individual level why cisgender, heterosexual, white, Christian men can be attacked endlessly and be forced to take it sideways. (Just for the record, I hate that I had to write that last sentence, but it makes my point.) Paradoxically, the ones being accused of having the power are always the most powerless to fight back against the anti-culture.

As it pertains to Mexico, I don’t think I can add anything to the conversation about the current openly encouraged and actively ignored illegal immigration from the southern border. We can’t even have border patrol agents looking at a black Haitian or brown Guatemalan without Biden-backed accusations of torture and trauma. We are not allowed to build a wall (which, from a humanitarian standpoint, would save lives); we are not allowed to turn people away en masse; we are not allowed to point to the worthless-but-leftist-worshipped guidance on asylum-seeking (namely, you go to the next country over); we are not allowed to house people to figure out their identities; nor are we allowed to ask people once they’re here if they should be here.

The fourth bullet point listed above demands that American travelers – travelers, mind you, not permanent alien residents – adhere to all Covid protocols. An American caught without a mask or passport would be sent home and their name likely put on a do-not-return list. Illegal aliens can’t even have their immigration status questioned. 

However, and here is where the Covid insanity hits its peak, we do not check for any negative test, status of vaccination, or request that they follow this country’s laws. When it comes to immigration, at the height of an alleged pandemic, we neither ask nor compel would-be illegals to present any of this information. 

Putting the two borders with Canada and Mexico side by side, we can learn two lessons immediately from this. First, Covid is not a perceived threat. (For promising portents, Norway is reclassifying Covid as just another respiratory ailment and moving on). Our southern border actions confirm that the government is not actually worried about Covid. Second, the porous environment is explained only by nefarious motivations. We easily have the capabilities and manpower to lock it down and we choose not to. 

America is being intentionally lied to and destroyed. When will we finally take notice and take it back?

9 thoughts on “The Immoral Difference Between Canadian And Mexican Border Crossings”

  1. Parker, outstanding article. I also live on the Canadian border and do enter Canada often as an essential worker. As an essential worker the entries have been fairly simple and routine, ironically they do not require any of the protocols be checked off except passport and reason for entry. The southern border is an absolute train wreck.
    I am so pissed about this…I lay in bed at night thinking about it, it makes me insane… How do we take our country back? Why isn’t a border is a border is a border?

  2. I am a Canadian that used to frequently cross the border for both business and pleasure. For 18 months I have not been allowed to. Canada has tough controls on Americans, but America DOES NOT ALLOW land crossings at all from Canada. Both countries are totally cuckoo! U.S. bars Canadian tourists from entering but welcomes thousands of unvetted illegal immigrants from the Mexico border? WTF??? I should also say that I stage a convention every summer near Chicago. It’s been cancelled the last two years, and now it looks like I will not be allowed into the country so will likely cancel again. Three strikes and I quit. Who loses? All the Americans (thousands) that love attending my show and also the American economy, the hotels the vendors, the airlines, the restaurants, and the shops that all benefit from what I do. Multiply my situation by who-knows-how-many. Governments are killing us; is this the future we’re willing to settle for? I’m older and can retire… what are the young people going to have? Enjoy the tyranny, people, it’s just beginning.

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