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Month In Review: The Five Biggest Stories From September

Another month – only Biden’s eighth complete month, depressingly – has come and gone. Each day produces news stories, bombshells, and sensations, but here is what matters the most from September.

Story #1: The Supreme Court decides not to hear the Texas abortion law, allowing it to go into effect.

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In one of the biggest advancements in the right-to-life, pro-life, and anti-murder movement yet seen, Texas craftily wrote a law that took state intervention out of the equation and enabled private enforcement of abortion restrictions. To be sure, the language of the law could easily become the focus of leftist run-arounds of the Constitution (think: gun laws), but for the time being this is a victory for everyone who cherishes human life. Other states like Florida are correctly copycatting this, and while the Supreme Court declined to hear arguments for the Texas law, they will be taking on a Mississippi case that seeks to ban abortions after fifteen weeks in the coming session. 

I am glad abortion (simply a euphemism for murder) is back in the headlines for all of the right reasons. For too long – namely, five decades – the conservative side has largely capitulated against the claims that this is a decision of the mother. This could not be further from the truth, and we are starting to see some real arguments shaping up. This is not about the mother at all; it is about the innocent life being destroyed, horrifically at that. As pushback occurs, we are also getting a glimpse into the depravity of those who support it; recently, a bunch of know-nothing, self-centered brats representing female athletics submitted an amicus curiae alleging that a woman’s choice to murder a baby would determine their ability to compete professionally and make money. Not only is the defense of baby murder indefensible, but now we see how it is purely motivated out of greed and selfishness. 

Story #2: American forces complete their tumultuous and deadly withdrawal from Afghanistan.

Not only is this one of the biggest stories of the month, it will easily remain one of the biggest stories of the year. After twenty years of a debatable conflict and presence in Afghanistan, Joe Biden calamitously abandoned our allies, bases, equipment, and prestige in a hasty and deadly retreat from the Middle East. In direct opposition to Donald Trump’s efforts to bring greater peace and stability to a backwards region of the world, Biden ignored both the terms of withdrawal and, as we are now learning from Senate hearings, the recommendations of his military advisors. He and his administration blatantly lied to the American people and, worst of all, more American soldiers  – to say nothing of the immense human cost to allied Afghanis – have died in just this month than did previously for the past year and a half.

Incompetent or not, there is no ignoring the fact that intentional decisions are being made against the best interests of this nation. As with the border crisis, the events in Afghanistan were not the result of poor planning or shortsightedness. Everything the political left’s leadership does is with a purpose; in the case of Afghanistan, we can presume one or more of the following reasons for the abysmal pullout:

  • Distract from other serious news (and whatever the news might be, it worked).
  • Appease the farthest-left portion of the Democrat Party.
  • Surrender the region to China for debts or keeping secrets against the Biden family.
  • Do anything to hurt American prestige and influence

In retrospect, the mission in Afghanistan was one of those stories entirely narrated by the media. Until this embarrassment, I did not realize no service members had died since February of 2020. I did not realize the cost was a mere $40 billion (compared to the cost of equipment, technology, and infrastructure, as well as future missions, this seems cheap). I did not realize Bagram was our last major base in the entire region. I did not realize the sacrifices made by the Afghan military. Again, the country could have afforded the price tag and minimal presence of 2,500 troops. That Biden chose not to reveal evil motivations. 

Making matters worse, instead of being in Afghanistan, we are now bringing Afghanistan to us. How many hundreds of thousands of these people do we need to take in? Again, as with the border situation, it’s all related and it’s all by design.

Story #3: The California gubernatorial recall election predictably disappoints.

What else is there to say about this? Larry Elder is a great man who, in an honest and decent world, would be the next governor of California. For the past twenty years, I have tuned in to The Great Elderski on his radio program and listened in awe as he spouted off facts, logic, and common sense faster than Gavin Newsom can release violent, convicted felons back onto the streets or hand out clean needles to addicts. I heard the future that Elder articulated both on his program and during his campaign, and just wonder how that doesn’t resonate with everyone.

Forget about me, though. Even if someone hadn’t heard of Elder or knew what he stood for, what’s the risk of replacing the shallow and stupid Newsom? Channeling my inner-Donald, I ask: What do they have to lose? People are so effectively brainwashed into believing anyone with an (R) attached to their name or advocating for personal responsibility is the bad guy that it is difficult to see how this pendulum swings back toward the center. It’s too bad, because California is simply the rest of America in ten to fifteen years.

