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Did Trump Mean To Tell Republicans Not To Vote?

Former President Trump has caused quite a stir within the Republican party. He recently sent out the following statement: “If we don’t solve the Presidential Election Fraud of 2020 (which we have thoroughly and conclusively documented), Republicans will not be voting in ’22 or ’24. It is the single most important thing for Republicans to do.” Twitter went crazy, with many either supporting or criticizing Trump. Did Trump mean to tell Republicans not to vote? In short, no he didn’t. But it’s not so simple.


Numerous Americans, including myself, were disappointed by the results of the 2020 election. I do believe it was stolen from We The People. Trump is correct in bringing this up. However, his constant talk of discouraging voters isn’t giving him a victory. Instead, it is giving Democrats a victory. By telling voters we shouldn’t vote, guess what? They won’t. Democrats will come out in full force to vote for their candidate, but Republicans won’t because they believe what Trump is saying.


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This is exactly what happened with the Georgia runoffs. Trump, Sidney “Didn’t release the Kraken” Powell, and Lin Wood told Georgia voters to NOT vote since there was fraud in Georgia. What do you know? Barely anyone showed up to vote, since they felt so discouraged by what these three said. 


Now I do think Trump genuinely mis-worded what he meant. I think what he was trying to say is that if any person running for office on the Republican side wants to win voters, they should talk about election reform, lest no one will vote for them. However, if you read it how it is, Trump gives the impression no one should vote since he lost. He certainly should have worded his statement better.


A writer for CNN stated this, and to be honest, I kind of agree with it. “What Trump is saying, quite simply, is that unless and until he is restored as president — due to (nonexistent) voter fraud during the 2020 presidential election — Republican voters should withhold their votes in the 2022 midterms (and the 2024 presidential election).” I still disagree with the “nonexistent voter fraud,” but the writer raises an excellent point. If Trump’s ego isn’t fueled, Americans shouldn’t vote. If CNN, of all media companies, can see Trump is hurting the Republican party, why isn’t anyone else?


I’ve seen numerous journalists or conservative influencers share how people told them they refuse to vote anymore because they believe what Trump is saying. Anthony Cabassa put on his Instagram that he’s “talked to hundreds of people they will never vote again.” Now add that to the already thousands who don’t vote, how will the Republican party win elections? How does Trump not see this? A better question is why do Republicans buy this?


Democrats know how powerful voting is, especially from freedom-loving patriots. That’s why they want you to believe the lie that voting doesn’t matter. They want you to believe that it’s all rigged, so there’s no point of you voting. We already know they cheat, but why give them the leverage to win? We vote because it’s a privilege


This is why so many Republicans are done with Trump. At this point, he is hurting the GOP. I’m not giving them much credit. They’re all in bed with the Democrats. But Trump is doing little to help. He still has a lot of influence, but he isn’t using that influence to help get America First Republicans elected. He just wants to fuel his hurt ego. Nothing can be done to reverse what happened in the 2020 election. How do we fight it? By election pro-America leaders, not complaining about the past. We should be looking to the future. For me, it’s sad to say it, but Trump is doing more harm than good for the GOP, and unless he fixes his act, he won’t be successful in politics anymore. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. I still support him, but let’s be realistic.  If Trump doesn’t return to how he was in 2016, he won’t win again.

By Young Patriot Rising

Young Patriot Rising was founded to bring awareness to issues from the viewpoint of a fellow Gen Z conservative. She discusses numerous political issues, such as cancel culture or abortion, but focuses heavily on human trafficking. When she’s not writing about politics, Young Patriot Rising likes reading, drinking coffee, and listening to country music. Follow her on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Telegram.

This post originally appeared at the blog Young Patriot Rising.

11 thoughts on “Did Trump Mean To Tell Republicans Not To Vote?”

