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I’ve Never Been To The Border, But I Know I Don’t Like Those Horses

Is this insanity or part of a bigger plan? The Biden Administration is doing everything they can to eliminate our Southern Border. To give Biden credit for a more extensive plan is to give him too much credit. This debacle is the same as Afghanistan, the Pandemic, the Economy, Inflation, or any other sector of the country that Biden has messed up. Biden is in way over his head. He was never able and his degrading mental abilities are failing him, and, as most of us have known, he is not the person for the job. Biden was a mediocre senator who amassed a small fortune by using his position and his equally mediocre son, Hunter.

In addition to the 200,000 illegal aliens crossing our Border every month since Biden took the oath of office, we watched his handling of the 15,000 Haitians that crossed our Border into Del Rio, Texas, over the last few weeks. The Biden team claimed they were surprised by this group of people breaching our Border. We now know that is a lie. The Panama Foreign Minister recorded this week that she had warned Biden of the 15,000 approaching our Border. Biden has yet to respond to her claim. She is now warning us of a group of 60,000 Haitians in transit from her country towards ours, and the total number could be as high as 400,000. Will Biden be ready this time? I doubt it.

There is no way that our Border Patrol can handle 400,000 illegals crossing simultaneously. The Patrol will be overrun, and these people will find their way to every corner of our country. There will be no vetting, we will not know who or where they came from, and they will not be tested for COVID. With the warning we have and the size of this mass of migrants, we should locate them and stop their progress. We should, but will we? Looking at Biden’s track record and the obvious answer is that Biden will do nothing. He will let this enormous group of people breach our Border and then deal with the crisis after the fact. That is not a plan, but that is Biden.

One notable fact discovered this week by Peter Doocy of FOX News is that Joe Biden has never been to our Southern Border. Biden has been in elected office since 1972. He has served as a Senator, Vice President, and President, and in 49 years, he has never found a reason to visit our Southern Border. How could that be possible? Maybe that is why he has no issue with Kamala Harris not visiting the Border even after Biden put her in charge of the Border Crisis early this year.

This lack of effort to visit the Border helps explain Biden’s position after seeing one image of our horseback riding Border Guards attempting to control his steed and the illegal he was trying to stop. He has no first-hand knowledge of the crisis and our various agents’ procedures to patrol the thousands of miles of unprotected crossings. Rather than try to understand what happened, he suspended the use of horses at our Border. With the treacherous terrain, horseback agents were one of our best tools.

We have no timetable for when this latest caravan of foreigners intent on coming to America will arrive. There is no indication that the Biden team is planning on being proactive to stop the migration. That is unfortunate as this is another humanitarian crisis that is about to happen but could be avoided. If not, it will be another failure on the Biden resume.

By Ray Cardello

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Ray Cardello is a patriotic, conservative blogger at A Conservative View from New Hampshire who believes America is strong enough to keep us on track but making folks aware of the truth is essential to a successful and prosperous future for us all.

1 thought on “I’ve Never Been To The Border, But I Know I Don’t Like Those Horses”

  1. It’s all intentional, organized by the WEF, IMF and fellow globalists. Whether you call it the Great Reset or something else, their goal is to weaken the US and establish a single global government with them in charge. It all makes sense once you put the pieces together.

    They’ve increased government spending to insane levels to spur uncontrolled inflation.

    They incentivized people not to work through supplemental payments and caused a labor shortage. Businesses are now forced to increase wages to attract workers and inevitably pass the costs on to us.

    The vaccine mandates add to the labor shortages as workers choose to retire or quit.

    Biden killed our oil independence and shut down a major pipeline causing gas prices to rise causing gas prices to spike and weakening our economy.

    They’re flooding our nation with immigrants causing an additional financial burden on taxpayers and are greatly increasing the labor pool with unskilled workers. This causes wages to drop and hits the poorest among us the hardest.

    The disastrous Afghanistan withdrawal was designed to weaken our status in the Middle East and cause our allies to look elsewhere. In the 70’s we made a deal with Saudi Arabia, and 2 years later with OPEC, to only accept US dollars for barrels of oil. This petrodollar system caused a massive increase in artificial demand for dollars, which allows us to run massive debts and keep interest rates low. In exchange for this deal we offered military equipment and protection to Saudi Arabia. The fiasco in Afghanistan caused the world to question our military capabilities/readiness and reliability as an ally. As a result, Saudi Arabia turned to Russia for military equipment and China replaced us as the major power in the region. Since Saudi Arabia doesn’t need our military equipment anymore, they no longer need to exclusively accept US dollars. If OPEC decides to break the petrodollar agreement we will see massive inflation. *Yes I know this is an overly simplistic example but you get the gist of it.

    The IMF’s goal is to become the world’s bank with their digital currency becoming the world’s global reserve currency. Thus giving them complete control of the money/rates etc. and control of its movement.

    The events listed above are only a small sample of what’s transpiring across the globe to coordinate their Reset. The Covid19 pandemic was the event they took advantage of to begin the execution of their plan. Trudeau has vocalized his support for the Great Reset, Macron, Boris Johnson, Markell, Korea, Spain, Portugal, Norway and many more are in. And Build, Back Better is just another name for the same goal. To create the economic collapse of the US and transfer of its power to the global elites.

    Such a collapse would cause widespread suffering of Americans and cause them to look to their government to save them. That’s when the heroic Democrats step up to solve all our problems and solidify their uniparty. This plan is co-opted by practically every major entity in America. Corporations, MSM, Universities, bureaucracies, Wall Street etc.

    At this point- we know that our President is not in charge. So the only question is does he know he is destroying the nation and handing all power over to a group of unelected, unaccountable elitists, intent on remaking the world in their image?

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