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From “Make America Great Again” To “Lower Your Expectations”

The Trump Administration, whatever its flaws might have been (and I do not think there were many), was amazing in that those in it that had bought into Trump’s worldview understood that America could be great and, more importantly, should be great.

Unlike the elites that have propounded on “managed decline” for decades, Trump and his team wanted freedom and growth!

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Factories shouldn’t be shipped to China, the military shouldn’t rot from within as its equipment falls apart, the populace shouldn’t live lives of despair brought about by corporate raiders like Mitt Romney.

No! America should be great. Our nation’s infrastructure should be the best in the world. Our military should inspire a deep, chilling fear in the hearts of our enemies and confidence in the souls of our allies. Americans should buy goods made in America by Americans, not pieces of cheap trash from communist hellholes.

We’re a wealthy nation with a long history of success. Things should be great here.

Trump got that. His slogan, “Make America Great Again,” captured it perfectly. There was a time when American Greatness was undisputed. Now, not so much. Trump and his team did their best to return us to those days when America was regarded as a great place both from within and without!

Joe Biden and his cronies, however, are much more the “managed decline” types. Or, as Jen Psaki put it in a recent press conference, “lower your expectations.”

They don’t want to make America great, that would be too much work. Hell, they don’t even want America to be great because they think we’re an evil, racist country.

So what do we get?

Supply chain disasters excused by Jen saying not to worry about your treadmill getting in late. We’ll see if she’s so snide when oil and beef don’t arrive.

Jobs sucked back out to China. Whereas Trump tried to rebuild the heartland and bring back the factories that once employed skilled American patriots, Biden and his ilk couldn’t care less about the heartland. “Lower your expectations” for a job, they might say.

A military that can’t win a war and is looking increasingly like it’s filled with social justice warriors rather than real warriors. Under Biden, the military certainly isn’t great. It lost Afghanistan in a disastrous fashion and its top men worry more about “white rage” than red China. “Lower your expectations” for victory, Jen might say when the Seventh Fleet sits at the bottom of the Taiwan Strait.

The 180-degree reversal wrought by Biden has not been a good one.

Under Trump, things were improving, in many cases rapidly. Military readiness was increasing, the economy was booming, companies were reshoring profits and jobs, and, most importantly, Americans across the country glimpsed the vision of American Greatness that should be omnipresent in our lives.

Under Biden, none of that is the case. The economy struggles as millions either won’t go back to work or quit their jobs, both because of welfare incentives and unjust vaccine mandates. The military is a disaster area. Illegals pour across the border in increasing numbers. Supply chains are backed up. But, worst of all, the Biden Administration is fine with decline, as shown by Jen’s “lower your expectations” comment. We’ve gone from an American Renaissance to an American collapse and their policies are certainly to blame.

By Gen Z Conservative: Follow me on Parler and Gettr.

Photo and content courtesy of our friend Gen Z Conservative.