Can Republicans Turn Virginia And the Country Red?

The Gubernatorial Race in Virginia is happening at a very opportune time. It is forcing the covering of specific issues such as government overreach in education. This subject exposes a weakness in the Democrat policies that the Mainstream Media would just as soon ignore. Terry McAuliffe weighed-in about a parent’s role in the education process., and many think McAuliffe wishes he had never made the comment. He now owns it, and it may cost him this election and will have a ripple effect on the 2022 mid-terms.

McAuliffe’s comment was not just a slip of the tongue. It was a revelation of the truth. The Democrats, especially the Progressive wing, do not want the best for our children and certainly do not want parent intervention in the education process. The Democrats have their own process, which started years ago and was one of their most successful initiatives.

Their goal was a total transformation of the country away from our Constitutional Republic to a form of Socialism. They used the approach of recruiting more Progressive candidates at all levels of government. To accomplish their mission, they had to have a broad spread impact and work from the local level up. They also had to educate, or indoctrinate, the youth to ensure support for their ideals. That is where the education system came into play.

It was not by chance that back in the 60s and 70s, the most radical progressives found their way into our university system. That is where they had to begin to change the thinking of the people who would teach at the lower levels of the education system. This initiative was a long game, and the Democrats were patient and methodical. This tactic was when the game gained momentum as they caught an entire society sleeping and complacent.

As the support grew, the philosophy spread to the high school level and school boards. Very few were paying attention to school board activity and the changes in the curriculums of K through 12. The changes started slowly, deemphasizing math and science to more philosophy-based cores, including a sterilized and modified version of American history. They had already removed God and Country from schools. Prayer was banned in public schools in 1962, and the assault on the Pledge of Allegiance took hold in 2002.

Math and science scores dropped, and our world ranking on these subjects declined. People noticed these trends, but the reasons for the declines were never attached to the Progressive process. The grading systems were changed to mask the slide, and the cycle continued. With the entire education system in the country on board, the Progressives could claim victory on indoctrinating a whole generation, but they were not done.

In the last step, the thinking on social justice and gender neutrality were injected. The ideas of Critical Race Theory and the 1619 Project were introduced. They were to reinforce to this newly indoctrinated generation how the basis for forming the United States of America was flawed and why a new system, a more equitable system, was needed. The Progressive Take-over of our country was almost complete.

The final ingredient was to strip the idea of self from our young people. That is where the WOKE movement and the concept of gender neutrality came into play. If you could deny personal identity and thoughts of self from the young, they would be much easier to mold into a collective and inclusive society. The Left had almost succeeded, but society has awakened, maybe too late, but they are alerted to what has happened to their children. They are embarrassed, angry, and ready to fight to reverse what has happened for the last fifty years.

Virginia might be the first battleground in the fight to reverse course. Since McAuliffe made that slip, his numbers have dropped in the polls, and a newcomer, Glenn Youngkin, has pulled even and has the Democrats petrified. Youngkin has exposed McAuliffe as a part of the Progressive plan and has taken his family-first approach to the people of Virginia. It is working, and he may pull off the upset. Doing so will have a ripple effect going into the 2022 midterms, and with Biden’s plummeting ratings, the stage is set for a giant Red Wave. The first step for the Right is Virginia and winning the Governor’s seat on November 2nd.

By Ray Cardello

Ray Cardello is a conservative blogger at A Conservative View from New Hampshire who believes America is strong enough to keep us on track but making folks aware of the truth is essential to a successful and prosperous future for us all. 

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11 thoughts on “Can Republicans Turn Virginia And the Country Red?

  1. Virginia is already red. It was red in the 2020 election. If you watch the live results, you’ll see votes being stolen in real time. This playbook has been successfully used over and over to keep Virginia under the thumb of Democrats. What makes you think it will be any different this time around?

  2. If the election is even close (within 5% lead from Youngkin) the Democrats will steal it for sure with fake ballots. Youngkin has to win a landslide to overcome Democrat cheating.

  3. Why do you think he would make a comment about education like this??? Because he knows he is already going to win.

  4. As soon as the Progs know how many votes McAuliffe needs to win, Dominion’s remote administrators will login and conjure them out of thin air to give him a comfortable 3-4% margin. Too small to trigger audits, big enough to steal the election. That’s what they’ve been doing since providing results-to-order in Latin and South American elections since the 1990s. It’s a winning formula, and will remain so until people rise up and demand election integrity.

  5. Until you get true voter integrity we do not stand a chance of winning. You cannot win in a rigged game. This is why Biden and company can push mandates and tell us to get used to shortages (“let them eat cake” comes to mind). They know they now control election outcomes. Therefore the will of the people no longer matters to them.

  6. Will people finally wake up when the Dems steal ANOTHER election?
    Will you realize that the SYSTEM is GONE.
    The entire government — both local (in many states, not all) and Federal (in all departments) — are is CORRUPTED?

    Now…assume you have zero recourse under as outlined under the law aka the Constitution. How do you live in a former Republic that is now either fallen in Anarchy or has had its government co-opted by Enemy Agents intent on punishing its enemies?

  7. You can guarantee there will be cheating. The Marxists don’t want to lose this contest. I’m sure dominion machines will be used so cheating is a gimme…


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