The ingenuity of leftist’s tropes was also on full display during Elder’s campaign, and none of us should be quick to forget it. In American history, there is a very short list of black governors. Elder would have been the first black governor in the most left-leaning state in the Union. Aren’t we constantly reminded that skin color matters most? That whites should step aside? That we should focus on immutable characteristics like race? By leftist standards, Larry Elder should have been a shoe-in candidate. Instead, he was accused of being the black face of white supremacy and the media defended a deranged white woman in an ape mask after she threw an egg at his head. 

Story #4: Joe Biden issues long-expected vaccine mandates for much of the country.

Americans voted for Joe Biden on the idiotic notion that he would return dignity, empathy, and freedom to the country after four years of alleged brutishness, callousness, and fascistic tendencies from his predecessor. My only question for every duped loser is: How is this working out for you? It’s too optimistic to think people realize they have been lied to, and in fact, it is Biden and the political left that embraces each of the Trump-accused qualities, but we only need a plurality of eligible voters, not all of them, to wake up.

I hate to say that you get what you vote for, but Obama was correct when he observed that elections have consequences. I do not like the “one person, one vote” system we currently have. As with Churchill, who observed that a democratic republic is the best option among only bad options, I accept our circumstances only because nothing else exists or is on the horizon that improves upon this. I will constantly write about how we can make it better, so here are a few starting points:

  • Raise the federal voting age to at least 25, the minimum age to serve in the U.S. House of Representatives. 
  • Require a civics test to demonstrate basic awareness and knowledge of America’s founding documents, ideals, and current issues.
  • If we do not abolish the federal income tax, then every voter must be expected to pay into the system. Without any literal buy in, citizens do not need a voice.
  • Disallow any outside contributions to campaigns and provide every candidate with the same federally-assigned dollar amount.
  • Election day means election day – there are no mail-in ballots, no same-day registrations, no early voting periods, no exceptions. It’d be easier to declare the first Tuesday of November in even years a federal holiday than risk voting integrity.
  • Exceptions can be made for any of these conditions if in military service to this country.

As for the mandate itself, it represents perhaps the final line between accepting the inevitable slide toward irrecoverable dictatorship or active resistance against tyranny. Though it should be held up by the courts, there is distressing precedent in New York and elsewhere using “science” to defend the intrusion of bodily autonomy. The case to which I am referring specifically is the New York City teachers’ union losing its appeal to stop the mandate. New York city hospital employees likewise lost. While I am happy to see unions lose whenever possible, this isn’t a loss I am celebrating. It’s not just their loss; it’s all of our losses. We can only hope that a case makes it to the Supreme Court and appeals are sustained. That, or this country needs to fight back.

Story #5: The Maricopa County recall audit doesn’t move the needle.

I know both sides are using this audit as more “proof” that their claims have greater validity, and it’s easy to see how. On the left, the audit did not explicitly come out and say the results were fraudulent; therefore, the election stands. On the right, the audit also showed how tens of thousands of ballots had worrisome irregularities like different addresses, no proof of identity, etc.; therefore, there is enough room to reasonably question the results. If Joe Biden only “won” by 10,000 votes, serious people can make the claim that only a small percentage of the unverified ballots had to be illegitimate.

At the personal level, I am not sure anyone’s opinions have changed since the audit results were made public. America is so divided, and most people so faithless in the opposing side’s narratives, that the needle was simply not going to move on this. If a ray of hope supported a claim, that ray was going to the focus of every “yeah, but” comment made to counter. This is the state of politics.

Lastly, I didn’t need the audit to prove fraud. I know – we all know – that Democrats cheat in elections. A Project Veritas video had definitive video evidence of Ilhan Omar harvesting ballots and paying dudes to round them up from Somalis in Minneapolis last year. This is blatantly illegal and just one example of countless where it happens. In terms of the 2020 election itself, does it get any more obvious than video cameras catching people running ballots through machines multiple times or pulling out entire crates when no one else is looking? Even without the proof, it is enough for me to know that leftists are, by definition, untethered to moral principles. They will win at any cost because they believe the ends justify the means, and their ends are leadership of supposed moral and virtuous superiority. Moreover, if Trump truly is Satan, then wouldn’t they have to cheat in order to remove him? Would I cheat if I knew it could have gotten Hitler unelected? They don’t operate in reality, so the comparison is false, but the premise of the argument is nevertheless sound.

I know there was fraud and I believe Trump won, but none of that matters. The longer conservatives and the Republican Party focus on this issue, they are losing ground to bigger cultural battles. No one’s mind is being changed by focusing on a deed already done; moving forward, there is more to be gained by focusing on Critical Race Theory, transgender insanity, the unmitigated border disaster, and the general incompetency and corruption of the Biden administration. Then, they need to start implementing some of my proposals from above