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Can It Get Worse Than Kim Foxx?

The headlines screamed the news: “Six dead, dozens injured as Beirut protest erupts into heavy gunfights.” Seriously? Let’s check the headlines in Chicago over some recent weekends: “At least 39 shot, 3 fatally, in weekend gun violence” – 11 Oct 2021; “9 killed, 66 wounded in weekend shootings across Chicago” – 9 August 2021; “6 killed, 56 wounded in Chicago weekend gun violence” – 13 Sep 2021. So, six dead in Beirut is cause for international concern, but a similar number killed every weekend in Chicago is a non-event. That is the America that the Democrat party is attempting to replicate across the entire country. Even worse, the judiciary system in large cities across America is aiding, abetting, and facilitating that policy.  

Since this is a conservative website, most of our readers will see that first paragraph and nod knowingly, certain that the issue is exactly as stated. They have seen the carnage of the past two years and they know down to their bones that the issue is poor governance and derelict judiciary. Just as Dr. King famously stated that “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.” Conservatives intuitively know that chaos anywhere is a threat to civilization everywhere. When thugs, racists, seditionists, and criminals run rampant in one city without an effective response on the part of authorities at the city, state, and federal level the chance of that behavior spreading increases exponentially. In many cases, the same thugs, racists, seditionists and criminals go to the next city and do the exact same thing they did in the city they left. They may be evil, immoral people, but they are not stupid. They seek the path(s) of least resistance, and once they find it, they sprint down it. Conservatives know this instinctively. Generally conservative and Christian, they have been taught since pre-school that the human heart is corrupt and inclined toward doing evil. The left wing has no such moral pretensions. They just want to get more votes. 

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That begs the question: who votes for politicians, judges, and district attorneys who allow evildoers to destroy their cities, murder people in the streets, ransack their stores and businesses, and vandalize public monuments and other facilities. Do they enjoy living in dangerous, crime infested hellholes? Based on the recent recall election results in California, which has more than its share of crime and violence, many Americans want more Hellhole, USA in their backyards. Shootings, rape, arson, assault, looting? Heck, that just gives more grist for the new season of COPS on TV!! If they are lucky, maybe they will be on TV themselves standing behind the crime scene tape at another murder, taking selfies for their friends on Facebook. “Hey Mom!! Look at me!! This is right down the street from my new place! Pretty rad, eh?!?”

There is a temptation to dismiss Chicago and other murder cities as aberrations that will soon pass from the scene as the rash of miscreants causing the problems either die or kill each other off. That certainly seems to be the philosophy the DA in Chicago, Kim Foxx, has adopted.  As Ann Coulter documented in her essay titled “Kill Back Better”, Ms. Foxx has apparently decided to go LA many times better in terms of encouraging and enabling criminals. Rather than just let shoplifters run rampant provided they steal less than $1,000 worth of merchandise; Ms. Foxx has decided that prosecuting murderers is not worth the trouble either. Thanks to her consistent refusal to prosecute or even charge known murder suspects, Foxx was able to preside over a 55% increase in murders in Chicago last year.

Unwilling to simply rest on her laurels, DA Foxx has continued to ignore individuals who are killing people in the streets of the city she is supposed to help protect. One of her favorite justifications for her lazy incompetence is that the folks doing the shooting are engaging in “mutual combat.” One supposes that when a seven-year old girl was shot through the heart by a felon on parole and died, it was also a case of “mutual combat”, since Foxx refused to press charges against the perp. Perhaps there were credible reports by witnesses at the scene that the child stuck out her tongue at her murderer thus justifying a violent and deadly response. Mutual combat, don’t cha’ know? The situation is dangerous, inexcusable and alarming in the extreme. This is happening in one of the largest cities in America, not some podunk town in Jerkwater, USA. The most pathetic thing of all is that Foxx was re-elected last year in the midst of her record year of murders by a resounding majority!!! Her re-election was celebrated by none other than Al Sharpton on national TV.  Black Lives Matter? Not in Foxx’s Chicago they don’t.  

If the Demonrat Party won’t draw a line in the sand at condoning and enabling murder, it is crystal clear that they have given up on morality completely. Sarah Palin warned us about death panels, but she assumed that the Demonrats would wait until people ended up in a hospital in desperate need of medical treatment. Now, they are more than happy to let someone shoot you down in the street and save them the time and trouble of having to debate whether to pull the plug on you in your dotage. When a kid dies at seven with a bullet in her heart, it really saves the system a lot of cash in the long run. No worries about her getting diabetes from eating too much, cancer from smoking, AIDS from having sex, or Alzheimer’s from living too long. Foxx has made it a hat trick by saving the costs of incarceration and a trial as well. The woman is a genius! The only thing that might worry liberals is something that Coulter posited as a joke: the shooters are polluting the air with lead. The crazy thing is, liberals are worried about something they believe is more deadly… CO2. You can bet that Foxx would be more likely to prosecute a car company for making an ICE vehicle than she would be to prosecute a murder suspect. That Americans know this and still vote for her is pathetic. To paraphrase Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn:

“We know they are worthless; they know they are worthless; they know we know they are worthless, we know they know we know they are worthless, but they go on being worthless, and we keep re-electing them.”

Article by Ned Claybrook. Originally posted under the headline “Lead Pollution and a Prosecutor Who Loves It” at American Free News Network.