Newsom’s Priorities: Homelessness, Crime, Or Runaway Debt? Nope… Gender Neutral Toy Aisles

Gavin Newsom survived the Recall Election process and has a new emboldened attitude. He is still in the big house, will do whatever he pleases, and will do his best to control every aspect of your life. Somehow, Newsom thinks his win was an endorsement of his ultra-liberal thinking. He needs to realize that the people who can think for themselves have hit the road for Texas, Arizona, Florida. Those who are left would break into hives if they even thought of pulling the red lever.

On Monday, Governor French Laundry signed some significant bills into law. You would think that he would have addressed some of the critical issues facing Californians. Homelessness is off the charts and turning cities like Los Angeles and San Francisco into tent cities. No, that one is too tough to tackle. Maybe brown-outs made the list. The fact that entire regions have their power supply interrupted is an inconvenience but also a health issue. This issue must be on the list. Nope. Are you surprised?

How about gas prices? With some cities experiencing almost $7.00 a gallon costs. Newsom must be squaring off against energy lobbyists. Sorry, move on, though he did ban the sale of gas-powered lawnmowers and leaf blowers. Those darn things are simply too loud. Alright, he must be doing something to ease the back-up of ships at the ports and trains at the yard. Not this time though, he did go after the most crucial area on most people’s minds foolish enough to stay in the state of California.

Ready? He signed into law that all large retailers must have a gender-neutral aisle in their toy department. They can still have a blue aisle for boys and pink for girls, but they must have a yellow aisle to make all confused boys and girls feel warm and cuddly.

The need for this law was brought to light because the daughter (can we still use that term?) of a California Assemblyman stopped at the entrance of the boys aisle and said she was not allowed entry. Now, you might think this would have been a good opportunity for a teaching moment, but no, it is much easier to create a new law. This new regulation puts a further burden on stores still working to recover from a year of COVID. This law will require people to monitor and control compliance. This law will require new penalties for the borderline store, unsure if the rule applies to them.

Stores are having a challenging time filling the shelves. They are having a hard time just getting help to stock shelves and run the registers. Now they must ensure that their Toy Department is inclusive to all genders of children. This thinking is insanity. 

How did Gavin keep a straight face as he announced the signing of this groundbreaking law? Because he believes in his heart that a law like this is necessary and will be good for the people of the once-great state of California.

That swooshing sound you hear on the Pacific Coast Highway is the sound of sane people packing up and heading for someplace normal. People had their chance. They could have recalled Newsom, but they have what they deserve. Good luck to them.

By Ray Cardello

Ray Cardello is a conservative blogger at A Conservative View from New Hampshire who believes America is strong enough to keep us on track but making folks aware of the truth is essential to a successful and prosperous future for us all. 

Photo is a screengrab from KTVU-TV.

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One thought on “Newsom’s Priorities: Homelessness, Crime, Or Runaway Debt? Nope… Gender Neutral Toy Aisles

  1. That is a horrible thing to do! What about the poor genderless people!?! Where is their toy isle?? Newsom should be ashamed of himself for excluding them and marginalizing them as if they are less for not having a gender. (Please remeber all references to “they” and “them” can mean a group or a single individual when concerning the genderless and you will address them accordingly… or else).


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