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The Face Mask Is A Symbol Of Submission

There are many arguments to make against face masks. The most profound, in my opinion, lies in its psychological significance through incremental conditioning. It is a symbol of slavery and submission.

A modern-day caste system of serfs and peasants toiling under the evil power grabs of abusive oligarchs. This is most evident in the giant corporations, service industries, and school systems.

Look no further than the advancement of compliance. It started with being locked down from the stay-at-home orders. Get people to stay in their homes out of fear of dying is a strong enough catalyst to potentially influence a large percentage of the population to become compliant to more advanced public safety measures.

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Next, it turned into wearing masks everywhere despite the projected faulty science and scientific studies showing the negative side effects of wearing masks. Please refer to the link below referencing a Medical Journal’s warning about the dangers of mask-wearing.

Further, the new norm of wearing masks everywhere transitioned into a political waiting game to re-open the economy for the rollout of the COVID vaccines, which has now morphed into needing boosters despite being told they would not be required. The fraudulent mockingbird Media and their crony medical executive tyrants kept contradicting themselves in what they put out, and thought the people would further comply.

Finally, the rollout of vaccines from a voluntary and recommended stance is now accelerating into mandates. This will lead to vaccine passports if enough Americans do not stand up to this tyranny.

Now, I am not broad stroking and assuming because people wore masks before that they got the vaccines and if they got the vaccine they are not for free medical choice. I am simply pointing out the medical, mockingbird media, central bankers and corporate stakeholder alliance with corrupt politicians have incrementally used one stage of public health measure to try and get as much as the population as possible to follow their mandates into the next stages.

This is no different than the concept of feudalism. Look no further than Nancy Pelosi at a dinner with elite Democrat donors not wearing masks while the wait staff is mandated to, outside in hot weather, to make it worse. Or former traitor President Obama at a party with hundreds of unmasked people, all likely self-declared “rich privileged and essential people” immune from the policies they set on the rest of society.

Look no further in many of the service industries where health workers, restaurant workers, kitchen staff, factory workers, meatpacking plants, grocery store cashiers, and educational institutions where employees and students are forced to wear masks or face public humiliation and even be terminated from their job/education while the executives and corporate elites are immune from following what they put forward.

The Intellectual Takeout wrote a brilliant piece on how the lockdown was a social experiment to divide this great country into a new modern-day caste of haves (global elites) and have nots (serfs, peasants conditioned to comply). It relays a great analysis on how the lockdown has restructured the Social Contract we once had based on the principles of natural rights has been reshaped into a caste system of serfs toiling the lands they do not own to service the elite class who exempt themselves from the dictates they set on the rest of society.

The symbol of the mask seems so pointless on the surface. However, this piece of ineffective cloth is a symbol of victory to the tyrants in power and their global stakeholders because it dehumanizes us, weakens our immune system/well-being, and psychologically programs us to think we need to obey the mandates, edicts, and orders of these tyrants.

It is time to stand up, whether vaccinated or unvaccinated. It is time to take the mask off, declare your God-given natural rights we have been endowed with by our Creator. Get involved at the closest local protest or rally and sign up to volunteer in any way you can.

I am simply not referring to signing a list to be part of a subscription or adding your name to a registration list of interested volunteers. We need to get out and get involved. I know everyone has different schedules and situations. There are many ways to get involved.

If we do not stand up, we might as well keep the masks on like lab rats and sheep and let Obama, Biden, Pelosi and many others tell us what to do forever. The power still belongs to us, but we need to stand up and say no more. Period.

Article by Ryan Bennet. Originally posted at Granite Grok.