How Many Vaccine Sciences Are There?

Yesterday, the FDA gave clearance to children being vaccinated with a novel mRNA cocktail against a disease which they have higher than a 99.997% chance of survival. Keep in mind, that figure isn’t 100% because children with mostly severe underlying health conditions succumbed with the presence of the virus in their system. It’s no less tragic, but these are the facts. 


To sum up the advisory board’s authorization, children already aren’t vectors of transmission and are not at risk of the virus, but now they will get experimental poison injected into their minimal musculature that still doesn’t prevent transmission, still doesn’t offer any more protection than before, carries extreme risks, and has unknowable long-term side effects. That’s some science.


Without a doubt, the outcome of the October 26th meeting was about as preordained as Joe Biden’s election victory last fall, so it’s not a surprise, though it still baffles the mind as to justification for it and is no less terrifying. As with the early adult vaccination program, how long until little ones will be required to take the jab?


Perhaps more than anything else, the FDA’s greenlight for children as young as five to be poked is especially stunning given the fact that in the past few days and weeks, both left- and right-leaning news outlets published matter-of-fact headlines like these:



In no uncertain terms, the Nordic “science” suggests that, at the very least, more evidence is needed before making a commitment to jabbing young people with heretofore untested mRNA cocktails. A reading of each article reveals that a shared concern in each country is the development of serious and fatal side effects. In the case of young people, the risk outweighs the reward of vaccination. This would appear indisputable…but then again, everything that is indisputable – natural immunity, mask ineffectiveness, lockdown worthlessness, futile vaccination in the hopes of preventing the spread of a respiratory illness – is routinely and intentionally ignored.


Nevertheless, the current American “science,” has arrived at the exact opposite conclusion of its Nordic counterpart, writing on October 25th:



And now from the 26th:



It is empirically and scientifically impossible that the same vaccines, injected into the same age demographic, would result in such unique issues of safety if only the geography differed. Scarily, it is not like Americans are blind to the same hazardous effects in young people. The NIH – from the halls of Fauci himself – published a report detailing the outcomes of mass vaccination in the military, an overwhelmingly younger and healthier subsection of the American population writ large. It couches its language in the faux-sophistication and reluctance of an entity desirable of poking everyone regardless of outcomes, but it nonetheless acknowledges the same pattern of myocarditis and other serious side effects  seen in northern Europe among otherwise healthy young people and adults. None of it matters to the ruling class elites in the United States. 


Of the many head-shaking bewilderments, not a single mention is made of why a 5-year-old child would need this but one just a year younger is exempt; in the same line of thinking, not a single mention is made of why an 11-year-old child would require just one-third the dosage of someone just a year older than them. The most important questions remain: Why do kids need this at all? What type of parent would line up the most precious thing on this planet to get one of these injections? 


One could hardly describe what is happening as scientific anymore. Given the irreconcilable positions between the American and Scandinavian scientific communities, what other conclusion can be drawn except ours are much more beholden to the financial interests of giant pharmaceutical companies, committed to the evil push to eradicate at best the control group and at worst a vast number of people, or a combination of the two? The longer this goes on, it is impossible not to lean toward the latter.

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8 thoughts on “How Many Vaccine Sciences Are There?

  1. The vast majority of people admit that Covid is not some AI-enhanced virus that knows when and who to target. I’d suggest even half know that the vaccine is simply a continuation of the bioweapon. What this nightmare is really about is people and organizations who virtue signal for different reasons. People deny the science and comply because of social pressure and an obsessive desire to be accepted by those with similar ideological beliefs. Organizations comply because they fear legal or political repraisal. Government has turned covid into economic blackmail of the private sector.

  2. “Moderna Says Its Vaccine Is Safe and Effective in Kids 6-11”!! How could they possibly know what they are claiming? To my knowledge the vaccine has not been cleared for use. Have young children been injected with this Experimental Drug are they being used as Test Animals?
    My sons are 56/55 years old…if they were children I would not allow them to be injected with this potential POISON!


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