October 17, 2021

DeBlasio: Virtue Signaling Is Critical… Fixing Problems? Not So Much

Divert, blame, and come up with a token gesture to give the perception of being in control. This useless act is what leadership is to Democrats. Bill DeBlasio is a giant of a man physically, but he is tiny in stature. He is a reactionary, not a visionary, and his reactions are not the right solutions for the people of New York. His failed short run for President and now his talk of Governor is proof he is more about feeding his ego than serving the people.

Tolerating Government Tyranny And The Perilous Path of Poo-Pooing the Perturbed Primate

Polling confirms that the will of the people has been and continues to be dismissed. For example, a plurality of the American electorate believes that the most recent election ignored the laws of the land, and plentiful evidence of heinous disenfranchisement and outright cheating abounds. Election shenanigans – which continue to this day – could be sufficient argument that the governed are no longer being represented and they could justifiably choose to remove their consent.

Are Our Systems Failing?

Has our response to COVID finally stopped the engine?  Is what we are experiencing a sign that it is just coasting down now?  Forced shutdowns and vaccine mandates are robbing the commerce engine of its most essential element: a workforce with the expertise and dedication to keep it running.