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Reflections Of A Red-Pilled, Retired Teacher: Benevolent Goddesses Governing The Apocalypse, Part 1

By guest author Betsy Lynch


If you don’t think you’re in the middle of an Apocalypse, you aren’t paying attention.  At my age, the “end-of-the-toilet-paper-roll-effect”, those speeding days, plus the wash of memories and connections bathing synapses, both oppresses and excites me. I fear government by the benevolent goddesses.  (Who are they? Susan Rice, Valerie Jarrett, a few Soros heiresses? Some corporate biggies I’ve never heard of, no doubt.) I’ve been a sci-fi teacher. (History/English/ESL) Loved Ursula LeGuin, Margaret Atwood. Heinlein, Bradbury, Orwell, Huxley, Clark, Gibson, Benet.

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I have taught for 40 years. My son and I played on the floor with Fisher Price Castle people on April 20, 1975, while my 14-month-old daughter slept.   That was the date of the crashed babies airlift out of Saigon; Joe Biden had a hand in that, too.   He said in 2012, as VP under Obama, “We got away with that, we’ll get away with getting out of Afghanistan too.”


The question is, what does it mean to “get away with” abandoning a mission and allies?


Who is left to pick up the pieces?  Not the leaders, generally.  They are busy issuing orders and mandates to shut down the little people.


Full disclosure: I did not, could not, vote for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris.  You can move on and read something else if you like.  I understand, from what I’ve been taught by my leftist training, your possible revulsion.  I might have felt it too.  I would never have a Republican friend, or if I did, I’d use that friend as the example of my tolerance.  In my college/public school milieu, we all hated Reagan.   I taught essential Marxism for 40 years, and I didn’t even know it.  Shortly, I’ll address my student unit, “Build Your Own Society” decades ago. But first:


9/11/01 and Afghanistan Debacle: Dirty Secret Elite


Twenty years after a cataclysmic New York City/USA wipeout event, 9/11, that my current students weren’t alive to experience, we’ve ceded that disaster country, heartbreaking nation-killer Afghanistan, to its original terrorists. And now, to their evil empire allies.  China and Russia will move right in easily, and Biden gave Russia permission for their pipeline.  Not ours, though.   In the last year or so, there have been no American military casualties, mercifully, so it wasn’t an emergency as 9/11 had been.


Any prior arrangements could have been cancelled immediately.  Just about everything Trump established was cancelled within weeks of Biden’s inauguration (pipeline, too).  The Afghanistan withdrawal debacle is maybe not the debacle our media seek to show, but instead a planned move by an “enlightened” oligarchy.   


Essentially, all the blood, treasure, hope, and good karma concessions to bad guys (appeasement) appears for naught.  The big secret dirty elite crowd, both Democrat and Republican, has made its money, and now prepares for the next opportunity to sell out the little good guys.  Just heard Biden’s mouthpiece Jen say that women activists and others in “priority” groups will be airlifted here to the US on a fast-track.  Sort of a new “Squad,” of America haters.  Goddesses.  (Oh, we still have 12,000 plus stranded American citizens. I’ve heard up to 80,000)


While we’re watching the wizards’ performance, those behind the curtain are arranging for the takeover of Taiwan, and the elimination of true voting in the world, because we can’t possibly understand what’s best for us. (Taiwan produces 50% of the world’s computer chips.  That’s why.  Afghanistan’s Taliban produces a whole lot of heroin.  Money, and the subjugation of the masses.  China is mostly about the money. When I say we are in a post-apocalyptic world, I’m sure not talking about the damn CCP Covid flu.)


I remember 9/11 so vividly that I can smell the city as it was, a month later when I visited, ashes still in the air, the putrefied smell of death and twisted shaved metal.  Immediately, there was a movement to blame ourselves in my Unitarian group: what had we done wrong?  How could we assure the kindness and love that mattered most in this world? My NYC Jewish cousin had been two blocks away and was stranded.  She initially vowed to get even with those evil bastards.  Later, of course, the media manipulated the narrative to send us to war with Iraq. 


I protested in the streets, carried signs, and still believe it was a horrible mistake.  15 or the 19 were Saudi’s.  Trained in Afghanistan.  Why Iraq?  Because Saddam Hussein was evil.  We had already put together the war to take him out before 9/11, that was clear.   I believed we were the bad guys.  But I didn’t know who “WE” were. And the price Iraqi women and our helpers there would pay once the US lost interest in the battle again.  Soldiers won; suits gave it away.  I hear that a lot lately.


Voting: We the people or Dominion


Children are trained to accept whatever doctrine the big secret dirty elite can profit from, and the noble idea of a Republic that balances the needs of states with a “general good”, supported by the “Electoral College” and Fair voting, is now vilified by a tiny few oligarch who control textbooks, media, and tech.  We are living in the Game of Thrones, and we are less safe than we were 20 years ago.  And so are the women and children and good men of Afghanistan.  And the women and children and good men of the United States of America, now overrun by hordes of people begging for access to the idea that no longer appeals to Americans, somehow. 


