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What Should You Do If Faced With The Vaccine Mandate?

Vaccination madness seems to have taken over the world.  Our government wants all firms with more than 100 employees to force their workers to get vaccinated or face huge fines.  Our military requires vaccination or face dishonorable discharge, and may even allow forcible vaccination of those who dissent.  The governor of California wants to require all K-12 students at both public and private schools to get vaccinated despite the fact that children are the least susceptible to Covid.  Vaccination passports are popular among autocrats everywhere.

France is in revolt over vaccine mandates that deny them many basic freedoms.  Australia wants to put the unvaccinated into concentration camps.  The UK seems more sensible in rejecting vaccine passports but is still encouraging vaccination and “boosters”.  All of this is happening despite mounting evidence that the vaccines are ineffective against the new Covid strains, and that the so-called vaccines do nothing to prevent infection.  The majority of cases of Covid in our hospitals are in those who are “fully vaccinated”, and rates of infection are growing rapidly among the vaccinated.

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As I described before, there has been a transition between Covid variants that has had a profound effect on vaccine efficacy.  When they were first introduced, the vaccines appeared to be 90-95% effective in preventing severe Covid infections.  In more recent months, though, most studies show vaccine effectiveness against the currently dominant Delta variant to be below 40%, and perhaps even approaching zero. 

In spite of this scientific evidence, our governments, both Federal and State, persist in issuing vaccination mandates, even for those who would suffer more harm than good.  Clearly these mandates are no longer based on science, but simply on raw power.  Yes, they claim their mandates are based on science, but there appear to be two forms of science – government science, and real science.

For many decades, the vast majority of science work has been government funded, either directly, or through funded universities and institutions.  Government scientists in particular, know what side their salary is buttered on, and know that promotion or even employment depends on providing what their employers want. 

Recently, we have seen CDC “science” reports that support vaccination for pregnant women, and for children under 12.  We have seen denial of the vast body of scientific studies showing the effectiveness of hydroxyclhoroquine and ivermectin in treatment of Covid, and instead, the citing of seriously flawed studies to support active opposition to effective treatments. 

Studies that support the government’s position on vaccination are used to support arguments that the vaccines are safe and effective, and that any treatment proposed is ineffective, or only good for horses.  The vast bulk of studies with different results are disparaged and labeled as misinformation, or simply dismissed.  The CDC now strongly encourages the vaccines for pregnant women or women who are working to become pregnant, despite the fact that pregnant women were specifically excluded from the clinical trial studies.

The CDC is also promoting vaccination for children under 12 when they were also excluded from the clinical trials, and despite the fact that a Pfizer former vice president has gone on record as stating that the vaccines will kill fifty times as many children as the disease would, and would render many more debilitated for life.  Rather than presenting alternative science studies and debating the results, vaccine proponents have resorted to “fact-checking” and “misinformation” labeling to discredit any views they don’t like.

Never mind all the science around immunity from prior infection, or the more than 15.000 deaths now reported from the Covid vaccines (over 30,000 in the UK), or the fact that we probably reached herd immunity levels months ago.  

Forget the civil liberties issues, the persecution of those who refuse vaccination, or the divisiveness that results from the “do as I tell you or else” attitude of too many petty administrators who are tasting real power for perhaps the first time in their miserable lives.

No, what we have is no longer science, at least not the kind of science we learned in school.  What we have is more like the Nazi eugenics “science” that led to the Holocaust, or to the Soviet “science” of Lysenkoism.  These, along with others, were the official “sciences” of autocratic regimes.  All other results were banned and any who dared speak against them were “cancelled”, often permanently.  Perhaps that sounds familiar.

What we have now is naked power, given a thin veneer of scientific validation.  In some cases, the cover is so thin as to be non-existent.  If this is indeed the case, then arguments based on real science will not be effective to convince them to change.  The autocrats have tasted power, one of the most addictive of drugs, and will not surrender to mere truth.  I don’t mean to say that truth and science are not important because those are the things that support and encourage those of us who would resist the illegitimate exercise of power.

In order to deal effectively with this authoritarian exercise of power, we must use the right strategies and tactics.  Otherwise it is like playing tennis with a flyswatter. 

