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What Should You Do If Faced With The Vaccine Mandate?

Under this possible scenario, we are far better off leaving the current unvaccinated service members as they are, and not forcing them to be vaccinated with a vaccine that could leave them vulnerable to a biological attack.  At least we would have half of our military capability intact and could mount an effective response.  To do otherwise and force vaccination is tantamount to treason if it would lead to loss of our military forces.

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Is Your Bank Spying On You?

The illegal immigrants that the Biden Administration is releasing are into predominantly red states. The plan is that upon achieving citizen status, these new voters will align with the Left and turn these red states to Purple or Blue. I hope that this backfires. I hope these folks reject a life of Socialism and vote yes for the opportunity and a life based on individual freedoms.

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They Can’t Win if We Won’t Surrender

The pandemic has shown us how important and fragile liberty is.  I’ll never take it for granted again.  I suspect a great number of patriots feel the same way.  We’re seeing an awakening all across America.  It’s starting to go beyond CRT protests and anti-Biden chants.  BLM is even protesting the vaccine mandate!  I’ll bet the Left didn’t see that coming.

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