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Great News – Over 99% of New Hampshire Residents DID NOT Test Positive for COVID Last Month

The Media-Government Psy-Op continued in September, with nearly everyone contributing to the false-fear narratives. More COVID cases this, more COVID deaths that. While, statistically, the news is quite the opposite.

Only 99.2 of Granite Stater’s did not “test positive” for COVID19 in September without considering how many apparent “active” cases were asymptomatic for false positives. That’s excellent news.

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Even better, over 99.99% of NH Residents were not hospitalized for or with COVID19 last month, while over 99.99% did not die from or with COVID19.

That’s a lot of healthy people in a world supposedly plagued by negative news about SARS Co2.

The majority of those who did die in September 2021 were near or above-average life expectancy.  And if you are wondering, since the state started keeping track only 1.8% of Granite Stater’s in the over 70 demographic have died from or with COVID19 (assuming those numbers are not also a lie, and we suspect they are).

In other words, if you are under 70, your odds of never being hospitalized or dying from COVID19 or its alphabet of variants – and I know it’s hard to picture too much better than 99.99% – is even closer to zero.

These numbers are not new nor the result of any pharmaceutical or non-pharmaceutical intervention. This flu, like all flu, harms the very sick, the very old, the very unhealthy. That is not an excuse for mass vaccination protocols or employer mandates that deprive the health systems of thousands upon thousands of capable health workers.

You’d fire entire platoons in the middle of the battle unless the battle is a lie. A lie that will result in tens of thousands (perhaps millions) of life years lost, across generations, due to delays in care caused by terminating medical staff who refuse your sad, weak, almost useless inoculation.

COVID19 is a mathematical, statistical nothingburger with, because it matters, several less dangerous treatments than their “vaccines.”

99.99% of us should be pushing back, but as is so often the case, a sliver of outspoken individuals have to stand up to protect the rights of everyone against tyranny, not just from the progressive left, but the progressive right.

People who would throw away the rights of conscience forever to appear to be doing something.

They are doing something, but it’s the wrong thing, and they are getting pissed off at us for daring to contradict them, especially with their data.

While we feel for those who have had the actual flu, been hospitalized, or died as a result, that cannot justify sacrificing millions of life-years as part of some new manifest destiny – a public-health oligarchy that sweeps the nation to the detriment of public health.

The new psychology is crushing more than just health care and public health, to the detriment of millions for generations to come, and the bureaucracy has no intention of doing anything to stop it.

Only you can do that, but you have to know the truth, and the truth is that 99.99% of us have been railroaded by a progressive political movement disguised as health care, and we need to stop it.

This post originally appeared at Granite Grok.