Comply or be fired

In an earlier article, I wrote of how our US government is using a Fascist mobilization of business to enforce its mandates in ways that it could never legally accomplish directly.  We see this in the attempt to use the Occupational Health And Safety Administration (OSHA) to develop and promulgate regulations requiring large firms to have all employees vaccinated or face fines at a level that could bankrupt most firms.

Let us take a look at the situation.  The government is counting on the fear of job loss to “encourage” the remaining holdouts to get “vaccinated” or get fired.  Rather than acting directly, the government is using the firm’s fears of bankruptcy to have them force vaccination on their employees.  This is a classic move of Fascism, but how effective can it be?

Consider that in most firms across the US, somewhere around 30 to 50% of employees are unvaccinated.  Consider also that there are tens of thousands of smaller firms across the country, firms offering good jobs, that are looking for good employees.  Right now, it is an employee’s market, and not just for hamburger flippers and store clerks, but for engineers, doctors, nurses, accountants, skilled trades, managers, and a myriad of other occupations.  Few, if any, firms can afford to lose one-third to one-half of their employees and still stay in business.  By doing the government’s bidding they are encouraging mass departure of good employees for greener pastures.  I would say that the ones resisting vaccination are probably the most valuable employees – ones who can think for themselves and take initiative.

Now we see that the fear of business loss through government fines that is prompting managers to pressure employees may actually result in loss of the business from the departure of essential workers.  The management is now between the proverbial rock and hard place, and has a lot of incentive to push back on the OSHA rules.  They often have the resources for court battles, and to buy a few regulators and congresscritters and push back against these totalitarian power grabs.  We just need to make them realize that their coercive tactics against their employees won’t work.  While the organization of opposition is useful, all it really takes is enough people to simply say “I won’t comply – go ahead and fire me”.

Having been through the process, I know that being fired is not fun – the security escort to the door and all, but there are lots of good jobs waiting for good people.  There is no shame in being fired for standing up for what you believe to be right.  I can even say that once most people have gotten over a short adjustment period, they find that working for a smaller firm is far better than being a small cog in a large machine, and once they try it, they will never go back.  Many will even start their own firms – more risk, but also more rewarding.

So we can go ahead and turn this mandate on its head and use it to fight back.  Force the large firms to push back against the government that is trying to use them to intimidate and coerce us.  Freedom can only be gained and preserved by fighting against those who would steal it from us.

Schooling the authorities

A similar situation exists for school vaccination mandates.  So your child can’t attend school unless they are vaccinated?  There are other choices.  Leave the public schools to deal with the situation when the three kids left in a class are triple masked, socially distanced, and vaccinated to the point they can’t move.  

Teachers’ unions, often one of the most powerful of the public unions, will quickly realize that teachers won’t be needed if there are no students.  When their jobs are at risk, they know how to fight down and dirty to get what they want.  Child vaccine mandates are unlikely to last long against that opposition.

Meanwhile, parents who pull their children out of public schools will discover a huge variety of alternatives.  There are lots of excellent private schools, some of which are not that expensive.  In some states with school choice, the money that would go to public schools can be used at private schools.

Many are discovering the vast array of resources that are available for “home” schooling.  I cannot begin to touch even a small amount of what is available to support homeschooling, but parents considering taking kids out of public schools to protect them from vaccine mandates can start here and here and here.  Parents who take the homeschool route are learning that their kids are often more confident, more engaged in learning, and perform better in tests, including college entrance tests.

There is even a growing number of families that are taking something of a hybrid approach.  Even though they don’t call it that, they are forming small schools of their own, hiring teachers and adult supervisors, renting facilities, including meeting rooms, church classrooms, and other available resources, and going back to a form of education of our parents, grandparents, and even great grandparents – a modern one-room schoolhouse. 

No more school boards, no more hidden curricula, no more socialist indoctrination, just real education and cultivation of essential life skills in critical thinking, effective communication, math, real science, and all the other things that prepare kids to go forth and lead successful, productive lives.

My mother was from a small rural farming community.  Her graduating class was thirteen students.  I can safely say that she got a better education in math, literature, arts, and the sciences of the time than I got in my public school with almost three hundred students in my class.  That was despite the fact that my school was ranked as one of the best public schools in the country at the time.

Imagine a public school with no students.  Imagine the consternation of public school administrators in such a situation.  Imagine teachers with no students to teach.  Imagine how long a school vaccination mandate might last.  Imagine how much CRT, and sexual deviancy, and distorted history, and Marxist propaganda and wokeness would be taught.

