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Open Thread Thursdays: At What Moment Did You Realize Covid Was About Consolidating Global Power And Not Public Health?

After eighteen months, during which time we have been subjected to endless misinformation campaigns and countless shifting goalposts, it is clear the response to Covid was never about public health concerns. 

For me, while the suspicions had been building up for some time, the final measure occurred in the wake of the widespread BLM protests and riots that took place in late May and much of June throughout the United States.

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Prior to those massive social events, the media narrative had been quite hostile toward pro-work protests in April, had criticized states like Georgia for opening back up, and then suddenly supported the anti-racist work of protestors – even going so far as saying racism was a greater public health crisis than Covid in order to justify them. In any event, I was certain the narrative of Covid would have to go away, because who could be scared any longer after watching millions of people gather without mass sickness?

Well, I was wrong. As soon as the protests started to wane, the media picked up the Covid narrative seamlessly and like it had never stopped. Suddenly, Sturgis was bad, Trump rallies were bad, and schools would have to remain closed. Without a doubt, the insane incongruity of treatment of back-to-work protests and BLM riots, coupled with the resurgence of new Covid panic porn, essentially derailed their train for me.

What do you say? Let us know in the comments below.