Pete Buttigieg Represents Everything Wrong With Modern Politics

I don’t know anyone that works at the Department of Transportation, but I would really like to know the sense of trust, respect, or anything else leaders must have among their subordinates in his ranks. Framed as a question, how can anyone tolerate Pete Buttigieg? How can he show up to work without a sense of total embarrassment?

The Blue State Conservative has been consistent on two points as it relates to Mayor Pete: 1) We do not care about his sexual preferences and 2) He is where he is precisely because of his sexual preferences. This should be obvious by now to everyone.

Mayor Pete was hardly qualified to become a big(ish)-city mayor at the age of 30 when he took the helm in South Bend, Indiana. His parents’ Notre Dame influence (whose own influence on Pete is scarily Marxist) in the community certainly helped, but Mayor Pete rose to that level of power as a direct result of his homosexuality. Ours is no longer a country that demonizes such identities, if it ever did to the degree proclaimed; it rewards them beyond their merit. If not for his bedroom proclivities, Buttigieg would have been just another white male – a member of the most despised class of Americans in contemporary culture. If he weren’t gay, maybe he would have played the child-of-immigrants card.

As mayor, the stories go that he was unable to fulfill basic governmental functions such as road maintenance, providing public safety, or ensuring adequate resources in schools. Can anyone say South Bend is better off after his eight years of public service? Are communities healed? Are lives improved? Seriously, what did he accomplish? While no government can ever truly realize those lofty ambitions (indeed, it is only the individual who will improve his lot), Democrats love to promise utopia and never deliver. It needs to constantly be pointed out when they stumble.

There are two central issues with Mayor Pete serving as the Secretary of Transportation. He was promoted solely due to identity politics (which always precludes a merit-based promotion) and he was inserted in the specific role as a result of political backroom deals. He dropped out of the presidential primaries and instantly endorsed Joe Biden. Now, this is not unique to Democrats; indeed, it is an inherent flaw in our system as a whole. As with Kamala Harris, who was also picked based on identity politics and political maneuvering, Buttigieg is the manifestation of the rot of the totality of this philosophy. This is not a defense of his predecessor, but at least McConnell’s wife knew the game. When I wanted a treadmill, I got a treadmill. Right, Psaki? She kept the container ships coming and going. Buttigieg, like Harris, is criminally aloof and incompetent. He doesn’t deserve a managerial position in South Bend’s public transportation department, let alone the entire nation’s.

Pete Buttigieg is not the first, nor will he be the last, in-over-his-head appointment to satisfy diversity quotas or to score points based on political ambitions and compromises. However, he is one of the most, if not the most, ignorant and arrogant assholes to ever scold the American public when they notice. It is unlikely he alone is responsible for the shipping crisis in California. That belongs to Joe Biden et al. That being said, like it or not he is the head and face of a department tasked with ameliorating such crises when they arise.

Instead of rolling up his sleeves with the traditional American work ethic, Buttigieg rolled up his skirt to play a birthing person in one of the most horrific hospital photo shoots of my lifetime. Then, he disappeared for more than two months despite paternity leave existing as much to support a recovering mother who delivers a human being from her body and requires extensive recovery. Did his gay male partner require similar physical healing? Now, when he finally did show back up to the office, it was to berate Tucker Carlson and any American who noticed he was a miserable failure. Here’s a hint, Pete: Americans want you to help solve a major problem, not hectors hold us for pointing out the obvious.


Without a doubt, Mayor Pete has presidential ambitions. Given his identity as a gay man, no doubt the entire DNC machine has ambitions for that as well. The first female president? That’s so 2016. Women no longer matter (or exist); only sexual preferences do. If Buttigieg is this bad already, it is terrifying to think of the damage he would continue to do in future posts. He needs to go away. Now.

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6 thoughts on “Pete Buttigieg Represents Everything Wrong With Modern Politics

  1. A prime example of the kakistocracy this administration is. Unfortunately, Buttigieg is merely one of many such examples.

    1. You are so right. He was a poor excuse as a mayor and now look at his performance as secretary of transportation. When we are in trouble as a nation he takes family leave. Nothing wrong with family leave but when you have a high positon in the government, etc you are on call 24 – 7.


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