In our defense

Intense pressure is being put on our military to “encourage” vaccination.  Our Secretary of Defense has even said that it is ok to force service members to be vaccinated so long as excessive force is not used. Aside from the fact that most of our service people joined to protect our freedoms, not to be deprived of them, there is a huge national defense issue involved. 

In early attempts to develop new vaccines, including SARS mRNA vaccines, a major problem was something called Antibody Dependent Enhancement (ADE).  Often when laboratory animals were given one of the proposed vaccines, they would appear to be healthy and active… until they weren’t.  When they were exposed to the original disease that the vaccines were to protect against, the animal’s immune systems would overreact, leading to severe illness and even death.  In some studies, the trigger could even be a different disease. 

The vaccine developers believe that they have solved the problem of ADE and assert that the current vaccines will not cause it.  However, ADE can occur many months after the original vaccination, and our experience with the vaccines is too limited to make a good assessment of ADE potential.  A very recent DoD study based on Medicare statistics suggests that the recent surge of “breakthrough” Covid cases and deaths is actually indicative of an ADE response. 

If the results of this DoD study are correct, then full vaccination could reduce the effectiveness of our military by rendering them susceptible to a debilitating ADE response when forces encounter the right trigger organism.  Imagine an enemy releasing a Covid variant that would trigger ADE.  Our military forces could be killed or rendered ineffective without firing a shot.  An incubation period of a week or two would allow the disease to spread throughout the forces so that by the time people started suffering ADE effects, it would be too late.

Under this possible scenario, we are far better off leaving the current unvaccinated service members as they are, and not forcing them to be vaccinated with a vaccine that could leave them vulnerable to a biological attack.  At least we would have half of our military capability intact and could mount an effective response.  To do otherwise and force vaccination is tantamount to treason if it would lead to loss of our military forces.

Wrapping it up

I have only offered a small sample of approaches to combat this assault on our freedom that vaccine mandates represent.  Hopefully, these ideas can spark many more.  I close with a slightly modified conclusion to a famous speech by Winston Churchill:

We shall go on to the end, we shall fight in America, we shall fight on the seas and oceans, we shall fight with growing confidence and growing strength in our homes, our schools, our work, we shall defend our Freedom, whatever the cost may be, we shall fight on the beaches, we shall fight in the halls of justice, we shall fight in the fields and in the streets, we shall fight in the cities; we shall never surrender.

My apologies and thanks to Sir Winston.

By David Robb

David Robb is regular contributor to The Blue State Conservative and a practicing scientist who has been working in industry for over 50 years. One of his specialties is asking awkward questions. A large part of his work over the years has involved making complex scientific issues clear and understandable to non-specialists. Sometimes he even succeeds.

Image by Anemone123 from Pixabay 

5 thoughts on “What Should You Do If Faced With The Vaccine Mandate?”

  1. My son is active duty military. His commanders are threatening to court martial anyone who refuses the jab. We all know this is not legal or ethical, but remember that most of these soldiers are just young kids who’ve been trained to never question their military leadership.

    I have worked from home for a technology company since 2019 but often traveled for my job. My ability to travel freely as an unvaccinated employee is already under scrutiny. I’ve had covid. I have a natural immunity to covid. I am also a practicing Catholic and have had a previous complication to a flu vaccine which means I have both medical and religious exemptions. My company is now reviewing their options on whether they should, can, or will enforce vaccine mandates for all employees. Despite all of this, I am fully prepared to refuse the vaccine and be fired as a consequence.

    This issue is insane but it is not going away. This issue has never been about public health. It is about control and submission. I will never submit. I will die on my feet fighting for my right to bodily autonomy.

  2. This is a battle worth fighting as the hand of the Anti-Christ is in this. Those who stay true to Christ to the end will be rewarded.

  3. Long story short, do not comply.
    I will not comply. They can come all dressed up in their neatest armor with batons and AR’s filled with rubber bullets, and I’ll tell them then what I tell them now: try and die MF’er.

    I guarantee I will take out more of them than they can of me. At some point the losses will not be worth them keeping on with their nazi fascism and they’ll back off. That’s when we overrun them and drive them into the sea. They deserve NO mercy at this point. They’ve been trying to subjugate us since the 1950’s, wrecking our country and making our lives as miserable as they can. It’s time we pay them back for that right before we end them for good.

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