We will be back in Afghanistan because the dirty secret elite will always want the heroin profit, as soon as the anti-war, anti-imperialism crowd can be appeased with a vast influx of guilt reducing immigrants.  I’ve not always been so cynical; years ago, during the Nicaragua rush, I recall making up social security numbers to harbor our illegal immigrants in my ESL adult night classes.  Public schools have been doing it for years, to assure funding from the feds.  Everybody loves immigrants and helping.  


It’s who we are.  But.  Security? Sharia law? Elimination of citizen voting ID.  Wait.

Are we seriously going to want national elections?  Why not international elections  then?  (It’s already happening.) Were the conspiracy nuts right then? A new world order reset.  Young people shrug if you keep them on social media and away from their parents and grandparents?  Just one big Facebook voting machine. 


Breaking down Society: A How-to Manual


The Afghan videos emerge of rapes, brutality, beatings, and beheadings with some regularity, and they are a distraction from the main news which is this: our election was clearly fraudulent.  We’ve been sold out. Attempts to nationalize a federalist protected system (the word means loose federation of states, with the power given to the states to control their own elections).  Zuckerberg gave large “grants” to hire swing state city workers and place boxes for dropped in votes, many of which were not counted until after it was clear that Trump won.  Before our eyes, we saw Atlanta workers wheel in boxes of votes after the bi-partisan election workers were told counting was over until the next morning.  When in your lifetime did counting simultaneously stop in several states, and you could see it on national TV?


The oligarchic intent is to remove real voting and control it by back door access machines.  How do we do that? Break down communication with groups, families, churches, organizations, and control them with Zoom. Isolate people.  Make them dependent.


When my daughter, a teacher is a chaotic nightmare, complains, she now fills in for me what I’ve said for twenty years: “At least you don’t live in Afghanistan.” Yet.  I just said it again yesterday.


My family disappeared during the Covid business, and I relied on surrogate family groups to sustain me.  I don’t mean to say that I was abandoned by my family, just that our political experiences and perceptions (differences) were exacerbated by mainstream media and Big Tech.  They cut me off from my grandchildren because they feared I might infect them with ideas. They pretended it was the virus concerns.  


I’m not even religious, or otherwise dangerous.  Mostly, my kids wanted to cling to their medieval small community (ok, their age cohort, too), and I capitulated as one who is placed in a prison tower.  Whenever I opened my mouth to express a view, I regretted it in seconds.  That persists.  It is the tried-and-true method of Empire. The Romans’ sophistication vs. the Barbarians.  Take the children, retrain them, enslave them. Pacify them. (No, it doesn’t mean, “make peaceful”, as the dictionary would have us believe.)


Our youth believe, because we have allowed them to, that they can control the future. They’ve allowed themselves (we have allowed the takeover of our schools) to believe it’s all America’s fault that anything bad is happening in the world.  I believed it too, despite being the daughter of a World War Two Navy Hero, who gave two years of his life at sea defeating those who would be tyrants. 


Two years ago, I took my granddaughter to Epcot at her request, and the only site she didn’t want to see was the United States exhibit.  China and Japan were her heroes. Tik-Tok. 5G.  Learn Mandarin or die.  I’ve learned some Mandarin.  I’m also far less interested now in taking my granddaughter anywhere of substance.  I took the older one to Spain, but who knows what emerged from that.  Their civil strife was of no interest to her.  Oh, I’m cranky, I understand.


But today, as I watched people fall from the wheels of airplanes, and out of the sky, struggling against all odds to get to this beacon of hope, the United States of America, I realized that what they seek isn’t here anymore.  We have our own nation-building that must be undertaken right here at home if it isn’t too late. 


By Betsy Lynch


Betsy Lynch taught English, ESL, combined English/Social studies for public schools (middle schools  through college) for over forty years, and just retired in December 2020 from the College of Central Florida. After retirement from New York State at 30 years in 2005, she started work immediately in Florida, and has continually tried to “stay retired.” In 2018, she self-published a poetry collection, “Turning Base: Wind Perceptions” (Mill City Press, available on Amazon.) It attempts insights into a radically changing world while reflecting on the lessons of teaching, piloting (single-engine plane), parenting and grandparenting, literature, and music.  Some days she perceives the book as an exorcism; others, she gratefully accepts the pleasure it gave to reflect. She resides in both Ocala, Florida (an air ranch)  and upstate New York.  Website sporadically maintained at Dabbles on Twitter (Liz Lynch) @Turninbase on Gettr. Her email is


Photo by CDC on Unsplash