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What Do Nuclear Power And Ivermectin Have In Common?

There is no question that leftism exists in direct conflict to common sense, morality, decency, and truth. The easiest way to observe this trend is to pick a topic – any topic – which leftists espouse and then ask yourself if an idea can be extended to its logical conclusion or has any limiting principles.

I am confident saying that no such issue exists.

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Abortion is back in the news after Texan lawmakers made a stand against state-sanctioned infanticide. To listen to critics of this bill defend their position is grotesque and evil. Female athletes oppose abortion bans on the grounds that childbirth and the subsequent rearing will affect their ability to compete at the highest level (and profit from that). Doctors testified in Congress that abortion is actually an act of love. Missing from every argument is concern for the actual human being affected by abortion.

Immigration is also front-page news at the moment. Instead of addressing the myriad problems with our immigration system and infrastructure, they point out how a person riding a horse is violating human rights. If there were a hall of fame for deflecting on matters of great importance, this would merit a large exhibit. Missing from every argument is concern for both the citizens being affected as well as the immigrants themselves. 

To the left, people – the actual human beings affected – are merely pawns. After reaffirming their blackness by voting for Biden, ask a black person if their life is better now. Odds are it isn’t.

Like I said, pick any topic that leftism defends. Because their positions are indefensible, they will always resort to personal attacks, non sequitur comparisons (you don’t like Biden’s vaccine mandates; yeah, well, Trump approved Operation Warp Speed!), or incoherent ramblings. This is how you end up with an ideology that champions feminism and transgenderism at the same time or how the U.S. government – a historically oppressive, white supremacist, patriarchal institute, is now to be trusted absolutely on all matters of individual rights despite being led by an old white male. 

It is with this idea in mind that my question comes back to nuclear power and ivermectin. What do they have in common? Well, everything.

Both cut to the heart of the debate of the two greatest threats to liberty and humanity.

Both represent near-perfect solutions to the very problem being hysterically pushed. In the case of nuclear energy, it is clean, safe, reliable, and the most dense form of energy we have. In the case of ivermectin, it is cheap, safe, and readily available for every human on earth to take as a prophylactic or treatment.

To be certain, both would end their respective hysterias tomorrow.

Both are vilified in the complete absence of supporting evidence.

Both challenge the orthodoxy of the religions of Climate Changism and Covidism.

Both prove the left is not interested in solutions but rather accumulation of power.

If the left were serious about solutions, they’d have a nuanced conservation about both climate change and Covid. It wouldn’t be hard. They could begin with basic acknowledgements of fact.

Climate change is real because the climate is always changing. In fact, the earth has, at different times, been entirely tropical and entirely frozen. It has likewise come out of those phases without any human help. Indeed, these changes took place well before humans ever interacted with the globe to the extent we are today. We should focus on smart, free-market solutions while maintaining a global economy and the exercise of basic individual and human rights.

That sounds a lot better, certainly much more reasonable and intelligent than the doom-and-gloom, we-have-twelve-years nonsense from leftist hacks. The same process applies to Covid.

Covid is real because humans have always interacted with microbial illnesses. Much the same way people get sick with other coronaviruses, though, most cases are asymptomatic or mild. Very few result in the need for hospitalization and even fewer in death. Those that are hardest hit are usually the elderly or people with many other underlying conditions that predispose them to more serious illness. Covid is, not surprisingly, endemic. We should focus on protecting the most vulnerable while adapting to its presence.

The political left and their propagandists in the media pretend that those opposed to climate change policy reject the premise of climate change altogether. It’s a flagrant lie; we oppose the absolutism that humans are responsible for any measurable change, and certainly oppose the proposed solutions. The response to climate change is a dreadful panoply of reduced individual liberties, economic opportunities, and ability to make decisions for ourselves. How is this better?

These same fools likewise suggest that anyone opposed to Covid measures are also anti-science and selfish peasants. Again, this is a gross mischaracterization; we are opposed to the Covid measures primarily because they have proven not to work. Moreover, we accept risk as a part of life and much prefer a world where individuals can make decisions for themselves. The response to Covid has been an abjectly miserable experience of reduced individual liberties, economic opportunities, and ability to make decisions for ourselves. How is this better?

It is hard to believe I had to write this piece. Nothing is particularly profound, but here we are. The next time you encounter a devotee of leftism, ask them what nuclear power and ivermectin have in common. It should be an illuminating conversation.