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Buying Sex Means Taking Responsibility For Potentially Helping Human Traffickers

In Ohio, Tennessee, and Florida, human trafficking stings were busted by local law enforcement. This situation brings to discussion about why these states are so determined to catch those soliciting prostitutes. Both states give a similar answer of why they choose to create these operations. To send a message to the community of “Don’t buy sex.” If you are caught buying sex, this means you must bear the responsibility of potentially helping human traffickers.


In Ohio, more than 200 individuals were caught in a human trafficking sting. The largest in the state’s history. Some of the perpetrators included a city councilman, a fireman, a pilot, and even a college professor. Dubbed “Operation Ohio Knows,” the state intends to send a strong message out there for buyers-of-sex. Don’t do it.

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Attorney General David Yost of Ohio shared that buyers/consumers of sex do not know if the person they are getting sexual pleasure from isn’t a victim of human trafficking. Operation Ohio Knows found 10 minors who were reported missing. At least 3 of the people caught shared that they were willing to have sex with a minor.


Meanwhile in Florida, a 20-day sting called “Operation Round-Up” had detectives pretend to be prostitutes online to lure potential perpetrators out. The result: 125 men were arrested. Of these 125 men, one was a teacher and another was a pastor. The sting rescued four women and one minor female from human trafficking. This was the first sting operation in Tampa. The Sheriff of Hillsborough County stated that this is only the beginning, and the need for more operations is a must to fight human trafficking.


What stood out is the fact a teacher and a pastor, two people you consider trustworthy, would be caught in this sting. Unfortunately, this isn’t uncommon.

Recently, Tennessee announced a two day undercover operation to lure out solicitors of sex from minors. The operation caught a dozen men.


This brings up the issue of if all prostitutes are victims of human trafficking. There is no guarantee to know if that person you’re paying for sex is 1) a victim of human trafficking, or 2) underaged. In many cases, it’s a combination of the two! There are only two options if you are considering making such a choice. Either you pay for sex and assume the responsibility that you are engaging in human trafficking, or you don’t pay for sex.



This is an issue that creates much controversy, as many are quick to defend porn stars and/or prostitutes. This is just the truth of the matter. Traffickers know how to avoid the law, or even work with/for the law, so they can continue to succeed. With operations like the one in Florida and Ohio, this makes traffickers or potential traffickers lose business. The community will realize they are fueling the demand, and once the demand ends, traffickers have no business.


Those who buy sex must be held accountable for their actions. Again, there is no possible way someone can know with 100% guarantee they aren’t paying for sex from a victim of human sex trafficking. By bringing awareness to the issue with big sting operations like these two, it sends a strong message out to the community: don’t buy sex or assume responsibility.


More women and children are in danger of being exploited by evil people with evil intentions. It is our job to prevent this. We must raise awareness on human trafficking.


By Young Patriot Rising


Young Patriot Rising was founded to bring awareness to issues from the viewpoint of a fellow Gen Z conservative. She discusses numerous political issues, such as cancel culture or abortion, but focuses heavily on human trafficking. When she’s not writing about politics, Young Patriot Rising likes reading, drinking coffee, and listening to country music. Follow her on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Telegram.


Photo by nARCOTO at Flickr.

4 thoughts on “Buying Sex Means Taking Responsibility For Potentially Helping Human Traffickers”

  1. I’ve lived in countries with legalized prostitution. the effects? less prostitution on the streets, less human trafficking, less spread of disease (workers get healthcare and are regulated and condoms are more common). prostitution is n Germany is just another job, albeit a slightly unsavory one, but one with benefits, less risks to the workers, etc.

    that prostitution is even illegal creates a market for human traffickers. remove the market and remove the trafficking. this is another example of a law designedto do something and instead doing almost the opposite.

    people sat Europe is a nanny state. compared to the USA it is a babe in the woods and I’ve never felt more a part of a nanny state than since I came back to America.

  2. Substituting trafficking for prostitution does not make it a different thing. Someone somewhere teach this person to think.

  3. Either you pay for sex and assume the responsibility that you are engaging in human trafficking, or you don’t pay for sex.

    The whole paragraph is one of those ad hominems. I’m by no means advocating paying for sex, nor do I disagree that human trafficking needs to be eliminated, but not every person who sells their body has been trafficked. When I was a young man I shared an apartment with a woman who worked at a club, she did more than dance, but there’s no way she was trafficked. She did it purely out of greed and a way to get what she wanted. I’m to the point now when I read an article that states opinions as facts I get angry, even non-political stuff.

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