  1. David is right. And why is President Trump even bringing this up? What he should be saying, is “Republicans are going to vote in numbers never seen before! They’re going to be coming out in droves, and Republican office holders need to fix the fraud problem.“

  2. Beautiful Brown: “Not in any way confusing?” Are you kidding me? Answer me this: How will we know the the fraud is “fixed?” Who gets to decide whether or not it’s fixed? Trump? Sidney Powell? Who? And if it’s not fixed up to that person’s standards, should we vote or shouldn’t we?

    It shouldn’t even be a question, shouldn’t even be a topic. Everyone, get off your asses and vote, no exceptions, no excuse. Trump saying “If we don’t fix the fraud… Republicans will not be voting in ’22 or ’24.” How is that, in any way constructive? Biden, Harris, Pelosi, and Schumer were doing cartwheels when they they heard that. And I’m twisting stuff? BS! The message is real easy, real simple. VOTE! EVERYONE!

  3. I do believe we have some democrats posting on here. If we don’t fix the elections we will have democrats run the country forever.

  4. You’re twisting stuff.
    The author laid out a fake premise about a statement that’s not in anyway confusing – fix the fraud or people aren’t going to bother voting but its important for them to do just that. The writer baselessly spun it into some whole other thing. And then here you come claiming that we’re mad because someone is questioning Trump.
    He’s not questioning Trump, he’s spinning and setting up some kind of narrative.
    And Candy Cane was letting you know we ALL see thru it.

  5. Do you think people are stupid? “Republicans will not be voting in ’22 or ’24. It is the single most important thing for Republicans to do.”” What part of that -if you don’t fix the fraud, people aren’t going to bother but its important for them to vote- means what you’re saying??? What confused you about that? Or is this some BS to generate a soundbyte so your friends can say “Trump’s people are turning against him, look!”
    FOH fake Republican SHILL. I live in Brownsville, Brooklyn. There is a houseful of migrants next door to me, about a dozen children and their mothers and a whole bunch of men who don’t look related to them. The mothers look like they were already doing bad in their own countries and the kids are trained to lie, to not tell us details when we talk to them. We need Joe Braindeads stinking carcass out of the WH so these people can stop being exploited by Democrats stuffing them into Congressional districts. We need to end the manufactured crises, the fake shortages. Joe Binded is putting people out of work with his fake mandate. We need that POS out, period!!!
    You’re not fooling NOBODY. We see y’all. Its infiltrators like fake right news sites, FOX calling Arizona for Braindead and the compromised corruptocrats in Congress who have been getting money with Joe Binded longer than I been alive who are really doing the demoralizing, confusing and scattering of Patriots. But we don’t have to deal with y’all much longer – watch.

  6. Trump and every other Republican should be focused on two things: Getting out the vote and removing Democrats from power. We shouldn’t have to be deciphering his words and debating them as if they are a Bible passage.

  7. Whatever you say, Kemosabe. Let’s have Democrats run the country indefinitely, so long as we don’t contradict Trump.

  8. How dare anyone question anything Donald Trump says! It’s heresy! Burn her at the stake!!

    And you call yourself a conservative? Being a conservative doesn’t mean having blind loyalty to anyone, including Donald Trump. I voted for the guy twice, but if you think he’s infallible, YOU ARE THE PROBLEM… Candy Cane. Donald Trump is the reason we have Democrats in power in the Senate, because he was too busy touring Georgia before the special election complaining about the injustice to him and discouraging people from voting. How did that work out, genius?

  9. I agree with Candy Cane. When I first read Trumps comments what I got out of it was protect the system against fraud or nothing will change. You’ll vote and lose because Democrats have rigged the system and it hasn’t been fixed.

  10. This article, along with the person who wrote it, is nothing short of a disgrace! You call yourself a conservative website? I think not! Twisting words of the President of the United States is nothing more than propaganda – YOU are part of the problem. What your dumbass article doesn’t say is that President Trump is 100% correct! Over 80 million voters have been disenfrancised because the 2020 election CLEARLY was stolen. You need to wake the hell up – there is no excuse for this kind of ignorance in days where we all have access to numerous sources of information. When your vote is stolen, do tell why anyone would ever vote again? You have a brain. USE IT!

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