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Open Thread Thursdays: At What Number Of Booster Shots Will The Majority Of Americans Realize They Were Duped By Vaccines?

A brief timeline of the Covid “vaccine” rollout:

November 2020: Pfizer and Moderna announce their new vaccines are 95% effective against. The public is told they need the two-dose regimen for full protection.

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June, 2021: The CDC suggests everyone will likely need a third booster shot against Covid.

October, 2021: The CDC updates its guidelines that recommend severely compromised individuals get a fourth Covid booster.

At this point, it’s not a question of if but when the CDC simply tacks on a fifth booster shot. Indeed, at the very least many doctors are calling for annual Covid shots. This is all either a carefully-crafted public rollout or a woefully incomplete understanding of the mRNA jabs. If the choice is deciding between evil or incompetence, I want to hope it’s just incompetence, but it’s hard to tell anymore. With Janet Yellen proposing a tax on unrealized gains and Anthony Fauci funding dog torture and aborted tissue being grafted onto mice, it’s not easy to suggest it’s simply naiveté anymore.

So the question returns to: When do people realize they’ve been conned? The vaccines don’t work as promised the first time. Or the second time. Or ever. At best, they provide short-term protection, though at worst they provide long-term horrors. If scientists can’t get the basic longevity of coverage correct, how the hell can they eschew concerns about long-term side effects?

I’ll leave with this idea: I do not hear much about vaccines and their interaction with respiratory viruses. This article from American Thinker blew my mind in its easy-to-understand explanation of how any vaccine is severely limited in its ability to prevent transmission. In short, because we all inhale and exhale, there is no preventing spread. Duh, right?

-Parker Beauregard

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