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Biden Is Unifying America…Against Him

Joe Biden campaigned as the person who could bring the country together after four years of Donald Trump. He campaigned that he had the experience, talent, and relationships worldwide to repair our image that Donald Trump had damaged. Joe campaigned that he would put the people in place to rebuild our country and economy.

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America has not bought a bill of goods like this since we elected a peanut farmer from Georgia in 1976 that gave us the worst presidency in our history until 2020. In just nine months, Joe Biden has shown us that he will supplant Jimmy Carter on the Mount Rushmore of worst Presidents. Joe Biden’s administration is a train wreck. 

You can sugarcoat it and say we need to give him a chance but “NO.” He does not deserve a chance. Joe Biden has been in Washington for 50 years and told us he would be ready to go on Day One.

He was ready to go on Day One, but not like anyone imagined. With pen and binders of executive orders, he dismantled the work of Donald Trump. He destroyed four years of progress in one hour of signing his name to Biden Executive Orders. It was a one-hour preview of the disaster to follow.

These statements are my opinion, but they are reinforced by the poll numbers recently released. Joe Biden has had the most significant decrease in his approval rating during the first nine months of any President since World War II. In other words, the honeymoon is over for Joe Biden, and his approval rating is spinning downward with every category, including Democrats. Nobody wants to go on the record as complicit with President Biden. He is a ship alone like the ones stacked up outside our ports.

There have been many low points for Biden in 2021. But his teaming with AG Merrick Garland and the NSBA, National School Board Association, to label parents who conflict with local school officials as Domestic Terrorists could set the low mark for the bar. If there is one way to unify people, it is to label them as terrorists. They have been trying to walk back these comments, but the proverbial horse is out of the barn. 

AG Garland made matters worse during his testimony last week before the House Judiciary Committee. He had no facts, no data, no investigation to back up his letter and comments other than a letter from the NSBA.

The polls are abysmal. According to Real Clear Politics, Biden’s numbers are:

Courtesy of Real Clear Politics

These numbers show that Biden has not only lost the people who supported Trump but is losing his supporters. I think the Direction of the Country is the key indicator. People do not have confidence in the path Biden has laid out for us. There is no trust in Biden’s decisions or the feckless team of diverse secretaries in his Cabinet. These choices made by checking off woke boxes rather than choosing the best and brightest will bring down this President. Kamala Harris will be no helping hand on his way down. She is already absent by plan from any administration activity.

Can he turn this around? No. To do so would mean reinstating some of the policies from Trump, and there is no way Biden will admit that Trump was right on anything. 

Our only hope is to stalemate until the midterms. If Republicans regain the House and Senate, it will grind things to a halt for the next two years. In light of where we are heading, a halt will be a welcome alternative.

By Ray Cardello

Ray Cardello is a conservative blogger at A Conservative View from New Hampshire who believes America is strong enough to keep us on track but making folks aware of the truth is essential to a successful and prosperous future for us all. 

Photo courtesy of the Joe Biden for President 2020 Campaign