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Humor: Who Can Be Wrong And Keep Their Job?

Imagine if you, in your job, happened to be wrong about every single thing that you were asked to look into. Would you keep your job? Probably not.

Plumbers have to actually fix the issue…if they don’t repair a broken pipe and install a new toilet instead, they won’t be in business for long, especially if that happens every time they’re hired to fix a pipe.

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Or what about a gunsmith? Would one who never quite gets a trigger and receiver tune up right, and instead messes us the headspace between the receiver and barrel, potentially killing the shooter, stay in business? Likely not.

And while we joke about meteorologists, they’ve gotten pretty good at their jobs. Even if they’re sometimes wrong or slightly off, they’re typically right about the next few days, at least in the temperate clime of the Southeast. Not good enough to predict the climate out for a thousand years, as climate change “scientists” claim is possible, mind you, but good enough to know if going fishing in the afternoon is a good idea.

But Fauci? Apparently, the top-paid bureaucrat in the country, the man who’s Director of the NIAID and the chief medical officer to the president? Well, he can be wrong (or lying) about everything and not only keep his job, but grow the level of funding granted to him!

That’s government for ya. Maybe it’s not just Fauci, but a whole of government thing. The agencies that insisted there were WMDs in Iraq, didn’t stop 9/11, and didn’t know about China’s hypersonic space nuke get ever more funding, after all.

By Gen Z Conservative

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Photo courtesy of our friend Gen Z Conservative.