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Not All Of Biden’s Numbers Are Down, Some Are Up… Way Up

Not all of Joe Biden’s numbers are low, like his approval rating, which is in free fall. Some of the numbers of measurable categories are up. Some are way up. Let’s dig in and take a look.

Homicides are up 30%. That’s a huge number, and there has not been an increase this big in major crimes for decades. Oh, wait a minute, though. That is not a category where a big number is a good thing. Crime is rampant as big cities are no longer safe places to live or work. Democrats will point to lower overall crime numbers, but that is because criminals are not arrested, and when they are, they are often not prosecuted. 

Ignoring crime does not mean it does not exist.

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Gas prices are up over 40%. Oops, isn’t this another area where a low number is much better? Damn, right. The massive increase in gasoline prices that we have seen in just nine months is troubling but is also walloping Americans very hard in their pocketbooks. Inflation is on a steep trajectory, and it is estimated to be costing the average American an extra $175 per month. We have gone from an energy independent exporter of fuel to the world to again pleading with OPEC for lower crude prices and higher production levels. This trend is perilous as we have yet to hit the cold weather months when higher heating costs add to the inflation equation.

There have been more COVID deaths in the first nine months of 2021 than in all of 2020. Americans have lost 352,000 to COVID in 2021, an increase of 1,000 over 2020 with three months to go. Joe Biden proclaimed during the campaign that any President who saw 300,000 Americans die on their watch should resign and that he was the man to escort the country out of the Pandemic. If Biden believes his own words, we should be receiving his resignation and day now. Don’t hold your breath waiting.

There are 10,000,000 job openings in the private sector. Ordinarily, this would be an indicator of a robust economy eager to put people to work. Today, it is an indicator of people not willing to work, period. Incentives and stimulus money directed at people out of work have created many disincentives to get back into the workforce. This shortage of labor has resulted in many businesses having to trim their operating hours or cut back on the services they offer. This challenge comes when many companies are digging out from lost sales and profits from the Pandemic.

A pending spending bill that has a $3.5 Trillion price tag but costs nothing. This proposed bill is the latest effort by the Democrats to transform America. With the Senate split 50-50 and only a six-vote majority for the Dems in the House, this may not be a time to give America a new identity. The support is just not there. And to insult the American public by telling them that this ridiculous bill will not cost them anything is beyond the pale.

Numbers do not lie, and if the latest poll numbers for Biden are to be believed, he and the rest of the Democrat Party have some rocky roads ahead. Someone would have to do something pretty bad to have a 38% approval rating, but in Biden’s case, he just had to be himself. How much lower will this number fall as some of these other numbers continue to rise? Let’s watch the downward spiral together. President Harris may be in our future sooner than later. That is not something this country is ready for.

By Ray Cardello

Ray Cardello is a conservative blogger at A Conservative View from New Hampshire who believes America is strong enough to keep us on track but making folks aware of the truth is essential to a successful and prosperous future for us all. 

Photo is a screen grab from Fox News.

1 thought on “Not All Of Biden’s Numbers Are Down, Some Are Up… Way Up”

  1. If you think it’s bad now (2021-1929) wait until the Great Reset (Depression) hits (2022-1931) and it will be MUCH worse than the Great Depression because they are destroying the means of replenishment. (Goods, services and capital)

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