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Randy Moss, Who Once Kicked A White Kid In The Head And Attacked His Baby Momma, Is Crying Over Old Emails

If Jon Gruden could do it all over again, he might wish to deride Randy Moss as being another clueless p**** as well.

Now, I grew up watching Randy Moss catch footballs for a dominant Vikings offensive juggernaut, and as a younger person I didn’t really pay attention to the details. I only cared about catches, yardage, and touchdowns. I appreciate the innocence of youth, but if I could I would still go back in time and tell a younger me to not idolize selfish, arrogant, and dangerous athletes. Why do we worship these people as demigods when their only purpose is to play a game? They also care not a whit about us. 

This is especially true now; how can anyone root for an athlete that thinks they’re a deplorable racist? Moss’s former team actually celebrated the life of George Floyd at their season opener in 2020. Mind you, they have never honored fallen police or soldiers or teachers or doctors or moms or dads, but they did invite the survivors of a man who lived his life as a criminal and thuggish loser. He did nothing for society except invite harm and suffering, and still the Vikings honored him. 

As it relates to the Gruden saga, depending on one’s politics, people are either lionizing or laughing at Moss’s performance from the television studio the other night as he broke down in big boy tears over the revelations of former coach Jon Gruden sending mean emails. We should not only all be laughing, but scoffing at this violent and abusive spoiled brat. 

Jon Gruden made disparaging remarks. So what? For the same reason that I give Donald Trump a full pass for his “they let you grab them” remark, Gruden was speaking in private to an acquaintance. There’s also truth in his statements. Yes, Biden is a clueless p*****. Do we need more proof than right now? 

Moreover, though, he said things that 99% of every person has said at one point or another. I would guess most of us have said something worse. I will return to Moss in a second, but I can guarantee that MFer has certainly said far worse based just on his actions, which are heinous and appalling. 

In Gruden’s case, he had the full expectation of privacy. It was ten years ago. His emails were leaked to cancel him and void the huge contract. We should be demanding email accounts and text chains from every NFL executive, coach, and player. What he said is not revelatory of him as a person, only revelatory of the culture of professional football. And guess what? None of us are shocked. I would actually have been surprised if the emails included words like “gee willikers” rather than “f*****” or p****.”

Randy Moss is a pathetic bum of a human being who has made more money than I will in one hundred lifetimes. He is among the most privileged class of people to ever walk the earth, graced both by athletic prowess and more economic worth than small nations. Between contracts and sponsorships, he made over $100 million during his career. Good for him, but is he so blind and arrogant?

Here is a man who was involved in a racially-motivated assault of a white high school peer went on to fame and success while the latter dealt with medical health issues. Look it up. Moss helped his friend attack a white student, in which he dealt the final blow – kicking and stomping his head after already being on the ground.

Here is a man who left bruises on his baby momma’s arms and neck gets a booth to pontificate about the shame of some emails while the latter lives in fear of another assault. Look it up. Moss was arrested for it and this pattern of behavior is what got him denied entry to Notre Dame and Florida State. Does anyone wonder how he ended up at tiny Marshall?

Here is a man who evaded a parking ticket and ran a cop to the ground (and apologized to his teammates, city, and others but not the officer herself) remains unmolested by the cancel mob while others who only said something bad has his ruined his career. Look it up. Moss intentionally hit a female officer with his car and knocked her to the ground. He was initially looking at a felony, and certainly a long enough criminal record to warrant a second look, but he has both black skin, fame, and wealth privilege. He was playing the next week.

Randy Moss was a gifted athlete who was a ghetto bum in high school, college, and the professional level of sports. Were it not for his athleticism he would likely be a doped out loser, either in a filthy house or simply incarcerated. I do not care what Randy Moss has to say about Jon Gruden. His tears are fake. His worldview is a sham.

I do not remember Randy Moss getting worked up over Hillary Clinton’s or Hunter Biden’s emails. For that matter, I don’t remember anyone getting worked up over Clinton’s or Biden’s emails. At all. 

Let’s all just sit on that for a moment: Jon Gruden is persona non grata over a private email exchange from over a decade ago that used locker room talk, but Hillary and Hunter get to continue representing the DNC and make tons of money while doing it. They violated multiple laws, lied about it, profited off it, but they get to keep doing their thing while Randy Moss is crying over something Gruden wrote to a friend.

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5 thoughts on “Randy Moss, Who Once Kicked A White Kid In The Head And Attacked His Baby Momma, Is Crying Over Old Emails

  1. Moss is a total hypocrite who should release all his emails. His actions are at least 100 times more egregious than Grudens sentences.


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