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Only In Modern America: A Humiliating Recall Vote = An Election Mandate

With the recent victory at the ballot box over a recall initiative, this has been a spotlight month for the esteemed Governor Newsom. One in which it seems he has interpreted that victory as a broad mandate for his policies. However, I see something quite different and believe this euphoria has possibly blinded us to a few items of note.

While Mr. Newsom and the media machine have harangued about the results, I think the governor might be drawing the wrong conclusions. What some fail to see is that California, sometimes referred as the bluest of blue states and one whose electorate enjoys a two to one majority over its opposition, should very much be considered home sanctuary for the governor; a most favored ground if you like.

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Yet it was in his own house that this drive to recall has sprung. In what should have been his strongest base of support; a movement comprised of hundreds of thousands of his fellow citizens were able to get a recall initiative past all the hurdles and make it onto a ballot. For only the second time in the history of California has a recall attempt even made to the ballot box. This fact alone required more than 1.6 million signatures of people who should have been considered his constituents. That’s 1.6 million ‘validated’ signatures, this does not even include the over 400,000 signatures which were rejected for one reason or another. I, of course, will leave out the irony that we might conclude from the level of scrutiny state officials employed in this election – that caused them to dismiss almost half a million votes – but failed to be so diligently applied to other elections.

I also could not help but note that Mr. Newsom ascended to the office in 2018. In 2019 according to U-Haul tracking and rental metrics, California stood in second place for out of state migration and in 2020, it took the top spot. Therefore, one could infer that some the citizens who signed the recall petition or participated in the actual vote did not necessarily include those who already voted with their feet, as the saying goes. A method of voting that cost the state a Congressional seat. Not exactly a ringing endorsement.

Then there is the vote itself and the touted wide margin enjoyed Mr. Newsom with around 60% of the vote, but that means almost 40% of those that cast a vote were opposed to the policies of Mr. Newsom, somewhere in the ballpark of 4.8 million.

No, I say, after spending almost 70 million dollars and still only able to garner the support of 3/5 of the voters is no mandate. Could one even consider it a true litmus test when only about 12 million out of 39 million citizens even bothered to vote? It makes one wonder what the numbers would show if the other 27 million residents had shown up; and all this in his own backyard. If that does not give one pause, then maybe the fact that the opposition was even able to bring Newsom’s recall to the ballot should.

By Cade Logue

Cade Logue is a military veteran, a proud Texan, a patriotic American, and a regular contributor to The Blue State Conservative

Photo by JD Lasica at Flickr.

6 thoughts on “Only In Modern America: A Humiliating Recall Vote = An Election Mandate”

  1. If indeed Newsom won fairly, which I doubt, it’s only because white democrats were more afraid of a black man than a white maniac.

  2. Leisure Suit Larry

    With what we’ve learned about the stolen 2020 Presidential election, quite a bit of the statistical analysis indicates elections have been stolen for quite some time.

    Now the old mantra – “Once a politician gets elected it is very hard to unseat them”. I never bought that line of garbage. The truth is – once these slimeballs get into office they steal every election moving forward.

    Take all the Republican politicians that said with a straight face that Trump really did lose. Each and every one of those pieces of crap also stole their seat as well. I’d bet my soul Mitch McConnell has been staying in office by fraud, and Lindsey Graham. Obama stole Florida to win his 2nd term. The country hated that A$$HAT.

    I’ll never vote again. Give me paper ballots, same day voting and I’ll take a look again. Until then, have fun pretending that voting matters.

    Dems maintain the majority in 2022. Wanna bet? Any takers? I’ll bet 10k I’m right. Will you bet against me with equal confidence?

  3. Nation’s highest poverty, illegal aliens, crime, welfare, income inequality, house prices, drug use, and poop ? on the sidewalks.

    This is Democrat paradise.

  4. Well, I find it difficult to believe that he won, now or in 2018. Mr. Dominion hasn’t spoken publically about his vote, and that vote counts for a great deal.

  5. It doesn’t matter. People are too stupid to know that certain cancers should be removed from office. We are doomed.

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