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“I’m Not A Racist, I’m Just Studying”

Millions of people have watched video of a racially-charged incident that recently occurred in the multicultural center at Arizona State University’s Tempe campus.

Two belligerent black female students angrily demanded that two white male students, who were quietly studying, must immediately leave the school’s recently established multicultural center.

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One of the white male students had a sticker on his laptop that read “Police lives matter,” which triggered the black female students to accuse him of being—you guessed it—a racist.

Had the skin colors been reversed, with white students aggressively confronting peaceful black students, the white students would have been summarily kicked out of school for committing a hate crime.

But because the racially confrontational students were black, Arizona State’s woke administration swept the incident under the rug by characterizing it as nothing more than a harmless disagreement.


The race-baiting black students in the video have been well-coached by Democrats at inciting racially-charged incidents on college campuses as a means of keeping racial tensions at a boiling point.

There will never be racial harmony in America because Democrats will never allow it.

The type of ugly incident that took place at Arizona State occurs with regularity at leading institutions of higher learning across America, and is invariably given a pass by woke college presidents who give a wink and a nod to race arson politics.


White students peacefully studying aren’t the only targets of campus race arsonists.

Using the police killing of George Floyd as an opportunity to incite anti-white hatred on campus, more than 200 left-wing faculty at Princeton University signed a letter in July 2020 that contained a long list of demands pertaining to alleged “anti-blackness and racism” at the Ivy League school.

Professor of Classics Joshua Katz issued a strongly worded public critique of some of the demands, which included giving unearned benefits, such as additional pay, to all faculty members, except those who were born white.

Led by the school’s spineless president, Chris Eisgruber, Princeton’s perpetually outraged racial grievance community went on the attack, calling Katz a racist and harshly condemning him for daring to express politically unapproved opinions. So much for academic freedom at one of America’s leading universities.

Read more about the tar and feathering of Prof. Katz here.

By John Eidson

A 1968 electrical engineering graduate of Georgia Teach and now retired, John Eidson is a freelance writer in Atlanta and a regular contributor to The Blue State Conservative.

Photo is a screengrab from Twitter.

3 thoughts on ““I’m Not A Racist, I’m Just Studying””

  1. Old Enough To Know Better

    Kids going to college now need to take a few more things into account than usual. Like what is the atmosphere of the college? How safe is the campus? If in or near a large blue city, stay away. I personally think schools with Division 1 football or basketball teams are a no go. Ivy League….absolutely not! It is important to have good, very good, grades in high school in order to get in the “safer” schools. Granted it is hard to find a school with a relatively sane faculty, too few professors have ever been exposed to the real world or reality.

  2. CRT and Race-baiting is meant to divide us against each other so we don’t confront the real problems in governance of our country. This won’t end until we deal with the corruption and fraud at the top along with retaking our school boards locally.

  3. As a parent, we do a major disservice to our children when we force integration on them. Integrating with those who carry racial grievances is a losing proposition by any measure.

    Any imagined slight or injustice is all that is required to release the anti-white beast.

    Stop ignoring nature, and believing made up fairy tales.

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