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They Can’t Win if We Won’t Surrender

I get a fair number of emails along the lines of:  We’ve had our last fair election, it’s hopeless, America is lost.  These disturb me because they represent a faction of conservatism that’s ready to surrender.

The simple fact is that we are at war for the soul of America — though for now, it’s a cold war.  What we are experiencing is not politics as usual.  The two political sides do not share common objectives while differing in their approaches to achieve those objectives.  They have diametrically opposed objectives.  The Left has said that they intend to transform America.  We didn’t want to believe them, but they meant it, and have been acting on it. 

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One of my mentors in the business world was a retired Army colonel.  He gave me two important tidbits of wisdom that are applicable in our current time.  First:  The objective of war is not to kill people and break things, but to break the enemy’s will to resist.  That is precisely what the Left has been doing to us — attempting to break our will.  Second:  War is only ended by the loser, not the winner.  That’s why the pessimist faction of conservatism bothers me the most.  They’re ready to concede, and they’re playing into the Left’s hands.

The Left has been working towards the elimination of our will to resist for many years.  They’ve leveraged the pandemic to curtail our freedoms.  Censorship and deplatforming have been used under the guise of preventing “misinformation.”    Freedom of assembly (churches and political rallies) have been restricted in the name of “social distancing.”  Even property rights have been suspended with forced business closures and eviction moratoriums.

The Left has also used legal harassment to target its enemies.   The IRS has targeted Christian and conservative groups.  The DoJ uses unequal application of the law to benefit its political allies and punish its political opponents.  The EPA encroaches on property rights.  And now, OSHA is being used as the enforcer of a vaccine mandate.

The education system has been little more than a cultural reeducation machine to prepare our children to be obedient Marxists.  Critical Race Theory, gender fluidity, and toxic masculinity are taught to our children to prepare them for the Left’s new utopia.

Corporate media functions as the Left’s propaganda ministry to hide the subversiveness of the Left’s efforts and promote their narrative.  Peaceful protests are now insurgencies, while riots are “mostly peaceful.”  Elections are sacrosanct and must not be questioned (at least when they go their way).  It’s normal to pass bills to learn what is in them.  It’s all total baloney intended to eliminate our will to resist.

Next to the Vichy RINOs, the “America is finished” crowd are the Left’s favorite conservatives.  They have tired of the fight and bought the propaganda.  They’re ready to give up.

But the reality is very different than the narrative that’s being peddled.  Via their propaganda ministry they’ve used deception to win a couple of elections.  Obama was supposed to heal our racial wounds — he poured salt in them.  Biden was supposed to return us to normalcy — he burned down everything that was working.  They’ve been lying to us, and now we know it.  Propaganda only works as long as it’s credible, and theirs no longer is.

The Left is at its weakest position of the past 15 years.  The Democrats have only tenuous control of the legislative branch and they’re spending more time fighting with themselves than actually passing any legislation.  Let’s not forget the leadership of their party.  President Asterisk is perhaps the most corrupt, inept occupant of the White House we’ve ever had — and we’ve had a few real losers.  Under his leadership, the Democrat party looks like the final scene of Thelma and Louise — with Gropey Joe at the wheel.  They seem determined to drive off the cliff with enthusiasm.

The Left doesn’t want us to realize that our strategic position is stronger than theirs.  The vast majority of Americans value our founding principles.  The Left is scared because patriotic Americans are waking up.  They’re starting to realized that they’ve been played, and they’re getting very angry.  Conservatives rarely protest, but now America is experiencing an outbreak of protests against school boards, local officials, and COVID-related mandates.  The “F**k Biden” chants at public gatherings are becoming more than an amusing footnote.  The chants are becoming a trendy way to push back against the leftist agenda.  

Vulgar challenges to our autocratic leadership are becoming “cool” — and that’s a good thing.

God gives us many gifts which are not immediately recognized as such.  I believe COVID-19 was one such gift.  The pandemic was the alarm that wakes us up before the building burns down around us.  It gave us a glimpse of a future without liberty.

  • Autocratic orders
  • Draconian restrictions
  • Unequal treatment under the law
  • Fraudulent elections
  • Blatant disregard of the Constitution

Thankfully, COVID gave us a taste of tyranny on the cheap.  America didn’t become a Cuba or Venezuela to experience it.  The pandemic has shown us how important and fragile liberty is.  I’ll never take it for granted again.  I suspect a great number of patriots feel the same way.  We’re seeing an awakening all across America.  It’s starting to go beyond CRT protests and anti-Biden chants.  BLM is even protesting the vaccine mandate!  I’ll bet the Left didn’t see that coming.

Now that we’re awake, we have the advantage for one simple reason:  We are Americans and liberty is in our blood.  The malaise speech was BS when Carter gave it, and it would still be BS if given today.  The two most effective presidents in my lifetime (Reagan and Trump) achieved what they did by believing in Americans.  We are not powerless.  We are strong and well positioned.  All we have to do is ignore the Vichy GOP and surrender monkeys and get on with the business of taking our country back.

  • Vote — including in the all-important primary elections
  • Boycott — any and all institutions siding with the enemies of liberty
  • Peacefully protest — and shout “F**K Biden” with enthusiasm (it’ll drive them crazy)
  • Run for office — especially city council and school board positions
  • Talk to our kids — it’s actually quite easy to prevent their indoctrination
  • Support constitutional remedies — such as the Convention of States movement

Our republic is not lost for one simple reason. They can’t win if we won’t surrender.  Thankfully, the majority of Americans are angry and in no mood for surrender.

John Green is a political refugee from Minnesota, now residing in Idaho. He currently writes at the American Free News Network (  He can be followed on Facebook or reached at

Image by Marta Kulesza from Pixabay 

This article was first published by American Thinker.