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The Damage From Biden’s Afghanistan Fiasco Runs Deep: Reflections Of A Combat Vet

By guest author David Zeckser

We vets are hurting, as if we had been punched in the gut. Our disappointment is beyond description. Our brand, the pride, the image and “es-prit de Corps” we had earned on the world stage since 1945 has been shamefully squandered by the deceitful actions taken in Afghanistan by the Biden Administration.

Generation after generation serving in our Armed Forces have built on the successes of those before them. So much so, that the image and strength of our military is the sum of the contributions of our active-duty personnel and veterans. So, we have skin in the game. We built our Brand, established our legacy and that was not to be trashed by anyone.

Our military power has always been a work in progress, and continued innovation in weaponry and military strategy, together with the dedication of our patriots, have made the United States Military the most formidable force on the planet for the past 80 years.

Our forces were respected because we were the ones who prevailed, in a usually noble fashion and we left no one behind. We have always treated our allies and those who risk their lives to help us with respect and consideration. All this was part of our Brand, and we were so proud of it. Now, someone has just trashed all that capital for cheap political motives. We have left our Allies and our own people behind, and our government made tactical blunders that were ignorant and shameful beyond belief.

That Brand we worked so hard to build was considered expendable by the Biden Administration. Our image has been tarnished, our dedication has been discounted, and our accomplishments have been cheapened.

Accustomed to running to the sound of the guns, we have always volunteered when our country called us but now, if Biden or Milley calls, we will just say it’s time to call the “Woke Platoon” and see how they perform.

Sure, each one of us can still be proud of our individual contributions, but as an entity our Armed Forces have been embarrassed and degraded in the eyes of other countries, and we will be tested because of the weakness demonstrated. To others, it appears that we don’t know what we are doing. We will have men and women killed as a result of this debacle; killed by our own weapons.

For generations, we veterans have cherished our Brand and held the treasures of our accomplishments close to our hearts because after we leave the military, those memories and that legacy of our Brand is usually all that the Soldier, Sailor, Airman or Marine has in exchange for his or her service and sacrifice.

It didn’t have to be this way. Misguided politicians are responsible for the pains of so many and the sadness of our vets and surviving Gold Star parents.

By guest author David Zeckser

David Zeckser is a Former Major, Infantry, U.S. Army.

Image by tammyatWTI from Pixabay 

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6 thoughts on “The Damage From Biden’s Afghanistan Fiasco Runs Deep: Reflections Of A Combat Vet

  1. 74 million Americans hear you, David, and will be voting accordingly in ’22 and ’24. We honor your service to the country. The armed forces were neither humiliated nor degraded; the whole world knows Biden did Afghanistan pretty much by himself. It was like accidentally screwing the French on the submarine deal. As for Silly Miley and Lost in Austin, they will forever be remembered as clowns.

  2. The traditional subordination of the military to the civilian government probably should not be inflexibly adhered to. I normally would trust the average military officer’s loyalty, culture and morals over the average politician’s any day.
    But now, with our “woke” senior commanders’ disgusting attitudes and performance, it’s a tossup.
    Most of our senior commanders are from liberal states; Milley, Massachusetts, Berger (USMC) from Delaware, &c… .
    It seems better citizens hail from the sneeringly named “flyover” country. Maybe Balkanization is a viable option… Southerners have always been more patriotic, more Constitutionally aware than Left Coasters or Northeasterners.
    Date prisa, TEXIT !


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