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Wokeness: Our Virtuous Betters Lowering Themselves To Point Out Their Superiority

The virtuous generously condescend to speak to their inferiors about their superiority.

Boredom is the normal response to the virtuous pontificator, unfortunately they are quite difficult to evade as they inhabit virtually every cranny of our society.

Virtue signaling and thought control are the basis of current social acceptance for the woke crowd. This creates a need for the trendy new politically correct virtue thesis of the day.  The labeling of the normal citizen as deplorable is the easy way of avoiding critical thought about this new alleged crisis while creating a political motivator for the simple people.

The trauma of being called a racist is the ultimate condemnation and has risen to the top of the evils of  society. These newly virtuous converts to anti-racism wish to trumpet their recently found conversion to everyone.  This requires all normal people to suffer of course.  The valium salesman is laughing all the way to the bank.

Using slang that has been common for generations is now verboten!  Terms such as spic, honky, limey, frog, chink, slope, mick, kraut, Nigerian, camel jockey, faggot, wop, dyke, nerd, jock, and the ultimate insult “you Yankee,” were suddenly a symbol of evil. 

Why should anyone be defensive about being called a racist because of terminology? Every race, nationality or activity has a derogatory nickname. Categorizing people is easy and fast and often in error but it does not necessarily signify hatred, they are frequently used as adjectives. The terms are now used to rally thought which is popular with lefties as they have little other ability therein.

The next steps in the virtue pyramid were quickly introduced.  Diversity is important so that everyone gets a trophy because mommy said I am great.  Ask your doctor or airline pilot at the next opportunity if they use their diversity appointed fellows for their personal care or transportation. 

Another virtue signaling point is that global warming will destroy the world in the year 2100.  (That is the latest update.)  We were instructed that the science revealed that if we did not change our evil ways by 2015, it would be too late, and the planet would be doomed.  Well, at least the disciples shut up about it when they were proved to be in error.  Oops, wrong again.  At least they gained virtue by talking about it.

The previous attempts at societal and thought control by virtue signaling have basically been ignored by the normal people.  The recent flips of the tail have been thrown on the table and been ignored. Virtue was not enough to move control forward.  We are suffering through speeches about  electric cars and solar panels and heat waves.  The lectures about racism have not changed many attitudes.  Laws are forcing some acquiescence but overall, we stumbled onward.  Some simple people are converted at every step, but their virtue is amusing to the regular citizen but has not extended societal control.

The most recent mantra is the Wu-Flu which is the last throw of the dice for global monopolistic control.  You must believe or you will die!  The shrieking of the biddies and old maids has reached incredible heights, but most normal citizens ignore the mandates. Their virtue is self-evident.  Now our government has placed the final card on the table.  Large businesses must vaccinate their employees or not get government contracts.

The thought and behavioral control to which workers are subjected is designed to create compliant serfs both economically and governmentally.  This is the reason the war on small business has accelerated since the flu scam originated. There are too many to be easily controlled. However, the new MBA managerial class lackeys on Wall Street show how they are easily maneuvered in the virtue acceptance game as wages and promotions are dependent on the party line.

“I am virtuous therefore I must be accepted into the group” is a great step towards our political oblivion.

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Madame Defarge is a regular contributor to The Blue State Conservative and a patriotic American offering opinions on issues of the day while working in the biodiesel refinery and clean water industries, internationally focusing on technologies that make cents.

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