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A New Answer To “Is the Pope Catholic?”

It used to be a given that the Pope was Catholic. Whatever the predilections of the clergymen, greed of the Medieval popes, or horrific nature of the clergy’s predations on children, the pope himself was always ostensibly Catholic. Like Catholic mafia dons, the Medici popes and others of rapacious or lecherous heart might have been incessant sinners, but they never publicly dismissed Catholic orthodoxy, especially not in modern times.

Now the left has destroyed even that, and we have a whole new answer to “is the pope Catholic?” Why?

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Well, you see, Francis the Pinko Pope decided that now was the time to meet with Nancy Pelosi, a virulent defender of “abortion rights” who just last month ushered HR 3755, which would, according to

“Eliminate virtually all protections of preborn children, including those that protect preborn babies at late stages of pregnancy. Even when the child has reached viability — the point at which a child is able to live independently outside the womb — HR 3755 would still allow for that fully developed child to be killed in abortion.

Additionally, pro-life Members noted that, under the deceptive name of “Women’s Health,” the bill would override many state protections aimed at protecting children once they are able to survive outside the womb. Because the bill would legalize abortion for virtually any reason, states would also not be able to protect children from sex-selective abortion or protect babies targeted for abortion following the diagnosis of a condition such as Down syndrome.”

According to Catholic doctrine, “Human life must be respected and protected absolutely from the moment of conception. From the first moment of his existence, a human being must be recognized as having the rights of a person – among which is the inviolable right of every innocent being to life” and “Formal cooperation in an abortion constitutes a grave offense. The Church attaches the canonical penalty of excommunication to this crime against human life.

Other Catholic clergy slammed Pelosi’s abortion bill. Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone of San Francisco, for example, called for a “massive and visible campaign of prayer and fasting” and slammed the bill as imposing “abortion on demand nationwide at any stage of pregnancy.

They, actually believing the catechisms of their faith, decided to stand against the bill rather than go along with leftist orthodoxy.

Not so for “Pope” Francis.

Pope Francis, publicly and openly standing against the faith he’s supposed to represent, said the decision about granting Communion to elected officials who support abortion rights should be made from a pastoral point of view, not a political one.

While real Catholics such as Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone slam the bill as a “child sacrifice” measure, “His Holiness,” the pinko Pope, has decided to collaborate with those making the murder of children even easier.

It would have been one thing if Francis met with Pelosi to discuss the abortion bill and push back against it, using his influence, power, and (former) prestige to show why no Catholic should support such a heinous statute. That, far from being condemnable, would have been quite commendable!

But no, he didn’t. Their meeting was about “climate change.” His Holiness, the pinko Pope, is more worried about the angry sun monster than he is about the murder of the unborn.

So now you have a new answer to the classic “is the pope Catholic?” question. As with Slow Joe, the answer is no.

By: Gen Z Conservative. Follow me on Parler and Gettr.

13 thoughts on “A New Answer To “Is the Pope Catholic?””

  1. Forgive those of us, that took this vaccine, & “didn’t” know there were stem cells from Murdered babies in that! :O{{

  2. He “cannot”, be “Pope”, & meet with Nasty Pelosi, killer of human babies! This is why I no longer attend the Church, that I was Baptised in…Now, I am Lutheran! { &, Pelosi…is still damned to Hell!}

  3. No he is not Catholic, he rejects all of the teachings of the Church and Jesus the Christ. Bergoglio is setting up the Ape of the Church as prophesized.

  4. I believe that like all clergy, if you follow or promote any precepts of freemasonry, you are automatically excommunicated. This man elected pope, as well as several before him have all done this and so excommunicated themselves, making them not only not the pope, but no longer catholic.

  5. This article is disingenuous. Here is the truth:(sic)

    Correction: Everything I’m about to post has nothing to do with the specific topic of Pelosi meeting with the Pope. It is simply my attempt to engage in obfuscation and ignore the Bishop of Rome’s failure to confront the Speaker of the House over her absolute support for infanticide.

  6. The article points out that Francis met with Pelosi and discussed a fictional leftist mantra of man’s effect on climate change INSTEAD of talking about Pelosi’s penchant for murdering babies. There is nothing disingenuous about the article. Of course, from a lying leftist fascist perspective, anything not totally positive written about your favorite fascist nazi leftist would be disingenuous.

  7. Meeting with Pelosi is like meeting with Hitler. Unless specifically condemning their murder of millions it sends the message that their crimes are acceptable to Jesus. Jesus told us what should be done to those who mislead the children. What might he say about those who murder the children. The souls of Pelosi and the other abortionists can certainly be saved but not by elevating them as examples of what Catholic politicians should be.but rather counseling them to publicly repent and serve as examples to other catholics.

  8. This article is disingenuous. Here is the truth:

    Pope to pharmacists: Don’t let the ‘culture of waste’ affect you
    Pope Francis receives in audience a delegation of the Italian Society of Hospital Pharmacy and of the Pharmaceutical Services of Health Authorities (SIFO), ahead of its national congress.

    By Robin Gomes

    Pope Francis on Thursday urged pharmacists to watch out against the culture of waste and maintain ethical principles in their profession, reiterating that abortion is murder.

    He made the exhortation to some 150 representatives of the Italian Society of Hospital Pharmacy and of the Pharmaceutical Services of Health Authorities (SIFO) as they kick off their 42nd national congress in Rome, October 14-17. They are deliberating on the theme, “The pharmacist promoter and interpreter of change, emergency, and planning.”
    The innkeeper of the Good Samaritan

    He underscored the importance of the national public health system in ensuring the common good and social growth of a country, especially in the context of the pandemic, which is changing the organization and management of health and healthcare.

    The Pope held out the figure of the innkeeper in the parable of the Good Samaritan, saying he reflects the daily routine and the hidden service of the hospital pharmacists. Requiring patience, constancy, and precision, amid little visibility, pharmacists can generate the “holiness of everyday life” by prayer and love.

    Secondly, he added, the hospital pharmacist comes in immediate contact with patients; sometimes the pharmacy is invisible but makes everything work, ensuring the person is the recipient of care.
    Conscientious objection

    The third path, Pope Francis said, is the ethical dimension at the personal and social levels. On the personal ethical level, he reminded hospital pharmacists, “You are always at the service of human life.” This he said, “may involve conscientious objection, which is not disloyalty, but on the contrary fidelity to your profession, if validly motivated”. Noting a trend to do away with conscientious objection, the Holy Father said it is an ethical principle and the ultimate responsibility of every health professional which cannot be negotiated.
    Abortion – murder

    Conscientious objection, the Pope continued is also a denunciation of injustices against innocent and defenseless life. In this regard, the Pontiff raised the issue of abortion. “You know that I am very clear about this: it is murder and it is not licit to become its accomplice,” he stressed. Rather, he said, it is our duty to be close to situations, especially to women, so that they don’t regard abortion as a solution, because in reality, it is not the solution.
    Culture of waste

    On the social justice level, Pope Francis said that the pursuit of justice and the common good must be economically and ethically sustainable. As the Italian National Health Service seeks to provide universal access to healthcare, the management and financial criteria should not be the sole norms. “The culture of waste must not affect your profession,” he said. He deplored the fact that elderly men and women are given half their medicine requirements to shorten their lives, saying, this too is waste.

    The management of resources must not be only an economic issue but also an ethical and human one. Everyone is called upon to obey the “ethical protocol” in science and conscience, the Pope added.

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