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Lost in Space: Kamala Gets Repackaged And Then Rejected — Again?

It must be tough being Kamala Harris. We might never have heard of her if Willie Brown, the ex-San Francisco mayor who once wielded great clout in California politics, hadn’t given her a start in government in what was, well, let’s just say a carnal quid pro quo. Brown would much later say that Harris wasn’t presidential material, and the voters seemed to agree: Then a California senator, she dropped out of the 2020 presidential race in December 2019 — just as she was poised to lose her home state.

Harris hasn’t been any more alluring as vice president, with many describing her persona as “cringey.” Now, however, she has apparently gotten a personality makeover. Yet it’s not a hit, either. In fact, even the White House now might have dumped her.

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Talk of the makeover arose because Harris just appeared in series of videos, created by a PR firm, featuring her talking to kids about space travel. More on that momentarily. But first some background, courtesy of Politico:

For months, KAMALA HARRIS’ allies have insisted her office is not in crisis. So why did she hire a veteran crisis communications expert last month?

LORRAINE VOLES was one of two hires, along with former Obama speechwriter ADAM FRANKEL, reported by both the Washington Post and CNN over the weekend. Both worked for the vice president during the transition, and “offered to be of assistance,” an official from the White House said. A Harris aide said Voles and Frankel began their new roles in August.

Although the White House official didn’t use the word “crisis,” Voles is well known as a public relations and crisis communications expert. She most recently led crisis communications at George Washington University and at Fannie Mae, after serving as a strategist and adviser to HILLARY CLINTON’s 2006 Senate reelection race and 2008 presidential bid. In the late ‘90s, she helped AL GORE craft his message as vice president. Now she’ll help Harris with long-term planning, her policy agenda and with “organizational development” and strategic communications, according to a White House official.

(Hat tip: commentator Monica Showalter.)

It’s ironic that Harris, viewed as phony and artificial, has chosen as a makeover specialist a woman who once advised both Gore, possibly the most “plastic” politician of recent generations; and Hillary Clinton, who’s no more authentic.

Even more hilariously, the public-relations company that worked with Harris to create her videos is a Canadian one known, aptly, as Sinking Ship Entertainment. And here’s its handiwork:

Of course, using kids as photo-op props is par for the Democrats’ course (in accordance with their systemic child abuse). It’s useful, too. Children can “make a battered client look compassionate and motherly (or fatherly), something that’s particularly useful when one has a reputation as a hectoring scold,” writes Showalter.

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By Selwyn Duke

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Featured photo by Gage Skidmore at Flickr.