A “Small Price To Pay” For Nice Tweets

Editor’s Note: The E.P.A. recently announced new initiatives, with no limiting scope, meant to explore and curtail the use of allegedly dangerous and pervasive chemicals in both public and private water sources.

More than a few folks have had a political come-to Jesus moment during the brief reign of F. Joe Biden I (the First). It’s hard not to with gas prices rising, inflation, shortages, and the rest of it. But are they having a real moment? Do they see the big picture?

PFAS in the water could be a problem, but it has never been the problem advertised by ‘activists.” They call it a forever chemical, but there’s no proof of that. People who handle the stuff daily have no higher incidence of cancer than any other group of people, but they a) won’t tell you that and b) focus on sowing doubt. But what if?

You mean, like, what if communism worked?

What we do know about The PFAS scare is that it (coincidentally) advances their political agenda – the big picture.

They want you to use less water. The list of schemes is long, and I will not burden you with them here, but they all do the same thing. Make it cost more so that people are priced out of access. In other words, saving the world means anyone from the middle-class down will have to do with less, sometimes none, to “save the planet.”

For who? Them. The ruling class, the elites. They’ll keep using water as they always have, on-demand because the price has little no effect on them while you suffer, so they may rule the way they feel was intended without any participation or interference from you.

If you take that example and broad-stroke the entire Democrat agenda, you’ll find it applies across the board. Energy, travel, masks, everything.

Global Warming, Climate Change, Climate Chaos. The goal is to make YOU use less energy by pricing you out, denying you comfort, or even basic transportation unless they control it.

Hiking the cost of gas is a regressive tax to force you to abandon your autonomy and maybe even move to a high-crime, no-cop, urban jungle and abandon any right to self-defense or anything else.

The entire Public health Potemkin village serves a similar purpose. Complete Health Care’s path to the dark side. Like PFAS, you scare people, shout down anything that contradicts you, and promise that the same people who can’t run one city without f**king it up can manage over 3.7 million square miles and 330 million people who are all different.

As for the nice tweets, that’s the biggest joke of all. Have you ever waded into it with a Democrat on Social media?

Article by Steve MacDonald. Originally posted at Granite Grok.

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