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Corruption And Scandals Everywhere: Where Is The Outrage?

We have military traitors in charge that are only concerned with their own advancement.  Very few generals or admirals have ever seen combat.  We currently have 32 admirals for every ship in the Navy.  There were 24 ships for every flag officer in WW 2. The numbers would be amusing if they were not so pathetic. Paper shufflers breed like rabbits.  We could cut our military budget in half and be much happier for it. 

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Government Spending has Become Insane

Given that the average US home price is only $270,000, it means that the average family is paying more for the government’s debt than they are for their own home.  The average family of 4 is essentially making payments on a small house for themselves, and a big house that our congress decided to buy.  The average family’s taxes could go down nearly $2,300 dollars per month if they weren’t supporting this national debt.

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AOC: Champion Of The Common People Or Champion Of Herself?

AOC and her Squad want you to think they are champions of the little people, and that Biden is onboard with them. They are champions of themselves feeding on the little people. They are driven to change America into a Socialistic country, but I do not think they are wise enough to look into the future. What they are working to create is a failure.

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