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Open Thread Thursdays: At What Moment Did You Realize Covid Was About Consolidating Global Power And Not Public Health?

After eighteen months, during which time we have been subjected to endless misinformation campaigns and countless shifting goalposts, it is clear the response to Covid was never about public health concerns. 

For me, while the suspicions had been building up for some time, the final measure occurred in the wake of the widespread BLM protests and riots that took place in late May and much of June throughout the United States.

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Prior to those massive social events, the media narrative had been quite hostile toward pro-work protests in April, had criticized states like Georgia for opening back up, and then suddenly supported the anti-racist work of protestors – even going so far as saying racism was a greater public health crisis than Covid in order to justify them. In any event, I was certain the narrative of Covid would have to go away, because who could be scared any longer after watching millions of people gather without mass sickness?

Well, I was wrong. As soon as the protests started to wane, the media picked up the Covid narrative seamlessly and like it had never stopped. Suddenly, Sturgis was bad, Trump rallies were bad, and schools would have to remain closed. Without a doubt, the insane incongruity of treatment of back-to-work protests and BLM riots, coupled with the resurgence of new Covid panic porn, essentially derailed their train for me.

What do you say? Let us know in the comments below.

8 thoughts on “Open Thread Thursdays: At What Moment Did You Realize Covid Was About Consolidating Global Power And Not Public Health?”

  1. It was obvious from the very beginning. Governors, Fauci, bureaucrats, all of them. It was always about power. They saw an opportunity, they grabbed it, and we let them.

  2. For me the red flag occurred shortly after the “lockdowns” started. My gut reaction was they were a bridge too far & a clear over reaction. It was confirmed with the first trickles of “opposing medical” views began to leak out. A surgeon posting a you tube video explain virology 101 & why “masks” outside a sterilized and controlled surgery space would not prevent exposure. The video was banned & social media quickly lined up and “disappeared” any medical advice, experience, knowledge that opposed the Fauci narrative.
    Everything since then has just confirmed it’s not about health at all. The medical community, those that have & continue to support the Big Government lie on Covid, have blood on their hands. They have denied care, lied, isolated citizen’s from loved ones, performed life killing procedures, suppressed proven treatment plans, and continue to cause death by neglect for all of the regular care that has been sidelined by this manufactured crisis.
    Just today a co-workers elderly grandmother activated her life alert & threw the family into a panic because no one could “find” her. The mystery was solved after it was discovered Grandma was sent on a wild goose chase to find a hospital “not in Covid lock down protocols” she was routed to not 1, not 2, but 3 hospitals before one allowed entry.
    She’s fine but had it been a critical situation Grandma would have died in the 40 min ambulance ride.
    What the “medical community” is doing to the American people is criminal.

  3. Figured this out when the irrational push for vaccines began. The inconsistent mask mandates should have been another clue. But here we are, armchair warriors, complaining, and hoping government will correct the problems. Why are we not physically organizing to fight against this evil and eradicate it? The enemy has infiltrated our country and without drastic measures, we will never get our country back. We have to fight!!! Our forefathers did and now it’s our turn.

  4. mindfulconsiderations

    I am a natural cynic when it comes to all things by or from the government. There is always an agenda, always an approved narrative. There has been so much evidence of coordinated efforts toward globalization over the years, that any opportunity to move us in that directions is pounced upon immediately. I hope America wakes up soon or else future generations will only know us from the history books.

  5. I’m sorry to say, call me gullible, but it didn’t really dawn on me until the BLM riots. I had friends who recognized reality much earlier, some as early as March last year, but it took me longer. It was an emergency, and they were doing what they thought was right. That was my mindset. But with BLM, they exposed themselves. It was political from the get-go, which was sad but not unexpected. But the fact that it was just a power grab missed me completely at the beginning.

  6. Same with me, unfortunately. I didn’t realize it was a power play until the BLM bullshit. It was definitely an emergency, and I think Trump was doing what he had to do, but the states, many of them blue states, only cared about power. And those riots really exposed them.

  7. About the time when the first alarmist models were produced and then when we found this ‘data analyst’ was not really accurate (to be polite). But then we found out this ‘analyst’ was dating a married woman who was associated with Greta, at least as a media consultant and ideologue. Somebody else jumped the gun which excited the pack. ‘Never waste a crisis’ is no strategy here?

    It is about the time when a UN official could feel comfortable using ‘global warming/change’ consensus ‘science’ to justify a global reset. That was years ago, and lends some support to whether or not any thing afterward does not smack of some addled, deluded strategy. It about the time when the history of these fiends are included into the latest ‘hockey stick’ they modeled.

    It is about the time when MODELS took the place of reality, slight of hand changes in categories without regard to the order of things, and a guy who was immediately suspected of statistical malpractice was buried by the busy bodies in the press. But now, as was said,recently “everybody is a statistician.” Well, there is more to the story than what even a statistician might know outside the specialty.

    It is not hard to pick up some books on the history of these elites. Much has been written already and anticipated by what transpired during the last world war. The rest of the world cannot ignore these factors. Their reading lists are presumably not as restricted as what we ‘should’ think in America.

  8. For me it was about the same time, during the height of the summer, when thousands of people were crushing together maskless and destroying billions of dollars worth of property, killing people and then walking away from their “peaceful protests” with no criminal charges. But it became crystal clear after they rolled out the vaccine. It is now mandated for government workers and government contractors. I am going to lose my job as an air traffic controller because I refuse to take their jab. My “customers” are thousands of feet and sometimes miles from me,
    Yet I have to take a vaccine, or mask and social distance and subject myself to regular testing. I’ve been social distancing from my customer base for 42 years! However, the mandate is not in effect for Congress, those who work for Congress, the federal court system or the postal system. This is not and has never been about public health and safety, it has always been about control and power.

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