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Mass Formation: The Psychological Term To Describe Society’s Brain Melting

I am not alone in wondering how so many people can suddenly turn into mindless robots. Friends and family members who once engaged in thoughtful conversation are now about as boring and frustrating as can possibly get. Where did independent thinking go? Where did concern for individual and human rights go? Where did rationality go?

In the not-so-distant past, I never thought of myself as special, nor particularly correct about everything. I have always been laissez-faire when it comes to people coming to their own conclusions. Often, when in long-enough conversations with people of opposing philosophies, I usually ended up coming around to at least a little bit of what the other side was offering. In politics, as in life, I just want to be accurate. If my mind needed to change, so be it, if it meant having better information and conclusions.

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In the 592 days since “15 days to flatten the curve” became ingrained in our psyche, I have taken on a new approach. Call it an awakening, red pilling, or simply my standing still as the world shifted crazily around me – but I no longer feel this way. I am now convinced, without a doubt, that my worldview is correct. Since this is an either/or situation, that means everyone is wrong. The other side has nothing to offer me. I reject it completely.

Yes, progressive elites seek to transform American – indeed, world – society into a technocratic, totalitarian serfdom. Yes, all mainstream media outlets provide not only cover for these progressives’ lies but often help create and push the very same narratives. The same goes for Big Tech, Big Business, Big Pharma, Big Medicine, and everything else. They are evil to the core without a single productive idea. Everything is done to move toward a final, terrifying goal.

Five years ago I would have been accused of wearing a tinfoil hat; now, I am the sane one in this equation.

Despite my newfound resolution, I still don’t think I have changed. I am the same fact-based, logical person I was before. It’s that everything around me has changed, and my basic understanding of why events play out the way they do and why people do and say what they do underscore a very fundamental truth. The elites, by definition, think they are better than us. According to such a philosophy, we therefore deserve subjugation and require a realignment in thinking.

It’s all quite scary when you accept the reality of some people willfully exercising control over others, at any cost necessary. What is happening in Australia is a wet dream for people Like Fauci and Biden. They would love to do that here, we just happen to have guns and enough freedom-loving holdouts. Believe me, Covid mandates are a hill I am literally willing to die on. I know I am not alone.

I have kept going back to why and how this was possible. In hindsight, we have long been funneled into a narrow tunnel of permissible truth. How many Americans once cheered for the Patriot Act to keep us safe from supposed supervillain terrorists? How many accepted the lie that Snowden and Assange were the criminals? How many hoped, despite not voting for him, that Barack Obama would for once and all heal and unify the country of its racial legacy? I still have too many acquaintances (one would be too many) who think Donald Trump colluded with the Russians, have no idea about Hunter Biden’s laptop, and were under the impression the late Brian Sicknick was bashed over the head with a fire extinguisher, police kill 10,000 blacks every year, and that Covid threatens everyone’s lives.

We walk around in the same physical world, but our perception of that world could not be further apart. More and more, they don’t even use the same words as us anymore.

During his eponymous administration, Trump Derangement Syndrome had come in vogue to describe a person’s aforementioned detachment from reality. It certainly was, and remains, a real affliction. But I needed more. Eventually, I recently stumbled across a Belgian psychologist and he articulated a real phenomenon that I believe provides the best understanding of what we are fighting against among a vast portion of the population. 

The term is mass formation.

I will link two sites to the bottom of the article that helped form my own understanding. One is a podcast interview located on YouTube (for now) and the other is a transcript of a podcast that the professor, one Mattias Desmet, appeared on.

In short, mass formation is a hive mindset predicated on untruths and lies that respond to psychological needs. According to Desmet, four conditions must exist for this collective mental intoxication to occur. They are:

  1. Social isolation
  2. Lack of meaning in life
  3. Presence of free-floating anxiety
  4. Presence of discontentdness

Right out of the gate, those four markers are obviously endemic to Americans. Particularly looking at the first condition of social isolation, it is impossible for me not to view the lockdowns as a means of accelerating our collapse. After all, no previous pandemic responses included lockdowns as a viable measure nor did they ever prove to work throughout the alleged pandemic; and yet, we continue relying on them to “slow the spread.”

What’s more, once mass formation sets in, its brainwashed adherents display little regard to every other measure of wellbeing. Sound familiar? When back-to-work protests broke out, we already saw incipient backlash to those folks as being selfish and killing grandmothers (while we gave Emmy’s to the real grandma murderers). Through the lens of mass formation, it becomes clear that their narrow focus on just a singular goal – safety from Covid – prevented them from noticing other real-world harms and consequences. It is for this same reason that skyrocketing mental health issues, drug abuses, and suicides go ignored to this day. If it isn’t directly about Covid, then it isn’t an issue.

A second mechanism also develops under mass formation, namely fascistic intolerance to competing outlooks. Again, sound familiar? The intolerance is a natural self-defense maneuver, because the psyche would have to confront reality, thus bringing them back to the initial anxiety and discontent that precipitated the mass formation in the first place.

If it sounds like our deranged friends and families are living under a sort of hypnosis, it’s because they are. So entrenched is their fear of Covid that they can literally not process or handle the endless studies and statistics that debunk everything they hold to be: masks don’t work, lockdowns don’t work (though they exacerbate the symptomatic manifestations of mass formations), vaccines don’t work, other treatments do work, liberties are being crushed, and so on. When adults are unable to function normally after being asked to consider the infinitesimally small risk posed to kids in schools by Covid, or presented with basic knowledge that RSV or the flu have always been more severe or lethal, it’s like talking to your dog. 

Except in addition to looking stupidly back at you, these people bite back with furious irrationality.

It is important for those of us with a sane outlook that we are not alone and not the crazy ones. Still, the radical leftist agenda is trying everything in its power to convince us otherwise. Do not submit. Do not surrender. I find that, if anything, their efforts only reinforce my sanity. The harder they try, the more ludicrous it all appears.


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