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MEDIA BLACKOUT: The Latest Mass Shooting In Minnesota That No One Heard About

On Saturday, October 9th, a bar in the capital city of Saint Paul was the scene of chaos, fear, and death. Two gunmen began exchanging gunfire, leaving one innocent female patron dead and over a dozen wounded. It has received scant coverage in Saint Paul and none outside of the metro area. I doubt most Minnesotans are aware, let alone others in this country.

It brings me no joy to note that both shooters (more on them in a moment) were black and the deceased was black. Of course, it fully explains why the propagandist American media is disinterested in the story. 

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Pulling pieces together from various outlets (which has been difficult), the events of the night can best be summarized as follows: The two black gunmen knew each other through one of them being in some kind of relationship with the other’s family member. The relationship was allegedly abusive. One of the gunmen flew from Las Vegas and within an hour was at the club, so it is not difficult to surmise the purpose of his travel. After confronting one another, they exchanged gunfire. They were both hit, but from the floor continued firing indiscriminately. In the crossfire, the number of innocent victims continued accumulating. Presumably, the firing stopped after there were no more bullets.

I often wonder how these scumbags are such terrible shots. How are both men alive after unloading clips from close proximity? It is a good thing so many blacks cannot hit center mass, I suppose, but it’s nonetheless confusing. Perhaps Joe Biden told them they aren’t black if they don’t shoot for the legs.

Now, the Saint Paul tragedy is not unique in its events or the media silence surrounding it. I only bring this story to a broader audience in the hopes that in the next mass shooting episode, more conservatives are able to push back against the narrative of lone wolf white gunmen. Most shootings are not committed by white men. Most victims are not white. 

Indeed, most shooters and most victims are black. It is a tragedy that no one cares about black lives when they are senselessly slaughtered by one of their own. In a given year, only about 250 blacks are killed by police (which is less than half the number of whites), most of which are absolutely justified. To put that in context, there are nearly 50 million blacks in America. As it relates to the supposed racism dogging this nation, 90% of black-white violent crime sees blacks as the aggressors against the white population. Despite being just a fraction of the demographics, they commit nearly all the crime against the majority white population. The math means that whites are at more risk many times over than blacks from being the victim of a racially-motivated crime.

At the same time, thousands of blacks are murdered by violence wrought by the lack of morality and humanity within urban black culture. More deaths still come in the hundreds of thousands through black babies being murdered in utero each year. Democrats encourage and enable both to continue unabated. The louder someone virtue signals that black lives matter, you can rest assured knowing that they are, in fact, the least concerned with black life.

Prior to the mass shooting in Saint Paul, other recent news stories that achieved similar media evasion likewise did so because of the disregard for black life. A Chicago gang-related shooting – in broad daylight and in front of peace officers – left one member dead and others wounded, but which still resulted in all murder and other felony charges being dropped. The killing and carnage these animals brought to their community is not in dispute, but corrupt and clueless Kim Foxx justified her decision by saying these black men were simply mutual combatants. It is hard to wrap one’s head around the thought process on this. Not only does this rationale excuse any future gang violence, but what if both parties of a domestic assault hit each other? Are abused women simply mutual combatants as well? 

Around the same time, an 18-year-old black man, a senior at a Texas high school, sought revenge and began firing at several classmates and teachers. It is immaterial that no one died; this subhuman monster shot with murderous intent. America rightfully grieved after events at Columbine, Sandy Hook, and too many other sites where young people – our nation’s most precious commodity – congregate. Where is the grief and outrage here? Amazingly, just as with Foxx’s perturbing lack of moral guidance and conviction, this animal was granted minimal bail and was home partying by nightfall. It remains to be seen what kind of legal consequences ultimately befall him.

All three cases exemplify black skin privilege, though that is not an entirely satisfactory explanation. No doubt, had the shooters been white the media would be treating this incident with as much vigor as Jeffrey Toobin on a Zoom call. In addition to not hearing about the crimes themselves, I have likewise not heard a word about gun control. 

The more precise reality is that these three stories exemplify the much lower standards white liberals and progressive minds of all backgrounds have of native-born black Americans. Simply put, there is inherent prejudice, bias, and racism against black America as a result of liberals thinking so lowly of them. They expect this type of violent and deadly behavior to occur and simply allow it to happen, to hell with the consequences of human suffering and loss of life.

Blacks shooting up street corners, blacks bringing handguns to schools (which I have heard explained away during my time as an educator through reasoning that they need to protect themselves – presumably from other blacks that are also allowed to bring guns to school), and blacks defending some vague sense of familial honor through violence are all justified by sanctimonious white liberals who truly think themselves superior. Make no mistake, no white liberals would condone this behavior for a second from one of their own kin or offspring.

But when a black does it? Just another day in America.

20 thoughts on “MEDIA BLACKOUT: The Latest Mass Shooting In Minnesota That No One Heard About”

  1. It’s only a “mass shooting” if 4 or more die not including the shooter according to the FBI. This would be a “spree shooting” where people are injured and 3 or less die.
    “clips”? Idiot. MAGAZINES

  2. How are both men alive after unloading clips from close proximity

    I expect more from a pro-firearm writer. Using basic, correct nomenclature is rudimentary.

  3. “I have to agree with Foxx on this one. If these simple minded darkies want to slaughter one another in tribal warfare let them. Everyone that dies is one less we have to babysit in prison or welfare”.

    What about the innocent (usually children) who through no fault of their own are stuck in the ghetto and end up in body bags? Are they deserving of their fate? Darkies? Your lack of critical thinking skills and racism does indeed appear to agree with Foxx.

  4. I am sorry I have to agree with Foxx on this one. If these simple minded darkies want to slaughter one another in tribal warfare let them. Everyone that dies is one less we have to babysit in prison or welfare.

  5. “I often wonder how these scumbags are such terrible shots. How are both men alive after unloading clips from close proximity?”

    Allow me to illuminate. First, it’s a magazine, not a clip. Second, they were both pump adrenaline during the shoot. It’s a human reaction to extreme circumstances. Under that rush, most will not have the calm to aim properly. Third, they probably never practice at the range.

    That’s how.

  6. Meh, a shame, however, until b l a c k America accepts re sp on si bi li ty for their sub-culture and behavior, n o t h i n g will change.

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