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On Being Joe Biden

Tucker told us a few nights ago that the many crises caused by Joe Biden are intentional. Joey boy is merely the Big Boys’ marionette. The end is said to be 2028, when the last of the great pension funds is drained and all that could be stolen, everything of value in America, is stolen. Joe gets his sizable cut, of course, and the Lefty media will no doubt go down singing his praises. They fancy themselves exempt but they, too, will get sucked under, life savings stolen, investments worthless, nothing to eat, and they won’t even have a gun at home to fend off the mobs.

You gotta wonder how it feels to betray 350 million people right in front of their eyes. 

That’s both the ones who fell for his lies completely and the ones who saw thru him from the beginning. Joe Biden: the biggest crook of all time who sold out the greatest country there ever was. He didn’t just take their money and burn down their houses with them inside. He took away their whole country, the backdrop to their lives where they grew up, established themselves, raised their families, contributed their part to the larger story of a near-fantasyland called America, truly blessed by God.

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Indeed, how can it feel to know you’re the least-loved man of your era? That no one who knows what you’re really about, at home or abroad, admires you or respects you or wants to be like you? That when you hobnob with foreign leaders, not one wants to stand next to you or hear your silly boasts or seek out your advice or win your approval or secure your friendship or even just pass the time? It makes them queasy to be in the same room with you. Your own kids … but let’s not go there, it’s just too depressing.

Joe Biden, the most pathetic human since Judas Iscariot.

By Jack Rail

Jack Rail is a retired Army officer who writes mostly when something gets his goat.

Photo by Matt Johnson at Flickr